Tiger Woods’ future after car crash

The legacy of Tiger Woods’ golf career and the impact he’s had throughout the years.
5:01 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods’ future after car crash
And USA today national sports columnist Christine Brennan joins me now from more Christine you covered tiger for a long time you know him better than most. You think he'll come back from this not even necessarily as a golfer but just as a person. And I would never. Come Tiger Woods out of anything I know people are wondering about golf. Today and you know it's their chance he could returns. Of course I think that's the wrong question to be asking you know let's hope there's a chance that he can ma and so that he is able to kick a soccer ball with the starters and bench and watch his son Charlie play a round of golf and that's that's where tigers right now where he will come back. With rehab and whenever he can do with a vengeance that's best fighter is driven he is focused. He is a perfectionist. And we must act. Develop in front of our eyes I had over the last 25 years or so Owens and that won't change. The question is what is he coming back you gonna come back to golf or is he going to come back. Oakley to a normal life and I think that right now that should be conversation. About getting back to some sense of normalcy. But tiger will throw himself into this as he is armed himself and everything has done 100. Percent you know yesterday we were talking about the crash and another commentator add on. So that he has nothing to his golf fans at this point is he has left his legacy. Regardless an as you said he no we can't. Count him out he has made it amazing comebacks of orbit if this is the end of his competitive golfing career. Talk a little bit about that legacy that he leads and. What's extraordinary time and it you know Jack Nicklaus Tiger Woods' agent nick who's the greatest all time. And he would be remembered aqueduct in nineteen masters in almost eight years ago now the first time that his start his son going to actually be at their eighteenth green watching him when melting into his arms in a big embrace after right after he won that masters and that was an improbable victory because just two years or that was that Eli that urge you rush and that that did dreadful dash cam video is Friday asked. And of course the mug shot so that was when he seventy memorial weekend and then as that you years later is when in the masters. That's Kennedy into the movie that's the end of the story really is if this is that that happy ending. What we checked out now of course is something in his own troubling and concerning and I'm but I think he'd be remembered org all and then you know he he's still is 45 so there's no there's a second or third or if that number Tiger Woods whatever that I'd be. And one win is intimately involved Foundation's charitable work as well as well as his kids so. I'm I'm certainly not counting him out yet in terms of why he even if golf. Question as you mentioned you know clearly is is a mere. And it you describe some of his challenges and it but every single one people really rallied behind him in just root. For that come back albeit to golfer just for tiger in general but. On that no we've seen so many people reaching out on social media offering it to him prayers offering support for his family wishing him a speedy recovery why do you think he's had such an impact on people. It was really one of the first not the First Act a person of color. To play golf and certainly played below translate it and you broke barriers and that was riveting. And because these are young. 21 years old winning the masters and 1990s. And a career that started early putting his shoe was on the Mike Douglas show any golf ball. And I know that Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart watching him. As a net national audience as amused and delighted it is young year old hitting golf also he's been in our consciousness than the national spotlight his inspire life. And I think that we have been. Awed by his is probably despite. Is. It just absolute competitive nature and has this strive for perfection in everything he does. No one has ever retire on the golf course and tiger but also how has ever worked on fighter. My message that is for young kids. And whether they're studying or whether they're acting and school player whether they're athletes and and so I think the combination of great yes. And also be the uniqueness. Of an unwilling minds order. Tiger Woods crash landed in and asked where analysts and took it over and I think a lot of people are results and tiger instead. I hate I can do that to you just a glass ceiling and I'm I'm gonna join you whether it's young woman of color and I'm a boy of color. Of course or. Or even just let me in this article the opportunity did you something that basically. No one who looks like you had done or and that's certainly a message of tiger once it is fresher Christine Brennan thank you so much. I am my pleasure thank you.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The legacy of Tiger Woods’ golf career and the impact he’s had throughout the years. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76088248","title":"Tiger Woods’ future after car crash","url":"/US/video/tiger-woods-future-car-crash-76088248"}