Travel tips amid COVID-19 guidelines

The Points Guy CEO Brian Kelly tells you what you need to know about pandemic travel and how to navigate the latest international restrictions.
5:02 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Travel tips amid COVID-19 guidelines
As today a new CDC guidelines for travelers officially went into effect the new rule requires anyone traveling into United States from a foreign country. Provides proof of a negative Kobe nineteen test store document demonstrating that you recovered from Tobin nineteen in order to enter the country now what impact could this possibly have on travel for those who feel that they need to just get away in 20/20 one. Well joining us now is the founder and CEO of the points guy Brian Kelly. Brian thanks so much for being with us. First off how can Americans who are abroad identify somewhere than a safe and reliable to get a Kobe test and a what are their options if they do test positive. It's a million dollar question and some are urging voters germs and don't want staying by regents. Is now it as a in marriage we expect to see more sells it or the Caribbean. And that's when or some. To operates in gas. Here are. And are broad. It's up to you unless you get aids or insurance. I don't know her coat and those are you barred reads in certain ways there are some big Denver and shorn so if you never swords before now's the time. So do you think the traveling right now is safe and what countries are actually means accepting US travelers. What. You're all personally urged abroad where mask where is much worse then in many parts of the US and cold numbers are much lower in our country. So I you know where it. Does social distancing. You can't see worried. But I sorry you don't these new rules for getting stuff is easy he just bride's. Really pushing back on being nonessential. International travel. The which airlines are still taking owes Covance safety precautions like providing testing and and blocking a middle seat. You know there is no clear winner and airlines drop us and it has been dealt they are still blocking middle seats and even in first class. Most of the major airlines are now teaming up with labs to my testing especially to destinations like Hawaii that have been requiring coat Tass. But it's still every traveler for the result in a lot of different ways even if you get stuck abroad your parents and cover your home so that it's all of you. And I just wanted to kind of piggyback off of a thought that you are he shared because it sounds like you are an advocate for getting that travel insurance. Is that even though many US airlines have actually suspended the change fees and cancellation fees. Yes the whole point coded charts the flight it's pretty cheap these days it's fourteen days of themselves. In a foreign country. Plus food medical cost he should really really. So you know if your insurance policy that covers any Kobe Berlin expense I would highly recommend looking into it. Do know because it seems like it's like you have to you have like a doctor's know all of us here all they're like very specific. Explanations quite often for those traveler insurance I mean it is cold and often included at this point. In most policies code isn't included but now that so people are especially important in a broader war policies that will cover. Co mid Atlantic City the Bahamas and then the British forces just in case it happens they don't want. Your problems view governments you know costs so more and more countries opened it and providing. Options for travelers. To purchase it before getting into the country. They don't want your problem to become their problem makes sense are at lastly I'll ask you to take a look in you can your crystal ball and tell us what are your big predictions for travel in 20/20 one and what should people be paying. Extra special attention to. How will bounce is what is what are one series in Kobe and now he's going so do you foresee. Our population of people who work in the bill. And you know there are risks would probably is. I saw her. But the real. Worries when he is bidding. For awhile. And summer aged fourteen point 210. Please you're she's. We'll begin. Still TV this summer by. An RB serves just like summer going in the US to continue as airlines and it's not flexible cancellation or -- games so you can look towards what is what is the worst case there you can go you can always get a voucher for use of miles don't respond to you. We traveling right now your home. I'm you don't just an incredible true super warm in December. I'm staying low for a little while but I. Some best trips to remove pandemic but our practice tons of different safety precautions in getting tested the morning come home and I recommend everyone else to the same. Jensen LK bright Kelly thanks so much as always the points I appreciate talking to us. Use them.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"The Points Guy CEO Brian Kelly tells you what you need to know about pandemic travel and how to navigate the latest international restrictions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75501916","title":"Travel tips amid COVID-19 guidelines","url":"/US/video/travel-tips-amid-covid-19-guidelines-75501916"}