Tropical Storm Florence pushes through the Carolinas

Tropical storm Florence results in 5 deaths so far including a mother and infant; National Weather service warns of record flooding possible in areas of the Southeast.
10:20 | 09/15/18

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Florence pushes through the Carolinas
Welcome to ABC news live we are keeping an eye on tropical storm Florence for you now responsible. For five deaths. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power and we are gonna go to our own timing on his who is in Myrtle Beach. Which is now starting to see it looks like anyway Tom the worst of this storm. Based on what we're seeing just looking at you. That game yeah. Clark now pounding South Carolina may only get bubble was forming its 8000 drug companies win gut still are. We're still feeling some with a tropical storm winds but those in fourth week. Every delegate what we're also noticed is that that we. Before it would make. The water out now with the water on shore they're getting in return them off. With. It would push forward and would just walk out with the court about the I would read about it. It. But hey that's why it was their supply rivers all right let me play as anything but all that's at record levels that would. Call catastrophic. Storm and that there waiting for right now it's really bad that we aren't. The whole Lotta decades. Watching and waiting for that what exactly happened. We have to fight it. In the Middle East hospital did a lot. South Carolina and well. It doesn't look like if they get better at I have to get a better eyewitness knows well Diane. And Tom I note we're hearing that it tomorrow and tomorrow night could actually worse than what you've already seen in terms of the flooding. Yet I'd have been no slowing economy low lying areas but what it might. Didn't want to right now and I want right now but I fell apart and if that Obama has. The bad guys are exactly. High tide had a right to right. Those few from the line predictable plot in the united but it. Right I'm out of their fourth rail beach South Carolina town thank you stay safe. And I want to take a look at how things are looking in southern North Carolina either pilgrim is in Lambert and where people are trying to prepare. For the rising floodwaters there with sandbags and other preparations under way Eva. And we're parent numbers and you can see this sandbags here I mean they actually put out a call earlier today volunteers at that that you're here aren't. I think at this they're taking things and there towards where the railroad tracks. And they can't blame the sand bags around trying to form a bit of a wall keep the water from. Going out that area is the low point and I think and that. The water from this area of rain down into that area and then. Spilled out all over this town that was really badly hit by flooding ever seen it without sixteen and they still a lot of players and not only hurt. From that hurts himself an emergency. Today they were able to start bagging. The fan and building the walls around that area it's nice to. Prevent and prolong. Any flooding that will be coming back. The current predictions and that amount of rain in the levels of these rivers in this area would be again in that same. Area what numbers that they stop and it to them that he in the parking lot of people here just waiting and watching to see how it all plays out that in. Her waiting watching and worrying Avis thank you just give you some updates on the storm right now we're looking at about seventy mile per hour wind gust but the storm is moving at. Three miles per hour so incredibly slow part of what's making it. So dangerous and we just got a tweet from the president saying we love the cajun navy. Very topical because our next guest happens to be Josh Reshard from the cajun navy in just. You guys do so much just a group of volunteers normal citizens who grab your goats and go out and help people in need in times like this what are you seeing in this storm. I think it's important to understand. Occasion that are leaves is an organization that. You know we like to work with local municipalities and get their understanding of what there attacked. Other plan of attack is. In so we come into an area that we knows potential for devastation. We like to coordinate our efforts to what we're looking at now is you know lumber and is obviously. And and one of are more concerned areas. We're all we aren't new in the road Johnny area. I'm we know that there's going to be. Really Heidi you know above average what states in those areas so we're preparing now to ensure that that counting and really take command. From the local municipality is up to the city up the region of the state. And that what are you hoping to accomplish once you get there. Sure why I think I get our efforts are best coordinator when we talked to a local municipalities and so what we're hoping to is aides and just to get enhance what the local plan will be and so we have boats on the ground we have boots on the ground. In our efforts again are going to be focused on getting those low low lying areas and some of the places where people just simply cannot get out. In storms like this yeah people all over the country often have the urge to help and they don't know how. And sometimes the efforts to attempt to help can actually do more harm than good how do you guide people in terms of doing things they'll actually be beneficial to those who need it. Yes occurred question we actually have com requests for rescue on our web site. We you can go to cajun