Thousands of Americans currently hospitalized with COVID-19

An Oklahoma woman is allowed to see her husband in the intensive care unit as he fights for his life after contracting COVID-19.
3:18 | 11/18/20

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Transcript for Thousands of Americans currently hospitalized with COVID-19
Promising vaccine. News. Comes at such an important time such a hard time in this country more than 76000. Americans are currently hospitalized with the virus and ABC's Matt Gutman has traveled all around the country to very is hotspots force over the past several months he joins us now. From Oklahoma man. They Terry Diane you know that that vaccine can come quickly enough. For hospitals like this Comanche county memorial hospital here in Oklahoma's biggest hospital in southwest Oklahoma. Tom. And they're slammed right now they are and over a 100% capacity in the icu ward over a 100% capacity in the entire hospital. Now they they tell me that they hope to get the first batches of vaccine. In early December essentially as soon as they're approved in what it's gonna do is help. Relieve some of the load. On their IC uses can protect. They're medical staff and hopefully just. Up less of a crush of patients here. And we had this incredible experiences you mentioned. Yesterday with CC and C and C whose husband is the second floor over there. In the icu. Literally fighting for his life he's on 90%. Ventilator which means it's basically doing all of the breeding for him and the hospital is doing this sort of end of life. Gesture to families allowing people like Suzanne. Into the rooms with their loved ones it's not an official goodbye. But as you see from this clip it. It's pretty close. Campaign. Hello to you. And you believe I actually got to come soon. Can keep fighting you keep hiding. You've got this. Report then they're alive. Guy go to court heightened on me. Me here at home. Need you home. There was one other important message that Suzanne relayed to her husband Curtis of 37 years. Beginning to grandparents they old ready were grandparents but their son Mitch is gonna have twins a boy and a girl obviously he was incapable of appearing at BTC's under. Tremendous sedation. He's essentially paralyzed in a coma. But hopefully he can. Rise out of that we're told it'll take many weeks for him on the ventilator there's still a little bit of hope for him. Everybody here at the hospital is rooting for him and all the other icu patients and just to jump back to that vaccine for 12. They're not worried about next month although they are but would the worry about. So much right now is this week next week in the following week Thanksgiving week in what's gonna happen. After all these families gather are they going to see a massive influx before the vaccine can actually make a difference. And they tell us here they're basically. One mass casualty event from eight complete breakdown of the system here is simply won't be heavily in take patience and all the other hospitals around here are full. So they don't know what to do with them. It is a very difficult time here the hospital. And they're just hoping that they can get a break sometime soon Diane Carey. No it's one thing when we see the numbers it's another thing when you see those stories that's when it really hits home are thanks to Matt Gutman and that.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"An Oklahoma woman is allowed to see her husband in the intensive care unit as he fights for his life after contracting COVID-19. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74283598","title":"Thousands of Americans currently hospitalized with COVID-19","url":"/US/video/thousands-americans-hospitalized-covid-19-74283598"}