Trapped Bear Eats Florida Family's Car

The car's interior was clawed at and eaten by a visiting bear from a nearby national forest.
1:23 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Trapped Bear Eats Florida Family's Car
The outside of Heather by these car is covered in paw prints I think I felt my driver's door. -- -- and the interior is almost unrecognizable. The night. Well. Yeah. -- that's part more than paradigm that's right bite he says it -- of -- that made its way from the Ocala national forest behind their home early Monday morning. And caused this mess up her mind at all heart and insists he got VMware is the key word scheme and the bears -- -- the stick and for a you're. Look at -- ninety's car was unlocked and it's believed the Beers -- got caught in the handle when it was trying to climb on top of the car it that -- Top -- got enough force once inside the Beers rocking may have caused the door to shut. And the automatic -- track did inside. Florida fish and wildlife says the bear could have been curious or looking for food when it decided to do the destruction this -- having four. Yeah I felt -- I am -- dead trying to salvage the car by reading the Bayer -- so he unlocked out of the driver's door. Open the door -- run back. I didn't want lives Daryn good. So when I got Adam -- -- and it has to salute. But the car was left in shambles. Now they're fighting with their insurance didn't get their car replace that's all western or change its car back and then we we -- there.

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{"id":19143719,"title":"Trapped Bear Eats Florida Family's Car","duration":"1:23","description":"The car's interior was clawed at and eaten by a visiting bear from a nearby national forest.","url":"/US/video/trapped-bear-eats-florida-familys-car-19143719","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}