Train Derailment 'a Chance to Review Entire Operation,' NY Governor Says

NTSB Officials meet with Cuomo on deadly Metro North train derailment in Bronx
3:00 | 12/01/13

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Transcript for Train Derailment 'a Chance to Review Entire Operation,' NY Governor Says
We welcome the and -- he has arrived on site. I want to thank you very much for there speedy expedition expeditious response here with a full team they're going to be. Commencing in the investigation. The MTA will be cooperating fully with the NTSB in this investigation. The MTA wants to know as much as anyone what happened with this accident if there is any lesson to be learned. Because safety is job one. We want to see the -- performing perform on time but safety is job warned. So many lessons -- learned from this tragedy. Is what we want to know and that's basically the purpose of the NTSB's. Investigation on site once the NTSB is finished with their investigation -- -- the site will be turned over to. The MTA to actually commit to repair work. There is a crane that is now in route that will write the trains which will be part of the investigation is part of the review of the site. But only wants the NTSB is finished with the investigation. -- the MTA seriously start to fix the tracks. The MTA will be updating people periodically as do what the schedule will be for the repairs and the return of service. I think it's fair to say that tomorrow people use this line should plan on -- long commute or plan on using. The Harlem line but MTA -- info is way you can go for the most recent information. On service. I want to thank all of the first responders who have been heroic all day -- old. New York city police department the fire department the MTA the Amtrak. Colleagues from the federal government we're here very early. And really performed admirably. The emergency services in this state I believe a second -- and unfortunately we've read too much experience and emergency service over these past couple of years with the weather related incidents in -- but. On a day like today the first responders are truly a blessing. Also is as -- comes -- -- close what's most important is that we lost 4 New Yorkers this morning. We have eleven or critically injured who are still in the hospitals. And I would ask all New Yorkers to remember them in your prayers tonight. It's most unfortunate is that this comes during the holiday season. And I think it's a reminder to all of us that life as a -- gift thank every day. As exactly that as a gift whose every day is precious. We've got to turn it over to mr. Weiner from the NTSB was a board member who was going to be conducting the investigation. Thank you. As the -- at My Name Is -- -- and a member of the National Transportation Safety Board. The investigators from the NTSB arrived on scene today about. 1230. The NTSB is an independent federal agency charged by congress -- investigating all aviation related. Accidents. And significant accidents in rail -- -- highway and pipeline. We also -- safety recommendations. To avoid having the -- accidents again. Before I go any further on behalf of the NTSB's. Like to extend our. Condolences to the family and friends. The victims of this tragic accident. There's a factual information that we have at this point in time. At approximately 720s. This morning's. A metro link beef -- -- a metro north railroad. Train I was. That trend was and -- from Poughkeepsie to. Grand Central station. Paulson the entire train seven cars and locomotive were -- Preliminary reports we received from the emergency services. Indicate that there were numerous. Several fatalities and numerous injuries. Accurate information in that regard. Can be obtained from the New York City. Officer of -- of medical chief medical examiner. The investigator in charge is mr. Mike Flanagan. Mr. Flanagan has had 35 years of experience. In. The -- investigation. Business. They'll be leading a multi disciplinary team. That too. That it involves. Several sub teams. There will be an organizational meeting tonight to form of the teams that be -- track team. What's a look at the condition of the tracks. Leading to the other point of derailment. -- try to identify any anomalies. The -- signals team. Looking at the condition the signaling system in the hopefully. Looking for any possible data that might have been recorded by the signaling system. Mechanical equipment -- you'll be looking at the passenger cars the breaking. The condition of the the cannibals. Looking for the data from the event recorders. The operations team. We'll be looking at what procedures were in place and how those procedures have been followed. The human performance then we'll be looking at the performance of the train crew. And identifying any anomalies there and and finally. Survival factors team will be documenting the interior of the cars and trying to understand exactly how people were injured. Or killed. There will be an organization meeting this evening. In which these teams will be formed. The parties. The to the investigation will include the federal railway administration. The new York public. Transportation safety board. Metro north railroad. The Teamsters who represent the maintenance of way organization employees. And the person association of commuter rail employees. We will also involve the emergency response organization. As the governor mentioned. We realize that this is a very important rail. Railway it for commuters -- -- -- area. We have already okayed the -- writing of the locomotives. It's two south to fuel spill we've also. OKV. -- writing of the cars that are on the side. To look for any possible. Further injuries fatalities. We'll be documenting the interiors of the cars. So that we can