Texas Southern University sounds off on debate

TSU students talk the importance of historically black colleges and universities and key issues in Thursday’s debate.
4:35 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for Texas Southern University sounds off on debate
And Dan and one thing that I find so interesting you've been here but you've been working hard because even talk and every line. In the city it feels like it is specifically. The students that go to this camp. I have been talking to so many of the incredible students at Texas Southern University they are proud not only for the spotlight that is on their school. Of a for what it's doing to highlight the importance of historically black colleges and universities in this country those schools. Which have been vital that educating and uplifting so many generations of African Americans. Struggling. The passed a decade or so financially. And otherwise that the students I talked to here said now more than ever. He's HB CUs are important and relevant. As a saying HBC news we have our entire life to be the minority here we actually get to be a majority and be represented those really important to me. Both markers were to historically black colleges most of my firm has gone to a few so really important need to also continue to lead to. Going through this book that comes purist there's something this year it's get. It's definitely I think my story is different from an awful I'm here is I eight from California we are having he's he's used. None in my family into an HB CU and I see the first Christina good it's he's he's the nurturing spirit that you gave different outlook the all the way down. Is something that you will not give at. And yet there institution in my opinion but you could surprise. That since Donald Trump became president this connection to its students and ordered experts he has a lot of people say video accident. I'm not surprised by it at all bandwidth so me. Racial like tensions rise wolf and that's that that nature I think students want to feel safe so. Of course students are gonna one there will an institution where they don't feel like they have to fight for safe space do you feel like me comes to racism it's from. Your life experience it's good news having spent more complete these days put racism it's gonna always be something that we have to deal win. Because it tastes away from buddy. Things we have bill would these issues. They've been prisoners the have a press those who continue to be oppressed because there hasn't been enough change for me to say it is getting worse but I can't that it hasn't gotten better so sick to save their girl democratic. I'm. I only one live I'm more policy based one of my biggest thing is that central. So I'm looking at a can be dealt with strong them policies not more authority that the police. And that's easy bet lot of individuals. Get along in our current political and his you do more forty affiliations did policy of the U. Our air especially in the wake of two mass shootings here last month in the state a lot of people talking. What else is important guys. My main issue is the causation of poverty and how we're seeing this shift in. The country's dependency on the prison system is really. Is really a key issue to me because I want to see a candidate that can try to push away from that here were you hoping to hear some big. Things in keeping that really hoping to hear from people. Are we talking about. I'm funding for colleges and those type things also like health care is not something that we takes serious finance NX I think that's different something I want to hear from candidates and their policies in the book. Book after a kell brown Burton going to see who's so so what does it mean to have this debate on this campus and HTC has significant. Extremely significant. Because a lot of people don't know historically black colleges and universities exist but I don't understand how we'll show about a institutions and why. They hadn't been still relevant today. Some time that there are no matter who don't understand natural element but I went strongly disagree. It was it was just for the students talk about this is a place of refuge it is good time a lot of racial tension here is an ozone. It hasn't just voted that way it's been front and personal. I don't think I don't believe that some day they were throwing the experiences and expires are you attended to you've taught it three just what is it about each BC news there's a passionate about. Percent to four moving to index. The cool to the young people because when our assistant and I had. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do but I do as I really wanted. That Abu. Environments. You are being exposed to clean up until things. That sometimes students of color that was so arresting airhead and HBC news. So really neat opportunity to relate to spotlight. These these incredible schools more than hundred of them still in the country right now founded. Back in the forties.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"TSU students talk the importance of historically black colleges and universities and key issues in Thursday’s debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65566736","title":"Texas Southern University sounds off on debate","url":"/US/video/texas-southern-university-sounds-off-debate-65566736"}