Trump calls Comey an 'untruthful slime ball' as Syria decision looms

ABC News' correspondents around the globe give an update on Comey, Syria and the Bill Cosby retrial.
8:59 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Trump calls Comey an 'untruthful slime ball' as Syria decision looms
A date for joining us here on ABC news arms act Ricky Martin DOT on the upper west side of New York studio B joined. By three of my colleagues who around the country and around the globe covering three. Of the biggest stories happening today were nothing but talk about the cost beat well out of Pennsylvania. As the new testimony. If more bearable the latest on the senior year conflict in what the United States' response might be but force weenie again. The book. The former FBI director James Coleman has put out in some explosive new. Who's at the White House cured what do we know about this book. The ad the president is certainly jumping in with a very quick response to Zachary this book is. Jim combing the version essentially dealing with president trump over the year it last year. And the conversations that they had and it in the transition period and when present from birth and for the White House. One big explicit details that we're learning from this book is that home said that the president on several occasions with. Pushing him for loyalty and it almost felt important co me like a mob boss style. Listen to what Komi sent to George Stephanopoulos today about some of his interactions he had with the president. All about to meet with a person who doesn't know me just been elected president of the United States. By. All accounts and from my watching him during the campaign could be volatile. And am about to talk to him about. Allegations that he was involved with prostitutes. In Moscow on that the Russians taped it and have leverage over him. And Zachary the White House is going to be pushing back on colonies credibility and the thought that perhaps. President trop would hold back his response and maybe just let this interview it is books out there it. Let allies Clinton senior officials respond well he erased that this morning with some very aggressive tweet. The president's package and call me is eaten in speaker and a liar. He called in and untruthful slime ball and said that it was a great honor to fire Jim Thome last year. Karen you know Clooney is not holding back do we have any sense where this is coming from his personal or is this professionals. You know he certainly is says he wants to get his side of the story out there we heard him testify before congress. We heard about some the memos he wrote after his meetings with the president but he says he had his story to tell and he didn't want it just being told for him. By White House officials now the White House is gonna say he's not a credible source and as president that he's a lying here. I think there's going to be a very strong effort over the next couple of days to really push back over this and it. The important thing I noticed. He's just the first part of the interview all of you an air over the weekend book comes out next week and then we're gonna see Jim -- traveling around the country. Talking about this book doing a lot of interviews. There is a solid chance that this is something that really stakes at president trumps mine and we see him respond on Twitter statements unleash a bit of a tirade. Could go on for awhile. Karen thank you so much Karen Travers there from the White House as she mentioned you can use his full interview with George Stephanopoulos sits down with James -- me. 10 o'clock. On Sunday night. On ABC news next rid head out to blue route where we have. The latest on this chemical attack I'm joined now by James Longman. James. What is the latest on this investigation. I Zachary well at the moment we now events invest him group. Yeah AP CWB. Well like chemical watchdog. Is in Syria and is due to begin its work tomorrow wet told heading to do manna some out of Damascus. Wed a suspected chemical attack was supposed to have taken place. That we're going to be find evidence of an attack evidence that chlorine was he's does the activists and adds and that's the United States and its allies as saying. But it's an attack Russia denies at a happens as well as its ally Syria are in today just in the last. Few moments actually the US and Russia have been trading blaze in the united nations security time for the first time this week of course but. Nikki Haley. Speaking the UN ambassador saying that sat. She sexed other remarks saying I mean or that you can say what you say about cities is to recognize Vermont's that they Russian ambassador. With a straight face I really the beginning remarks she hasn't held back at the UN instrumental to say the United States estimates that outside. Has used chemicals in the Syrian war. Fifty times so the Americans. Today that they've any needs that a chemical attack took place but I think what has slowed some of this process down and act city. Kind of carrying out a strike she willful with so much more than an added this week. Is working out who exactly was responsible and James not to as the US suggest that you defense. Has been making just that point so I think thinking outside definitively to this particular. Asked at this particular chemical attack is what the US wants to dig it also wants what how to approach the strategy would. In order to get its allies the United Kingdom and France on board. So meanwhile we wait K in the region to see just what the US decides to do. It takes James you know the president mentioned this week on Twitter that it retaliation was on its way he seems to have backed up a little bit from that right now to give any indication if and when. That will happen. I mean there's really no way of knowing Walt the what the Pentagon will decide to Jay will be date night. Is. That the Kremlin ties stall table has been in continuous back channel communications. Wave. With the Pentagon both Powell is keen to make sure they don't. Make this conflict any less mean people watching at home would've seen headlines and news about Syria running for the last seven DA's. 500000 people have died or any number of well powers involved. Saudi Arabia Iran Turkey the United States and allies in the gulf. I mean this is a really a world war happening within the boundaries of the Syrian territory and the United States and Russia really want to make sure that they don't. Make this wuss that just want to us by his. Make it send a message out there on the US is pop that chemical weapon attacks. Cannot be tolerated Rossi came to save face instead of while but it's stunning buys like night at Powell's to come into direct contact with each other. To implement them a route take you so much for your insight they're not gonna go do. NBC or ABC news correspondent evil pilgrim who's in Paris France. Also looking at this now from I understand France and London are partnering with United States on the response is that right. That's right this is a joint evidently don't live diplomatic talks around the clock. And the center of a lot of those diplomatic talks at this point has become. Russia Russia has a vested interest in Syria they have military position there. And both the US and French sources that we have spoken to are telling us that they're still hedging their bets as to how Russia wilt was spotted. So there waiting. And negotiating and talking trying to get a better sense of exactly what the position it. Thank you so much do you we're gonna turn now to this Cosby trial we're joined. But Lindsay Davies in Norris town Pennsylvania who's got more testimony on his explosive trial. Good morning Zachary a long time law enforcement officer here at the courthouse could at this point he told us. He's never heard such extraordinary testimony. In his entire life he was talking about the testimony of former model Janice Dickinson she's one of the five Cosby accusers that we've heard testified here. All describing graphic detail incidents in the eighties when they say they believe. Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them allegations that Cosby has long denied. Dickinson testified about an account with county where she says he offered her a blue pills she says she took it and became woozy dizzy and unable to move. She told the jury that she can still remember. All these years later 'cause be smelling like espresso cigars and body odor quote. Here was America's debt on top of me Dickinson said the defense immediately counts taking issue with Dickinson to mission of the alleged rape in a book about her life story. And inconsistencies about drug use and sexual relationships. Throughout her memoir now she called this poetic license the defense however called them. Lives next up on the witness stand. Audrey can't stand the woman at the heart of this case Zachary. Vicki Davis force there from Norris town Pennsylvania and now for more on all of these stories go to Or download the app. I'm exactly key state for joining us.

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"ABC News' correspondents around the globe give an update on Comey, Syria and the Bill Cosby retrial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54446945","title":"Trump calls Comey an 'untruthful slime ball' as Syria decision looms","url":"/US/video/trump-calls-comey-untruthful-slime-ball-syria-decision-54446945"}