Tracking Hurricane Harvey as it barrels toward Texas

ABC News' Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee gives an update on Hurricane Harvey before it makes landfall.
10:51 | 08/25/17

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Transcript for Tracking Hurricane Harvey as it barrels toward Texas
Everybody yeah she Peter Ellis. And Joseph lined two significant. Urologist on art scene as pat. When you bring out is in west. You know now that you cut that it's not. Of course her heart is what we are. Just updating you all I want your questions rock face them ABC world news tonight age. We've obviously got about just an hour before we go to the broadcast but we let it be able to talk to you is this typically you have questions. If you've got numbers that you're concerned about of these areas in Texas or Louisiana. Let's start them because this all its update just he ends up its big ones every three hours during the last. Twenty hours or so it's gotten on the dollar S route today. This it I am. Hurt her it category three the winds at a 120 I've not out of moving northwest at ten. And pressure Ellis. One night. There. A we. Let us. Now is at sixty miles southeast. Texas. It's in the next couple dollars last place include Victoria based. Hughes and I in southwest. Or at least. Several 80. Outer bands stretch all the way to southeastern Louisiana says it's not just as part of Texas and fact that tonight. Certainly this area this I an area just to the north east of that dirty as it at northeast I'm. That's. Eight. So summit since the warning and a hurricane warnings all rat and the tropical. There really paying attention to air this flash flood watch. Austin and San Antonio certainly Houston. Down here just west of those barrier islands. At this. Point is that. And up CE. Ten to twenty inches of rain a place cost. One and ones that are. The chat takes and again making it. Stays pretty strong. Even by Saturday afternoon it's dark. And an excellent. Comeback almost exactly where it all pre. And it. It's just so that's where access. Portland. Place that actually it's. Certainly shut down its. Impacts. Power outages. And that. Actually back. My Ashley that graphic where he's seen them. Hat again when it comes back around this apartments. That explains let me see watch. Tuesday and this Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon stealth Houston. Now it will be a strength that it is out. Question witness still drops it. Asking why not let us I. I'm at two ridges of high pressure is not an east your act bill its take this out. You just kind of an sits. And it doesn't have a lot of money things and you know what you shouldn't east really quickly. Where a lot of ties. And or something or exit or there's happened east. And tropical. Too much but he's also right along angle. A lot of moisture and heat because. The this might start to see this light airy yet that represents ten plus inches ten inches of rain and a place like Houston is. Houston or Austin Santonio. Stories. Sports rain overnight. This systems and well. At emergency situations and people stuck in flash flooding that's what we're about colon all the late next week. Ups package is still part of the talking about. The storm surge washing. Or that especially in any of that hot pink area. Somebody's immediately that the bays as tight rise. I'd I'd. Like cats. Luckily it and you. Worst case either way tie it surged six to twelve feet and leased and money. All out South Padre Island. Well. Let's just end it. How about the future cats and as important as C. CC at plant I'll tonight. ETM. And look. Houston. Austin and sits over Austin. Saturday night Houston still getting bands. Cracked and there. I'm concerned. That sent him an up in the stories we'll be not from the coast. The literal coast is clear at that point of course it was damaged an initial impact least wet heavy rains that's. That and it starts. At least 24 hour is extremely heavy rain from Austin. At bats are. Saturday. At. Taller really. Struck. I. That's yesterday and it's that we've got. The potential for. Structures evens party structures to have their walls collapsed and to have mobile homes completely destroyed with the win this this. You know level wind speed. And then places that could be uninhabitable for weeks or months that the actual wording from the warnings that come out national. Park. Any questions. I adding him. It. Worry is. We'd see unfortunately. A lot these events in Texas what have you. Area and especially if you can't handle Santa Maria at Wheatley that she Manny quit few mornings and lobbyists and story when we get these. You know every three inches an analyst at and it doesn't take I agree to and it isn't usually tell people you'll don't worry this is plus you know be Gonyea hours but it doesn't stop its guns on days. And it's confusing. So it's art up largely populated areas that are going to be affected people are saying well. At least and he passionately and that he even evacuated to Santa. And sure aren't left or other places people are asking about Allen's Alice is really on the nor nor Anderson that would be you know some that there outer and that rain but as far as the bulk of it stays around center as. People in Houston. It has however is or accidentally makes. Makes and other applications. And a number one thing and I know there not accusations aren't doing it shut because at this point. At least eight but. Point I think most of these cases in Houston for example if you don't go outside and trying to try it. Most of the time you're going to remain. Right and that's EC announced debt and injury when people get in the car and decide to go to act. That's when you're going to have your car wash away and that's when you can't get out water and meet you rescuers are too busy you now when everybody acts. Tell us to have your car would be number one thing. And I she absolutely had an emergency I don't know I don't cases it is patiently that I used. My. Sunrise. Eased yet there is starting out. Letter trying to eat. There yes I'll surgery up our cost on. Yes it. Act ends. Got. Pretty much all night and overnight and then starting. Until I am yes or or America. The air in the ax and Harris gonna help me. At all acts on the ground. And it there. I. Oh. Yeah. We had. Is Christina Chapman. He used every air travel yes. I can't it. And Sunday at that problem. As long and then very aren't enough. Actually text and that. Picking up trying to. A. A lot of people are often used in. An honest I think we really covered it. It really concerned how the international and obviously right now tonight. Along the coast in an acting. Yes and not because I don't wanna take away from all the win happened behind it but when this kind of gotten you're basically talking about. The storm. It's eat plus the wind speeds at your debts by its its additionally. That I'm that right side that makes. It. Oh so please please let us. We have this is going to be fall only yellow and back. Out on the air. Checks that's the problem. Public. Charged team. Or twenty minutes. I think everybody went nine will be. There.

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{"duration":"10:51","description":"ABC News' Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee gives an update on Hurricane Harvey before it makes landfall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49425657","title":"Tracking Hurricane Harvey as it barrels toward Texas","url":"/US/video/tracking-hurricane-harvey-barrels-texas-49425657"}