Tony Stewart Accident Investigators Turn to Spectators for More Evidence

Kevin Ward Jr., 20, died after being struck by Stewart during a caution lap.
8:13 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Tony Stewart Accident Investigators Turn to Spectators for More Evidence
It was a race track confrontation that went all to -- twenty year old Kevin ward junior getting out of his car. Apparently try to confront racist -- Tony Stewart. And then getting hit by Stewart's -- or. Killing him. Good afternoon thanks for joining us here on this ABC news digital special report I'm GO Benitez and can -- date when New York. Behind me the track where ward lost his life Saturday night. And apparently right now ABC news has learned that an autopsy is being performed performed on his body right now let's take a look at that video one more time. Because Saturday night's race was supposed to be -- return to his racing roots for three time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart. During that race Stewart host Kevin ward junior's -- As Stewart's car came morale on the next lap. Police are treating this right now as an accident but charges criminal charges have not been ruled out. Let's get the latest right now from ABC's Martha Gonzales on the ground with me right now. Today investigators hoping to find other videos like -- showing the moments leading up to NASCAR star Tony Stewart heating and killing another driver. Saturday night Stewart was competing in -- dirt track race outside of Rochester not affiliated with NASCAR. His vehicle bumping another car driven by Kevin ward junior sending it into -- wall Kevin got out of his tire. Visibly frustrated we're. Tony at the incident -- walking onto the track apparently trying to confront -- when the white side of Stewart's car hit the twenty year old he was pronounced dead at the hospital soon after this pretty -- Investigators still going over -- 3-D -- to determine if Stuart should be charged. We're looking at clothing we're looking at -- We're looking for eyewitnesses there were working -- known as a great driver with all hot temper -- -- it was really tough right it's got. Deciding not to participate in yesterday's Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen. Saying there aren't words to describe the sadness I feel about the accident that took the life of Kevin ward junior it's a very emotional time for all involved. Other NASCAR -- also sharing -- My thoughts and prayers go out of a family and I know exactly whether we don't we know wins the next -- -- -- -- and it's just. -- -- -- And -- Stanley released a statement saying they appreciate the prayers and support asking for privacy as they grieve. Marcy Gonzales ABC news can -- date -- All right -- thank you so much for that joining us now Mike in the -- from ESPN and also ABC news producer Josh. -- -- here more she was selling us a lot about his temper. A temper that we've seen a lot on the truck would you say not necessarily. In person and as normal. I think. I think you need to separate and Tony is at the racetrack from -- is away from the racetrack now certainly his image. As a NASCAR driver is one of the quote unquote I would say the tough guy. We've seen him chastised reporters we've seen him throw equipment on the racetrack being shoving matches and -- -- -- -- he sort of build the brand around. Has built back Tony Stewart -- its work -- it's built him an empire but I've spent my time with him away from the racetrack in. It folks have a hard time believing how how docile how -- he is away from the racetrack and what a lot of people realize also is is a private side a Tony where. He's incredibly charitable -- -- he donates millions upon millions of dollars to charities without getting pretty full credit for because he just doesn't want people to know. You've been covering of racing NASCAR racing for fourteen years now -- and it when you see these guys get out of the power. The wake up and war. My Bible and get out of the car walk on the racetrack after talking with those floors was involved that you get very. I don't like that there's -- -- the books that prevents and -- for good reason especially in these cars the sprint cars. As it was explained to me by the race director of this series the reason it's not on the books. Is because you don't know what's going on inside the cockpit of that race car what that drivers dealing with in particular fire. The fuel that these cars burned -- oftentimes when the interruption the flames you can't see the flames. There. Basically invisible so they don't want to regulate when the driver can get out of that race -- just for -- Here's the Josh you were at the press conference yesterday where investigators and the share. They were talking about -- is a criminal charges none have been filed right now what are they saying -- Well the point of the press conference is really to pass the public -- spectators were here on Saturday night to submit their videos photos. They -- have been conducting interviews now they -- all day on Sunday today on Monday at this point they're just analyzing those videos they've actually brought in an expert. On this type of racing to kind of tell them did. Tony Stewart's speed. What are these noises that we hear on the tape because as they admitted at the press conference on Sunday they are not experts -- this type of racing in this type of track. So they really want to try and get it right they've also reconstructed. The accident from Saturday night. Because when you're looking at that videotape it's just really a few frames of video of that car comes into the -- into the picture. And and hits heaven ward so there's not a whole lot to analyze just from that saved because also. His body is on the other -- it was surprising to me to learn -- that. Press briefing yesterday. The sheriff's department has at this point not collected -- in car video any. Maybe it -- -- that might have been attached to one of the race cars to get that the perspective from the driver's ankle. That would certainly be helpful in my mind but certain to get -- the doing everything they possibly can to. Get as much insight into what happened by soliciting videos from fans that were at the racetrack to try to see various angles and get a better understanding of what actually did happen. Looking at this so when -- -- you know what I know that you're not an expert at sprint cars and being on the inside -- sprinklers. But is -- visibility -- at reduced at all when your -- his score well. That there are things this federation are and die I think it doesn't matter -- sprint car or Sprint Cup car these seats the way they're they're constructed father's head restraints that are either side of the helmet of the driver that does decrease divisional little -- also the head restraint systems. The Hans device is if you will kind of limits how much driver can move his head. So you gotta believe that the visibility isn't what you get driving your passenger vehicle that's for sure. It is a little bit -- just by how much I don't know I've not been in that -- I've not been in a position. Just you just spoke with the sheriff's office the latest so they're telling you about that autopsy and perhaps even. That they're already analyzing some of the other videos. Yes well in terms of the autopsy it's being conducted right now and we could get those results as early as today in terms of the video you know what -- just brought up. They are definitely taking into account the lights on this track it was very dark around some of the -- Whether the headgear. That the drivers were wearing whether that obstructed their vision this is it dangerous sport it's something that the sheriff admitted yesterday. And -- safety has gotten better in the past few years it can obviously be improved but. They're trying to look at whether that had here maybe they didn't see someone coming out of the left side. For the for the right side and so. This is something -- they're -- they're trying to find out because at this point it seems like. They haven't called it an accident but then port charges are pending so they're really kind of taken their time to do this -- -- possible. And again criminal charges are not. Totally out of the question at this point thank -- -- was wearing very dark clothing and at night the -- exactly. The the most high tech of race tracks here. So -- that we don't see too many lights going on here for. A lot of questions here and we're gonna keep -- this much more tonight on ABC world news with Diane Sawyer and of course tomorrow morning on Good Morning America thanks for joining us. And we'll see you.

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{"duration":"8:13","description":"Kevin Ward Jr., 20, died after being struck by Stewart during a caution lap. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24930924","title":"Tony Stewart Accident Investigators Turn to Spectators for More Evidence","url":"/US/video/tony-stewart-accident-investigators-turn-spectators-evidence-24930924"}