Tropical Storm Sally expected to make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane

New Orleans preps for Tropical Storm Sally with potential storm surges as high as 9 feet expected.
4:33 | 09/14/20

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Sally expected to make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane
And storm surge is always a major concern for the lower and city of New Orleans chief meteorologist ginger zee. Is there now ginger good morning. Hey good morning today and there are some good is that we're gonna move to the tasting get to Mississippi because I do think that that's his gonna take the brunt of the surge. In the heavy rain which could tap out. Around two feet so I wanna taking to the map now and just show you what we have and the timing of this a should become a hurricane tonight. It should make landfall tomorrow whether that clips the mouth of the Mississippi there in Louisiana which if that does by the way it would be the fourth. Tropical cyclone to make landfall in. Louisiana just this year. But and a one and it goes up the pass Christy and somewhere between there and Gulfport. Don't pay attention necessarily right for the line because remember that northeast side at the site is where all of this lopsided storm hit me. It really has the heaviest rain in the strongest winds. Lindsay are gonna end up with some of the strongest surge. East of there now that's sad when you start to push water over us all aware amount of time. You could see seven to eleven feet of storm surge anywhere and that a hot pink area that includes the eastern side of New Orleans if you zoom and a little Lake Pontchartrain. Especially as rob was saying with that northeast wind when it turns back around as we will be on the west side of it. That would be concerning for a lot of folks because it's gonna push that water back toward two islands now. There are lots of the levied areas I think that they should hold with this amount a surge but of course we'll be watching. Going into the next 24 hours to hand. And did you what is kind of surgeon mean. For people in that area for the Gulf Coast for the next few hours what if we expect. There's just south of hard not to understand that you have to think about it like this right now. These Geneva is about 200 miles in the center of the storm under that in the bubble of water that bubble of water moves toward land. And what's gonna happen here especially along the Gulf Coast it's very different than how we have set up San East Coast East Coast looks like this the continental shelf for that. Right off the beach kind of falls off like that Clinton. That clip when you've got to bubble of water coming at just we'll act as a wall and kind of deflect some of it or of the sport some of it before it gets inland and it kind of meat should not panic mill as far inland whereas on the Gulf Coast since you're here in New Orleans or your somewhere near Mississippi and Alabama. You have a much less steep. Writes it's not a cliff it's more of the gradual incline and allows that bubble of water up and over in into the land much further and that finally starts talk about. In Lindsay potential for storm surge by tens sometimes thirty miles and that's why it's such a Dick. Different set up here along the Gulf Coast and I know that he's our drone camera we've got that out. People talk about New Orleans being a bull and it's say why do you think catalyst city under water under sea level when they didn't and that's something that I was learning just yesterday Diane. It that this city. Once the mountainous it being very low of course but it's the way that humans that we manipulated and battled. On the Mississippi and move that river and took away land that absorbs it kind of access speed bumps it would kind of got ourselves but not such a great favor changing the delta. Nine and now we built up those levees and hoping to stave off some of that and I know that day as rob showed us improve them dramatically after Katrina zone. A lot of people hoping that those levees can withstand. This storm and many more going forward but also ginger Anne or Sally isn't the only storm that you're watching right now so I'll tell us a little bit about a hurricane Paula I know the I there engulf all of Bermuda overnight so. What kind of damage to receive the air and where's that storm heading next. The Atlantic had high tropical storms right now five plus the mostly seen in nearly fifth. Fifty years and one of them Paul and bad hurricane made its way over Bermuda this satellite image is just. Frightening I mean to be able to zoom in and this morning and seen the island of Bermuda. Through the eye of the hurricane that's not great is once they get communication sure we're gonna see a lot more of images of the impacts there. Gooden is though is is that Paulette turns away from land Cella aside from some you know higher surf along the east says she will not see that. Making its way there we are just as rob had mentioned. Midway just passed kind of logical peak and that's what the Atlanta looks like he'll also have Teddy now which could impact Bermuda again. And then we're watching tropical depression 21 so we'll keep an all of the is that I have a feeling I'll be. Not home a lot in the next couple early fans. Keeping you busy year boys will miss you we miss you here to ginger but I know you're doing important work to warn people to take these storms seriously. And we've already seen how important us warnings are so thank you ginger.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"New Orleans preps for Tropical Storm Sally with potential storm surges as high as 9 feet expected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73002182","title":"Tropical Storm Sally expected to make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-sally-expected-make-landfall-category-hurricane-73002182"}