Tiger Woods seriously injured in car crash

Golf legend Tiger Woods was taken to the hospital for surgery after being injured in a single-car crash.
6:44 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods seriously injured in car crash
Honey serves as a with a single vehicle rollover collision. Woods had to be pulled out of the car by the jaws of life. According to his agent he suffered multiple leg injuries and is currently in surgery. And joining me now on the phone. As some of our colleagues hideous G and Christine Brennan and Ryan Smith. Christine what do we know at this point about tigers condition. Well we know that he was taken out the car by the chart of life when he it is according to his agent mark Steinberg got spoke with some of the golf media. It saying at that he had fully in curtain. And who is not believed to be well. What we're hearing it could it it's serious got a could be somewhere between. The moderate injuries can and potentially more serious. Like and that he's in surgery show. You know 245 years old. He has been talking about trying to make it back for the masters with them about what it's time. And he won the maps have been 20191 of the more improbable stories in sports history coming back after so many. Problem injury surgery. Personal. Look scandal. And Benny got back to the top and about two and 2019 and everyone token he's going to be able to compete in 20/20 one copies for now. That he likened it I'm talking about that as we are now obviously everyone even as journalist who covered him in I have pray Glink of his career. Obviously now the focus is on his help in UP okay. He'd be OK as a person the gulf he secondary by at this point and that's what we know that a lot we don't know. But there's great concern of course right now for Tiger Woods. There sure is an and Ryan what do we know about where he was coming from a where he was going. Get up to play right now Diana couldn't do it who's the big concern is. Some important safety and coral or how he's doing right now I mean. It does Christine was talking about he's really undergone a career rent responses as a guy who are not only as you have on the masters in 2019 but. At the end of last year really had special moment PNC championship. Woody's son. Showing different side of Tiger Woods decided Tucker went to death the side of Tiger Woods where. Golf is part of his life but not everything is like so we're still learning all the details about. How this situation actually unfolded but I think now the concern is for his safety as well being achieved in surgery. And Christie we also we know they've had he's had issues a lot of missions with his back. Over the past few years and just recently he was recovering from another back surgery was the latest on the. Yes elected picked up her current tiger according but really how the body that is like at all urgent because the Paula good. The pain injuries. The typical piece within within back with the Glen. Over the years neck injury execution governor. I'm he said in an interview on Sunday only during the PGA tournament that was going on at once the Los Angeles. Bad that he would get beginning to recover from Matt. That he had no timetable in the death about a plan what your plan for coming back at the clinic for potentially being back. For the masters in early April and it though there is no plan. Shell Baptist edit them aren't about he said he's been out working out and slowly but surely up hiding and hitting it can't wait with which were to get beat up. But at the club what the least two violent. You know if you could could start to gingerly. What you went back hitting golf shot that tiger's been dealing. But that certainly nowhere hear the ability to be able to play internment. So I get it seems almost ridiculous to be talking about that now we could you repeat these pictures in particular that are just so troubling so disturbing. I'll tigers car and what happened to him earlier today. But yes the back has been a concerted civic center basically Bryant that was. I didn't pretend it he Eric we been talking not Concord back surgery issues trying to come back play golf again and so that continued I'm guessing that leopard BP. Career gulf moving forward prior to of course whatever injuries. Issued that directive being based on its current. An and Ryan we haven't seen tiger come back. From some serious challenges in the past. We have. Up more than a few know I mean there was the issue back in 20092010. Where he actually at a minor car accident. Rancho are accurate and that uncovered. A bevy of information about his personal life. Com allegations about Ayers. And it led to his divorce has been white. And Denton around 2017. After sort of rehabbing his image from that he had an arrest. For driving under the influence which he said at park to do with taking different medications to help him with some mobile back issues. And some of those injury issues. But Tiger Woods is always seem to be the kind of person that no matter what happened to them in the public. Or even with his physical injury had been able to come back have been able to establish so not only in golf. But really had to change person and that's what's been so unique about him especially over the last couple Monte of the pandemic. Had limited his ability to play as much you wanna Q but he still pursued his dream of playing golf. And Ugly Betty at the moment recently where he's really showed a different side of himself to us. Packard to human being aggregate data tiger who cares more about golf and had so many other interest in light. That really drive him so cute story this year was really one. A player coming back and you never count him out because he is just someone. Who Nady has more talent more skilled in any golfer in history and it to see that happen to him now we certainly pray for the best for him but. Christine said it's tough to think about him coming back golf. What's with what's happening now he just hope that he get through this surgery get you. Issues that he might be something whip Tom and recovers as soon as Karen. Now you sure do you know we're looking at live video right now. Of officers there at the scene taping this scene off clearly getting ready to try to investigating get to the bottom of what happened here but we heard. Our local anchor there from LA describing the area and pointing out that. You know the car rolled down on this hillside it seems to have hit a number of trees and a few other obstacles. But it missed one of those big electrical poles and that he says was unlikely. To have gone down in the path this car so you hope that this is one of the things we can look back on and say this could have been so much worse.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Golf legend Tiger Woods was taken to the hospital for surgery after being injured in a single-car crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76072990","title":"Tiger Woods seriously injured in car crash","url":"/US/video/tiger-woods-injured-car-crash-76072990"}