Today's biggest stories: A hero and a royal baby

ABC News' correspondents around the globe talk the latest on POTUS hosting the French president, the Waffle House hero and the royal baby boy!
13:57 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Today's biggest stories: A hero and a royal baby
Good morning welcome to ABC news live on Kenneth vote in New York. Where we are following all the big stories of the day on the rundown to start off your Monday. We have a new royal at duke and duchess of Cambridge have welcome a new baby boy to the British monarch. Our if you Molly hunter is live in London which you are the latest. Outside Saint Mary's hospital. Also president trop is welcoming the first president to the White House. The pomp and circumstance will be on or display if you out mallet he's standing by on the north lawn of the white topic about the life report. But we began with the latest on the manhunt for the suspect and that leaders mass shooting that left four people dad. This time at a Waffle House the national Timothy RA BC here rest up toward the flight from not Waffle House aerial definitely if. Snack cake and it's so this investigation is ongoing this is day to. That police the ATF and other agencies are now working together to try to find. That suspect we know that just moments ago they announced their huddling together in their efforts and then go. Door to door continue this effort to go door to door to warn residents to be on high alert they're also searching shed. And all of the heavily wooded areas in this neighborhood there are a lot of that we've driven around here but I want to show you this is the theme that that's a Waffle House where police say 29 year old. Travis ranking opened fire. They now believe ranking is believed to be armed and extremely dangerous police say he pulled up here around 320. Sunday morning. He was wearing nothing but a green jacket and then wielding that ar fifteen assault rifle opened fire. Outside earth the swap out all of that gunfire piercing the windows killing two people outside. Then he went inside continuing that Rampage killing another two victims. Before James shot junior recognize that when a gunman took a brief to look down try to re arm himself. He tackles that suspect for relatively. To the ground took the rifle away from him threw it over the counter and it's to stop the bloodshed temporarily out shop course being hailed. A hero but then the suspect took off on bullet to his apartment which is near here. And plea they got the lack late that he was seen apparently and putting a pair pants on perhaps grabbing another weapon. Now we know he's been on the run again today we're also finding out Mort panic about it. Packed week we've had several run in with the law half the mental health issues. Including arrests by the Secret Service and when he seventeen for trespassing on on restricted area of the White House. It and it's an alarming new details coming to light about this suspect police even get mental state. If they don't have a possible motive yet for this. All right area arrests have live there in Nashville Tennessee with the latest on that men and aerial thank you so much for your reporting a stern out of Washington where president Koppel host French president Emanuel macro for a big state visit. RA BT Alex Mallon is live there at the White House Alex the big they have for the trumps and the crowds. Yeah I mean and where we're about to see the president engage in an all out charm offensive when he welcomes French president were crone. And his wife the White House later this afternoon now almost immediately upon their arrival here they're going to go. Two Mount Vernon in Virginia that's George Washington's estate and that's part of the White House basically emphasizing that France is the United States' oldest ally. Now after they visit Mount Vernon they're going to be eating dinner there and then we can expect to see them go down to Washington's tomb to pay their respects to America's first president. And tomorrow I think is where rules CB most pageantry that's where we're gonna see bill the trump White House host its real first state visit. And that includes the welcome on the South Lawn when the president welcomes French president McCraw. And we've we're going to see a big military honor guard. A 21 gun salute and then after that they'll both go inside hold joint meetings and then a joint press conference for the were both will take questions. From the French and American press here. At the White House and then on Wednesday. French president Lecrone wraps up his visit when he delivers a joint of. The congress. There appears to be that unlikely friendship here between president trump. President macro and here he's getting the statement that the state dinner there'll and other red carpet. German chancellor she's also been that in this week but no statement that no state dinner for her what she's getting snubbed here. I don't know we can count is this another B probably odd to see the White House hosts two back to back state visit. But this is definitely the president emphasizing that he as a special friendship with a manual Lecrone and it's an unlikely friendship. We saw the president initially when the prince president Lecrone. Was in his election campaign seemingly be the seemingly throw his support behind his opponent Marion Le pen who was that far right. Nationalist front leader but the president ended up and embracing a Lecrone quite literally you saw what that means that ex extra long handshake that you. Engaged in in their first meeting and since then we've seen French president micron welcome. The president in Paris for that the steel day celebrations where he hosted them. And that Eiffel Tower dinner with his wife so this is definitely grown into a blossoming romance is what they're calling here at the White House. A presidential broke Mets are right so are turning to other news when it comes to you what happened this weekend out we know that that First Lady. On the former presidents and former first ladies were all in Texas honoring Barbara Bush at her funeral this weekend but the president whether there he was in South Florida. And he was sweetie you're sweetie mostly about his personal attorney Michael Cohen in that federal criminal investigation. That's right the president was reacting to a New York Times story over the weekend that suggested they Cohen might be susceptible to potentially. Flipping and supporting. You federal prosecutors who might be investigating the president as a part of their efforts going after Michael Cohn now the president pushed back on that said. That Cohen is a loyal fighter for him and he would never you know attacked Michael Cohen is the way to the New York Times reported. I'm but essentially. I think it he is him expressing confidence that Michael Coen wouldn't flip seem to suggest that he would he might have something to flip on. So the White House is pushing back on that this morning Sarah Sander says the president has