navy released dot com and request that you can also sound to be a volunteer. You can donate with a PayPal link as well. I'm too little lot of ways that we encourage people to do it but it have to be responsibly. And not be proactive in the middle a storm like this. Well we don't like to give out specific locations because we don't wanna be inundated with volunteers that had been vetted properly until we really urge the public. To. Goes a proper channels which would be your local municipalities. And or our website specifically. You kind of engage with us on the level where you need us moats. And based on your experience with storms like this any advice or some of these residents in these areas. Yeah I mean you note just com. Hunker down you know we we expect though the worst to come over the next several days. We don't know this is going to be Harvey asked Aniston's of it being petty precipitation over a long arm where there. Storm stalls. That's what we're anticipating. We're hoping that we can get in these areas quickly and Doug do is don't you know the best at a weekend. In this given situation. You do amazing work and we very much appreciated job for Sharpton occasion navy. Just amazing what you guys do with your own equipment with your own time. And to the people that you help appreciated and we extend our appreciation as well thank jobs. And just meant that Debbie ABC meteorologist is here with me as well Jeff you've heard. Jobs they're talking about they're anticipating sort of Harvey at behavior from this storm that's slow movement and a lot of moisture. I know the winds have been dying down is that aspect of it looking weakening an op. Edit the winds will continue died but this is just gonna become a monumental. Flooding event media 1000 year flood. In portions of North Carolina will be getting some very strong wording out of the National Weather Service tonight. Some of those flash flood warnings areas they're saying that. If you've never flooded before you meet flood overnight tonight into the day tomorrow golds borrow North Carolina under a flash flood emergency right now not just a flash flood warning. A flash flood emergency multiple water rescues in progress. Check out that band of rainfall. That extends through Jacksonville through new bird heading up toward the Greenville area. This radar may not look that different 24 hours from now so this storm is just sitting and spinning literally can walk faster than the storms moving. Newport North Carolina up to nineteen point four inches of rain Jacksonville seven point 31. And we can be talk about additional totals of twenty inches plus so it may put some areas close to the forty its markets flash flood watch is basically. All of the state of North Carolina. In the northern parts of South Carolina again locally twenty plus that southern tip there. Of North Carolina not too far from wounding ten. And also in the northeastern parts. Of South Carolina in the flooding can extend pretty far inland to six to ten inches of rain possible parts of the appellation of western North Carolina southwestern Virginia. Look at how slow this is moving. It's got it it's entering into South Carolina right now it takes until late Sunday it takes 48 hours to cross the state of South Carolina. And that's why these rain bands will continue moving on and from the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean the fact that staying fairly close to the coast it's not just following weigh in went. Means the storm has access to all that moisture in the Atlantic Ocean that's why the rain it's gonna continue to be just it. Incredible. Catastrophic. Concern over the next few days. After it starts accelerating off to the north and northeast at Pickering fall months are more like three to five inches is at its embassy eastern Kentucky parts of the Ohio valley. And eventually Pennsylvania but look at that radar gun tornado watches also in effect. For portions of North Carolina we recently actually had a tornado warning in southern parts of Virginia. From one of the outer bands of this storm. So we get a lot. To come with Florence where just about a halftime now maybe night quite area. Hard to believe considering the destruction we've already seen just curious is there a particular factor that contributes to the speed of a storm. Yet this in this particular case there's a ridge of high pressure building to the north of the storm in and acted as a brick wall. Lot of times these storms will you know the be moving at 1415 miles an hour on the continue moving inland. In this case it was a moving at fifteen miles per hour well up short once again closer to the coast it hit that ridge of high pressure off to the north and it was a clockwise flow around that. With winds coming in from the north kind of suppressing the storm to the south in stopping its northward progression. To this kind of a bad luck of the bad waving earlier is interact exactly. All right Jess Smith thank you so much for helping us keep track of the storm an answer on my curious questions as these storms are rather puzzling. But unfortunately rather dangerous yes well.

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{"duration":"10:20","description":"Tropical storm Florence results in 5 deaths so far including a mother and infant; National Weather service warns of record flooding possible in areas of the Southeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57835959","title":"Tropical Storm Florence pushes through the Carolinas","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-florence-pushes-carolinas-57835959"}