Tiny Town Transformed After Mudslide

ABC News' Neal Karlinsky visits the area in Darrington, Wash., where search efforts are being coordinated.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Transcript for Tiny Town Transformed After Mudslide
This is downtown Darington Washington. Some of the hovercraft but they're using going into the mud zone which is just down this road several miles this is a tiny town it's beautiful take a look at some of the mountains around here. This is why people live out here but. This -- has been transformed them into the town that literally has. Just about one place to be -- one thing on the menu -- -- Now -- the hovercraft emergency operations center right over here -- search is being coordinated. He's going -- the left all the ambulances and fire truck that have been staging here. His road is incredibly busy now all the rescue workers and of course all of the media that has set up here further down into the mudslides don't we tried to drive to get -- as close as we could take a look. Hello. Gloria for the ABC news. Been up there over the last couple of days we get up there. The -- now. So fire on sat on the -- on honor and our emergency. Personal -- and -- and as an online hangout. Here is only a couple -- from here. Back later I don't know when they're -- -- -- number news down again. Could we get through if we were escorted by anyone. I'm not sure -- would be. Progressives costlier option is blanket no enemy you know -- -- -- I don't know like I withdrew would be you know an escort yeah you. I can't I gently -- no --

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{"id":23067877,"title":"Tiny Town Transformed After Mudslide","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Neal Karlinsky visits the area in Darrington, Wash., where search efforts are being coordinated.","url":"/US/video/tiny-town-transformed-mudslide-23067877","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}