Train carrying congressmen involved in accident

Members of Congress who are doctors helped in the rescue efforts.
1:50 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Train carrying congressmen involved in accident
Dozens of Republican lawmakers were on board this chartered Amtrak train when it slammed into a trash truck near a crossing this morning. The train partially derailed. You wanted it. Ought satisfied either one car finally. Freight train track trash and debris littered the area around the tracks just outside of Charlottesville Virginia. To have that type of impact at seventy miles an hour worked out pretty. It was quite shut. The GOP lawmakers including house speaker Paul Ryan were all their weight to an annual GOP retreat in Greenbrier West Virginia at least one person in the truck was killed. Others in the vehicle are also set to be seriously injured. One of these sad situation where. The vehicle. And I were operating gorgeous in the wrong place wrong time. On the train there were no major injuries reported. Only minor Minnesota congressman Jason Lewis was sent to a local hospital with a concussion. I was sitting Aaron so it didn't injury is not just let the people who pushed Indy now were thrown down. House representatives is editors on board jumped on Twitter. Oregon representative Greg Walden leading works fine but our trade at a garbage truck. Members of medical training or assisting the drivers of the truck the White House says president chuck has been briefed on the crash he and vice president pets are both scheduled to attend the GO. You're tree I spoke with. Speaker Ryan just a few moments ago and they are doing. Pretty good train accident. Was. The tough ones buses arrived to pick up the members of congress and take them on the retreat and the NTSB is sending a team to investigate. Florida congressman Neil Diamond told ABC news that he and other lawmakers who are also doctors help provide first aid after another robot maker releasing an army ranger hope. Pried open the train doors they can get out. And help others tariff on Mary ABC news Chris de Virginia.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Members of Congress who are doctors helped in the rescue efforts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52749503","title":"Train carrying congressmen involved in accident","url":"/US/video/train-carrying-congressmen-involved-accident-52749503"}