TikTok chef’s creative cuisine

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli looks at how a quarantined chief went viral cooking with hotel appliances.
5:57 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TikTok chef’s creative cuisine
Finally tonight how were chef gun rather creative in quarantine Maggie ruling has this report. There those superstars of that culinary world. Flipping and frying their way to become household name. But what happens to a ship when you take away all their fancy equipment Stig them in a hotel room for two weeks. I asked them to whip up a five star meal. Yes it's a bit more of a challenge. Did you stop to programs coffee makers tea candles and cold takeout containers for his Neal think it's a culinary and pop star. Stuck in his hotel room for it to be quarantined before starting his cooking topics as Canada. Jason says he quickly became board of land an expensive taking. So we started looking for himself and using well literally everything he did fine. He got groceries delivered in started spending the videos to friends and family who encouraged him to most wanted to talk. Hotel room cooking part one clothing iron ceiling Sam inflict speaking Huddleston who fought to. Overnight racked up more than a 100000 views on ticked off pump just a couple of weeks more than a 130000. People turned following him. In off of his culinary creativity. Perfectly groomed homes with Colin. Friend relayed with fresh strawberries. And then reaction that turned his world upside down. That looks like some decent through Sunday still investors are seen in any hotel. For me that he count yeah and he haircut thing in the hotel moment that let. Uneasy are convinced. Lindsay known for his wounds with critiques on TV. Take on wall. Ron Paul be more fun can only run ago. Hello all snow removal could cause injuries to imitation extra bonus it's not about uncharted three I mean ever and. He's he's very hard to please sell what's really bracing myself ready to get and I see slave thing. Well what should be I just couldn't believe it. Jake has been working on his skills for years we started cooking when he was just thirteen in his parents' restaurant in Cornwall England. Later traveling the world working in different pitches. Initiative visiting Kansas then any problems. But lieutenant reflecting that's a bit different so he'll first issue mean by the way. First thing I learned to protect the appliances. Look at an I had the same way again you know love actually and my teach today you can't increase. He's the aliens in this coverage actually I didn't. Are. Game. Is actually really doesn't tell. And the iron building multi use tool first it's a hot grill C news analysis we have look at that. He definitely was just right hail up look on each sheets of friends. And then destination if stick together well this is creating. I think fifteen in the middle school yeah yeah yeah it's happening its happening. Food fun this morning. So please with your ironing shirts its latest thing what do you think how to make it this yeah. This bath iron Tennessee I've ever had in my life. Those more Gordon. It's time to write ups and ticket. Yeah. Constance various and to the tea kettle. I think it might fare is carrying their dollar and doesn't butter on the coffee from. Oh wow I just felt warm butter and it's again. And it becomes a perfect little brand eggs over easy. Yeah. Morneau made sense fueled his creativity but these deals powered through when he hits and a few bumps along the way. Oh the lights flashing putting it. We have a higher an issue so confused look how much. Though it's clear indications but it can now he's getting back. RI RA so it's a learning process hair and finally. Its key element of everything in each bite. Good. Yeah this this. Home. I don't know present myself and I am really did exactly what Angel may. Get ready to hit Iraq Zynga makes until cooking look easy he says looking kitchen inside out extended his skills. Would you better for yourself. Dean kitchen appliances and cut it wasn't for the pandemic didn't let them for the. Ortiz who capacity but not and an even though they thought Limbaugh's stock and anti terrorism is nothing else announced today. On the budget insanity I guess. Exactly processes you Lombardo was a big motive there. Oh yeah. His newfound fame comes at the perfect time for coping shut down much of the restaurant industry. Diego says this is his first job back in the kitchen since February. The industry's just inside is really. Sutton but an occasion for a long time coming out here. I'm actually doing some cooking and most people enjoying it without me actually taking full was it was by specialist. Getting home cooks that nothing can stand in the way of the delicious meal. Magic room and ABC news London.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli looks at how a quarantined chief went viral cooking with hotel appliances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75262140","title":"TikTok chef’s creative cuisine","url":"/US/video/tiktok-chefs-creative-cuisine-75262140"}