400,000 People Without Drinking Water in Toledo, Ohio

Contaminants in the city's water supply have resulted in a "do not drink" advisory.
4:25 | 08/03/14

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Transcript for 400,000 People Without Drinking Water in Toledo, Ohio
Good afternoon I'm -- Baghdad ABC news headquarters in New York with the digital special report on a major health threat in Toledo Ohio. Where there is -- tap water to drink today. Concerns over water contamination in Lake -- have the city under a do not drink advisory. And for the second day now -- water bottles are flying off the shelves people stocking up on cases of water. And long lines you can see -- -- there at those distribution centers so many wondering today. West about water will be sentenced again to drink. You -- it isn't. And then look at the wider stairs -- was no water on a nurse that is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ABC's Lindsay Janice on the story today joins us now live from Toledo with the latest details Lindsay what can you tell us. Good afternoon Cecilia out right now city officials say they are waiting for the results of tests on new water samples they're hoping that they'll still that the problem has been solved. But no word on when will be updated for right now that do not drink do not boil advisory is in place. This is a state of emergency and that's why you have the National Guard behind me here. Helping people fill up containers that -- water is not if they can carry. Around local high school here you can see -- that -- is here literally lined up around the block they're coming through here where volunteers. Are loading them water -- -- each car one case of water per family we've got volunteers here from all over the community including high school football team. This Cecilia affecting around 400000. Area residents staggering numbers -- to see that National Guard behind you is pretty amazing. How -- those talks is do we know getting into this water. Well -- -- are blaming it on an algae -- on the southern shores of Lake -- that is the source for water in this area you can actually see that algae -- from space it's so big. That is the result of one off from -- farm fields from livestock -- possibly even. From a malfunctioning septic systems. That's it gets into the water that bloom and that balloon can -- -- produce toxins which it is doing right now those toxins are called. Mike -- assistants they get into the water system and they cause liver and nervous system damage and very dangerous. The symptoms range from vomiting and nausea. And numbness and dizziness. Can cause liver and nervous system damage do we know if anyone has become sick from this -- Lot only -- reports are that there were a few people just a handful of people coming into ER -- yesterday morning. Why -- this advisory gone out complaining of upset sonics perhaps they had heard about it it had already -- their morning cup of coffee but now that the word is Alex. There haven't been any reports so the mayor really saying that that's a big six asks. TV stations here have been going wall to wall with coverage the whole community really mobilized to spread the word. And help each other routes working to get that that word out -- so if they can't drink the water. That's the warning that's out there are there other restrictions for the people of Toledo right now. Good question well because of -- -- contamination anybody with an underlying health condition young children elderly people. Are being told to be extra extra careful not to ingested just this morning. Officials told people not to brush their teeth with the water before they had to that was okay now they're saying -- brush your teeth. With bottled water you can't shower in it but again if you sensitive -- you might not want -- -- you got the thing you cannot do. Is boil water which is surprising to a lot of people that actually makes these toxins -- it makes them multiply this area. Lindsay Janice thank you some stunning images coming in from Toledo Ohio today thanks again ABC news will be monitoring these developments around the clock to get updates on these top stories. -- them on the ABC news phone apps and I will have a complete wrap up later on world news. And on Good Morning America tomorrow. -- Cecilia -- effort now in New York City have a good day.

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{"id":24826839,"title":"400,000 People Without Drinking Water in Toledo, Ohio","duration":"4:25","description":"Contaminants in the city's water supply have resulted in a \"do not drink\" advisory.","url":"/US/video/toledo-water-emergency-400000-people-drinking-water-24826839","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}