nothing to hide but also the president. Tweeted over the weekend about his potential pardoning a former heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson. Aides essentially that the White House. Is pushing back that he's floating these new pardons. Last week to Scooter Libby and now to Jack Johnson as a way to as a potentially message Michael Cohen. And saying if there's anything that happens you all be looking after you. I think tech come out of nowhere for a lot of folks we're monitoring the president's tweets over the weekend. I'm as far as nomination news Mike Pompeo the CIA directors trying to become the next secretary of state that a little problem the senate right. Yeah wolf that he is in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today for a vote and now all of bio all indications are reporting is that senator Rand Paul. A Republican on that committee will vote against Pompeo and that you will not have enough votes to gain approval from the committee. Now that won't stop him from going in front of the entire senate for vote. But it would be the first time that a nominee for a cabinet position goes in front of this that sent her a senate committee and does not get approval before getting. And then going from the senate for a full vote since 1945. Tenet. Incredible artful ABC's outs Mallon live at the White House thanks for your boarding house we appreciate it. And finally we turn to land and what we have a new. New new baby boy who the royal yes the duke and duchess of Cambridge when they welcome that baby board with that. In line for the throne are ABC's Molly hunter is live now in London to south I think Mary's hospital good morning Molly. Katic get Marty got out but they are not Olindo rank and I am Rick hundred that I got over 800. Back here all the cameras every I'm. Makes it they get the egg up and that huge credit to kind of not in world fanatic who had been out your upper eight bat and tried. Our economy but what are the weekly. Every right out at a actually incredibly I called hearing at the dark hoping that could look actually may count out. That you either ticket you speak out it basically meant right out at illegally. A private security at 88. But we have all been told to expect in line coming acts barely be an edit it. Back to be you gonna go home and palette take. Beat George prince Georgian and and print Charlotte treatment act to meet their baby brother. And meet young doubled the advocate may come back app or waiting partly. Molly so exciting it seems like all those people are surrounded by. I think they're right or throw them with with our baby aboard George right now I mean this is exciting or hurt for the UK. It's incredibly expect that you'd expect in line. I was into bat at a court would like and but with an Arab much it got. There's going to be in the line it actually achieve its online. Harry and very active and my. I heard everybody don't edit out waiting to grade eight we don't know where to meet again at its later that. At Charlotte and with prince George and pre figured we actually eat. Acted alien and that it yet you keep it Kate come out Internet community Q immediate greatly. Or more away and back yet but we may actually get that kept secret let him and Cuba a you cricket aptly be. The Molly any word on the name at all. Anywhere on me. Yes anywhere in the name at all is that going to be threats cannot may be I don't know I can't. Tenet had you know it is the traditional name and the British are mechanic at about looking really likely. Add that we throw out we may not learn it ain't her a couple of days. Lucky here 88 but everything in the UK and let's keep it but aren't there I'd won at Albert. Trying to lie and advocate Jack at night what he of the world diehard and get that the Arctic etched. They bare body hello Michael to the court did not. You the late great grandfather lot be we do not an act that. Molly have to ask you obviously keep in in my we're keeping watch hopefully will be prince Kenneth but it appears not. Even here in the US people are excited. You know there watching this as well we've all come royal watchers. Why do you think even in the US were also excited about the the new with new Islam addition to the monarch he. It is expecting it in particular. App I Il katic get your act the act that plea and had lived at eyed daughter. I pathetically immediate. AB rated and it here lot quietly added. I didn't think Greg don't get quite expect that the Americans about the Ralph Emery. Patent act quite quiet because you don't have a lot act it's something and it. Nontraditional and Alex aiding and eight PR. But and that act here America and Matt but it backing a picnic party that do you don't actually. A day egg at a paper in. Actually you can read and now it might it be a special while Britain aren't met at even though we got used. Would it tweaked its Marty hat trick and official and it traditional announced happened but you grow up and it is locked with tourists not to baton. Are not British he might at. Related totally on their attended we'd hoping that we might get some clear. We're watching as double doors there with every little move thinking something's about to happen now Molly I don't think that you won't know that's gonna ask you which it. Are we expecting another. The battle worth at this way to avid and when they got. Hundred years ago I don't think we ever thought they re that he would add to their family to witness the apostle who tried but. We've gotten to read now and what about a year. You're around our. Okay we're watching. And we got we got. Print I am at a. Working a little bit of the late Molly but we're waiting at what we're like oh my god is about to happen demolish your. It's happening but over second by our video gonna catch up there and hear those doors opening right now and that's Prince William. What do you think college. Right can claim on it but. If you're right there and getting into our. He'll beat not yet another little waves and I hear that crowd and he. Opted. You acted belt and a deadbeat and we believe you actually heading home to take that. At George and that Charlotte and bring them back meet there. New Beatty grab our. We find out later and we actually meet that you had rugged and that new secret or secret that Charlotte later. That are out. At Cambridge inspired. No accord wit that Eric Hewitt. They BN and either it on to collect acute. He Prince William walked out live right there giving the crowd that waved them. New father of a third child whose property bent a father but welcome back third and that baby boy. That they want to that there are Molly hunter live outside Saint Mary's hospital. Molly and joy with the crowd there as you I welcomed that new the little new addition to the monarch you thank you Molly. All right again to follow that story and all the ones we're following today here at ABC news pleased at And our ABC news app I'm gonna vote reporting for ABC news lives.

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