Tiger Attacks Animal Rescue Center Employee

Woman is in serious condition after being mauled by tiger.
1:32 | 06/22/13

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Transcript for Tiger Attacks Animal Rescue Center Employee
With one look at -- dubs FaceBook page it's obvious she loves cats but these are not domestic cats or pets these are wild animals. And one of them attacked numerous cell while she was cleaning one of the cages. The phone call initially came in at 104 PM telling us tiger had the -- by the -- The terror lasted at least six minutes. At 1:10 PM another call came in. Saying that they have the woman say -- -- from the -- Clay County volunteer firefighters got their first initially they couldn't do a lot because the they individuals who runs the center out -- Joseph Taft says he was afraid that if they -- went -- and got aggressive with the cat. That would of caused the captain. He can even attack from a brutal was -- want to do that. He said he watched the -- and the cal let up on the ladies had a little bit that are -- -- -- oppose. The shock the cattle a bit. I spoke with mr. Taft tonight who told me he could not make any comment he did say the mauling as a federal matter and the USDA will be investigating. Following a tiger attack this spring that killed a young lady in California we did a story and taps rescue center. At that time he gave us his thoughts on preventing these kinds of tragedies. -- keep these animals successfully you have to be immersed in our culture of safety. And this eerie comment from one of taps workers what we deal without here can be dangerous if you don't watch what you doing you have to follow all the sick. It's unknown if Marisa dumb or others today violated safety protocols and we won't know until the investigation is complete.

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{"id":19463782,"title":"Tiger Attacks Animal Rescue Center Employee","duration":"1:32","description":"Woman is in serious condition after being mauled by tiger.","url":"/US/video/tiger-attacks-animal-rescue-center-employee-19463782","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}