Texas store owner shows kindness by giving shelter to those in need

Houston’s “Mattress Mack” opens his furniture store, giving people a warm place to stay during the weather crisis in Texas.
4:32 | 02/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas store owner shows kindness by giving shelter to those in need
And miles so many Texans safety ongoing disaster were also seeing the best in people should Jim Mac and bill known as mattress Mac stepped up to help locals after hurricane Harvey. Now he's at it again opening his gallery furniture stores as temporary shelters. And Jim Mac and mail mattress Mac joins me now to tell us all about it Jim thanks so much. For being here and thanks her everything you're doing under the power's coming back on announce of people are heading home. But you hundreds of people coming in throughout the week how did you keep up with got demand for both shelter and resources. We did and it was fired dock on diet. Asked the mayor on Monday through reopen boats. These big cameras for news stories on our house or worse seriousness. Shelter warming shoppers otters and overnight in Harrisburg people who'd just price idea. Need out of the water out a street called him in that miserable they're gone through. What is still relevant and easy morning. Thousand people out and we offered oh warm shelter the customers obviously Robert freed brutally about a thousand in Jersey. 300 sprint it's easy night and day hampered when Aziz and the third out. Now the weather is getting better there's lighted under our own exit are hampered many. I am proud of our citizenry to a very well and the ones we had here in the store. Both eating forming out. And acting and they were one girl there were ratios were. And exhibit a lot of strength under a whole lot of prayers. As a dark and you help people to grow and you did this arcane art beside this cash in needed to do this again a jury. Rarely have. RJ remind you night remained it is. The death opens Tuesday morning then try to help people they were calling us rebels were ever reputation reviewers sort of bank which are being good corporate citizen I think it's more important to give back. Then to receive and wearing press to give back. His radio all the customers breast support this past forty years we want to help them in their retirement. Dark their darkest hour no time and he. It's the actress and why all this is going on you're trying to get people warm comfortable place to sleep when do you sleep in all of this. Boy they after throwing money at Bob pockets but. You know you always make more minority and bring more people's out. We don't worry about the man who are not make their music community. And now is here. Not only hours today. All days and I am your. On closet or an average lands as match yours. And there and I. And it's what does that mad at us because it is an amber precisely. Not. All right well that ash it's good that you are still getting your rest that pretty amazing that you are there. Round the clock I hear the phones still ringing I know you guys are still busy even though things are getting better there what do you want the rest of the country should know about what's going on in Texas. All the rest again you know the way our roads are pricing in Denver are re. We weren't does bring you now whiners who armed and knocked out of power oysters and water. Well below that you know times never lasts up Americans do. And I agree John Bennett urged congress there's always I didn't and final Emory we've got our way to price. And read on the idea. I think about it price is as far as American are concerned isn't brings us closer together. Forget about our device and get about. Separate sadly binds commonalities and shared interest and a shared Adelaide news at a better life. And help restart the volunteers again here that we're spending the night we're tremendous being born in the news thanks to help us out make it your burden bodies out. Really let's easier apparently it was Britain were I'll get together toward shared or shared adult problems this time. What you'd get back I'll get the lights and power back on. Now closed banks are happy. Touched my mattress Mac Jim Mac and shout thank you so much for taking time to talk to us and thank you even more for everything you have done and you setting a great example not only for the people in Texas that it. All over the world. Alliance your difference and our members I think rated big numbers in people's lives this morning let him do so great certainly dead. There.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Houston’s “Mattress Mack” opens his furniture store, giving people a warm place to stay during the weather crisis in Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006084","title":"Texas store owner shows kindness by giving shelter to those in need","url":"/US/video/texas-store-owner-shows-kindness-giving-shelter-76006084"}