understand the crash worthiness. We'll be documenting the condition of the rolling stock the trucks the railways. -- since etc. Following this documentary of the perishable evidence we will then turn the -- Over to metro north's will then re grill and get the -- back in operation. Throughout this will be working closely with the New York police department fire department and the office of emergency management. In addition to our investigators -- specialist from the office of transportation disaster assistance. We'll be working with the metro north railroad. And a New York City office of -- emergency management. Throughout the next few days our investigators who work on -- to thoroughly document the accident scene gathering the factual information. Our mission is to understand not just what happened but why -- happened. With the intent of preventing it from happening again. We expect to be -- from a week to ten days. Obviously since we're just beginning the investigation. We don't have a great deal of other information to report however we will. Keep you informed whereas regular press briefings. For the latest information. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter. That's -- NTSB. On -- website. One final comment I'd like to take a moment to thank the first responders. For their efforts. In this accident. I'd be having to take a few questions. -- -- Don't want -- under the governor's -- Heard the same question here and and governor and twice as -- concerned about them within. It's. The question this. We really. Going to be looking at the maintenance yes we are going to be looking at maintenance records. Of the rails against the the cars as well as personnel records. In addition to me. Governor Richards. I think he there's an opportunity for the NTSB to review the entire operation review this accident. All the procedures. As I said before. Safety is job one and if there's a lesson to learn from this tragedy we want to make sure that we -- -- so where. We're probably most eager to hear the results of the NTSB investigation whenever it is. This book. We have not spoken to the conductor we anticipate. Interviewing me. Train crews in the next day -- -- Yeah. -- -- on. Coming. The question is does this is this derailment associated with the derailment -- -- the freight train in July. And the answer is we'll be looking at but at this point in time we have no indication that it's. That -- a factor you know. It was it was what was. It. What was the configuration of the train the train was being pushed. On this Sunday effectively turning and that causes of -- plus cops. We will be certainly looking. Any content on contribution at that may have had into the derailment. It's hard to find a great. -- -- anything but. -- important. -- -- -- -- Right and -- great. Learn anything about better. Just knowing how to -- work. So that the question is for that configuration have been factor. And and the answer is we don't know at this point we'll be looking at us. Whether Iraq could be brining it was London. Albany Dudley the chain was being pushed through diesel locomotive from the back of the trend. There's no engine in the front -- and -- -- powered cars than from attraction -- Yeah. Guys are currently doing knows that signals -- functions of the it was. We're doing -- cab signals were functioning properly at this point it's too early to tell what we knew it was certainly looking. Well we've had a chance to thoroughly look over the scene and start documenting the condition of the rails. Are documenting the condition the -- And then Neitzel. Yeah. Yeah. -- That is the question near the -- has been here for many many years right and trains take the curve every day you have. Through 65 days a year so it's not the fact that there's a -- here there's a -- here please Hudson River it's a Harlem river. But -- to the East -- so we've always had this configuration. We didn't have accident stripes so there has to be another factor and that's what we want to learn from the NTSB. If it there's a change at the MTA can make. Great. That's what it's all about but first we have to get the results of the investigation. Before we know what we're trying to fix. If anything but -- can't just be. The current. The that is that that in and of itself is not the answer yes there was a situation. Few months back with a freight train but that is in the same general area but not the same specific area. So we have no reason to believe those two things are related either. But I do want to thank the NTSB for their speedy. Response. And as I said the MTA will fully cooperate I've spoken to them about that anything the NTSB needs they'll get from the MTA. And when there -- finished with their investigation will proceed according. Thank you he's yeah yeah. David operator. Is at least that's the annual big expansion. In the front. And any kind of when he. Equity -- yeah. We'll take one more question won't want to. Eat out. What is this speech is supposed to be at that her. The -- speed speed limit is thirty miles an hour. There's a seventy mile an hour zone just ahead of it -- 75 ahead of them. We're now we don't know what to train speed was we will learn that from -- -- the vehicle event recorders. And incidentally we have recovered the event recorder of the -- are. We have downloaded the data off the locomotive we've not had a chance to analyze it verified at this point we thank you thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"NTSB Officials meet with Cuomo on deadly Metro North train derailment in Bronx","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21063597","title":"Train Derailment 'a Chance to Review Entire Operation,' NY Governor Says","url":"/US/video/train-derailment-chance-review-entire-operation-ny-governor-21063597"}