Trade war with China's impact on US businesses

The trade war between China and the U.S. is affecting businesses across the nation as prices for American consumers continue to rise.
7:56 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Trade war with China's impact on US businesses
President tweeted just a short time ago that president she of China will meet with him next week at the G-20 in Japan are. A respective teams he said we'll begin talks prior to that meeting the administration has been holding listening sessions. On terrorists here in the United States living getting an earful ahead of that meeting or Terry ran senior national correspondent was recently opt in Baltimore he got an earful as well. From one company that thinks that terrorists are good idea. How this China's unfair trade practices. Impacted you China does many things to negatively impact marlin for example. They steal or intellectual property they copy and paste my web site on to their own web site. Sometimes they do such a bad job they keep our part numbers in the cutting and pasting and even worse sometimes even inadvertently keeper named. The cutting case. Okay. They subsidize their steel they subsidize the labor they file their environment. We're very good Stewart to the environment we're you know we care about the Chesapeake Bay which is right for miles away from where we're sitting so we need. Competitors. That are fighting a fair fight and right now it's not fair so they just they just steal. The stuff you design and sell they steal our products and they copy and paste it and then they pretend it's. Invented by that. We spent a tremendous amount of money with our engineers and mechanical engineers developing. Patents. And coming up with very innovative high tech ways to solve clients' problems but they just steal. It's not right America has to protect its manufacturing base and we just want to have a fair. Transaction. They don't steal from us we don't steal from them and then we're win game off. And that's drew Greenblatt president marlin which is a steel manufacturing. Think fabrication company or from Baltimore Terry Moran is here Terry is it does seem that that sentiment. He is a bipartisan one there's this feeling that we've been getting ripped off for way too long and a lot of people like drew. Like to see that someone's doing something about it when that story has been repeated on a small scale like like marlin and on big scale. Are you in the solar panel industry right across America for four decades now and the question is what to do about it of course what he will tell you in what he told us. Was you know his pride he found his products. Being completely copy I didn't look like it from some of the pictures but these are very innovative solutions the kinds of things. The economic and trade for fuel inject or so that the robots have General Motors can move efficiently and and and automated Lee. Construct they are the engine. GM car. And he makes that. But he got ripped off within months they've basically copy that they sell it now the united fit for less than the cost of the steel and that's pretty happy with what trump study very happy look he's. This is to me that people like him have been advocated polls show. About a third of Americans think the terrorists are really good at it more people don't think it's a very good idea. But you do see some support per product primarily because it. Issues like that. Hey speaking of people who don't think it's a good idea we know the administration this weeks from home into listening sessions about the possibility of imposing. Deter some when 300 billion dollars of additional Chinese imports a group of 660. American. About all this this that we know firsthand the additional tariffs of a significant negative long term impact on American businesses farmers and families probably have applied they say. They're not an effective tool to change China's unfair trade practices. And need to see that tariffs are taxes and that we are paying those taxes not China. One of those companies joins us now couple represented as joins us now live from my Youngstown Ohio. Bill Reamer Bruce's old and with phantom fireworks great to see you guys thanks so much. For joining us Europe company and has been hit particularly hard because all these fireworks that people use on fourth of July are made in China. Correct actually it. This country. Of all the fireworks that the United States imports. Import 97 point certainly vipers and fireworks on. Pretty overwhelming. And and I take it is even though the president says perhaps you could moves production here. To the states that that's a non starter. They are actually used to be certain fireworks production of the states. That's been a history for. 25 years. And Bruce you met with president trump recently. And directly appealed to him on these tariffs what did you say Norman and how was your message received. Well I was with a group of businessmen. In diversified is egregious talked about. Arabs and how they would affect. The ultimate consumer in the United States. And certainly are he was listening in week and are really most of the time was spent with. A higher officials at the White House and they were all sympathetic to what I was saying. But holding. They're holding on to the fact that China. Needed to be punished for what they've were predatory. Issues and a unfair trade and they said oh please you'll be made and I think today we see that that might be a possibility with them. It announcement that he has a meeting set. Next week. You're you're hopeful about that meeting and holding your breath Terry you asked. Drew Greenblatt. Who had a very different view of these terror cell from Baltimore about the concerns of folks like bill. And Bruce. Wooded or what's kind of the answer on the other side to those concerns was no question he he's. Feels that this is a necessary fight for manufacturers like him. And others that there was a bet that was made on China about twenty years ago when they came into the WTO. That if they. If we let them into the world trading system in an open and free way they would change when they did change the got a lot richer and a lot less free and they admit they subsidize their products they dumped them they steal intellectual property and use the state intelligence agencies. To commit corporate Aspin are so it's a big problem there's no question about it. But tariffs are such a blunt instrument as you can say it's consumers are paying them. And answer the question is do they work can may change China's behavior that's why we're gonna find out on him and so in the meantime people are getting clobbered by these tariffs and I did pastor about that bill before we let you go. I just want to go back to you because if these additional tariffs of 300 billion dollars are imposed. After this meeting at the end of the month what will that mean for your business how devastating would that be. Thursday problem Eric's. There's no alternative source for us to get fireworks we have to stay with China China has been good to us we don't have issues piracy. I've heard on the show as we were sitting here. China has been our friends there but the problem those. They've been making these fireworks for a thousand years they're the experts there just is no acquittal on production. In this country or any other country it would be a substitute. To what China provides to us. An important reminders he has in fireworks season here on the fourth of July do we Amer. Thank you so much with phantom fireworks in Youngstown Ohio who sold and the president. The company is well thank you both very much appreciate your thoughts on this and Terry Moran thinks you're reporting. Here integration of.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"The trade war between China and the U.S. is affecting businesses across the nation as prices for American consumers continue to rise. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63794510","title":"Trade war with China's impact on US businesses","url":"/US/video/trade-war-chinas-impact-us-businesses-63794510"}