Trump calls latest meeting with Dems on border security 'a total waste of time'

Democrat and Republican congressional leaders speak out after latest meeting with the president on the government shutdown and funding for the border wall.
31:38 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Trump calls latest meeting with Dems on border security 'a total waste of time'
And yeah. Hey everybody welcome and inside freaking her mind John Santee chief for the Washington bureau of ABC news joined by our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl and White House correspondent terror Paul Mary. We had a busy day stay you had a very exciting day Jon Karl on the shut down and talking and Donald Trump this morning. What he CDU in the Oval Office. All of this was the LC he was assigning bill along un human trafficking and whole big crowd of folks in there. And then I asked about the shut talks would think we heard is his primetime address a lot about the border wall and why he's pushing to shut down. But very little about the shut down itself. And about the workers who were affected now 800000 of them marketing their paychecks many of them. Due to be paid at the end of the week won't get paid to this is how one. Mr. President what do you say to those federal workers security guard Secret Service agents TSA agents. Who are now going without packed I think they have been terrific piece of truth it. A lot of them that we would want to do it. The situation we're. If they want your country and its. We want security we went what security. But what these people have to go without their paychecks they're there they're being so were being forced to work without pay some have been furloughed these are. Park Rangers this should get them running and I think you know yeah you know that your best golf of many of those people that you're talking about so you've been legally you express it but many of those people who think are on my side. So you know if if you remember earlier on this process. He dismissed the F federal workers in most of them are Democrats anyway. So different now now they're patriots yes my side on the ice Unionist libraries here but the reality is there John come Friday a lot of lose people who. President -- Democrats are one point doses are behind him they're not gonna get paid and we have three categories of workers are one you have the so called a central workers. Rough me up to 400000 who. Have to go to war anyway but won't be getting their paycheck we have another unity and healing at the White House in front of the security and offers many renowned literally think the that the Secret Service on your service is not category. And then you have the people that are furloughed won't get paid and won't work. Eventually both of those groups and other back pain that you have. That the contract workers. Who in the end end. Don't have an exact number we're trying to get an exact number and exactly Emmy for good puts it's it's it's probably the ballpark tour couple 100000 who. Aren't getting paid and we won't get back pats and the thing is to some people. Now having a creatively jobs we've heard some people taking jobs striving for Bloomberg I swear story from our affiliate down here WJ LE two women are now opening a cheesecake business trying to actually find a way to make ends meet but. The president obviously facing a tough decision and terror we're talking earlier about. And having a little exchange with you. About what you would you John. But would you day. Yes so what we know that it's just a little context here the countries the I think predicted the Democrats are now. Passing one by one these appropriations bills is appropriations bills. Dates to to fund individual cabinet agencies. Appropriations bills and a bipartisan support Democrat or Republican in the house and the senate. The and the idea is to pass these try to get the senate to pass them. And see what the president signed bills that nothing that would borders securities is not part of the wall right only hold all of that. All of that hostage to the border wall so it was struck. Money change in interest and let's I don't know on I've been listening let's Wednesday. So why not sign the other bills though so some of these workers get paid to government working. You've got governor of connection and won't I mean spot for me to say that outside report you're finished it's it's it's. It's not why does not think as. Well the argument is good made you can sign these bills that have nothing to do with border security hideous and I'm saying that if you sign that these workers can start getting paid. The government can start working you're trying to position you I'm not your position I'm asking if you've got something you don't it would. I I I'm Rick good usually binges. They didn't everybody back. You are so. Cascade testing yet understand. Well running a manhunt all. If I were in his position he said I would never get anything done I I I have no plan strong president. No plans whatsoever so I you know. Seriously John I think the president placed on the present likes to do this try to put a reporter on a lot on the spot. And our job is this question our job is to ask questions not to take positions so lost so that's why even though he asked me five or six times. It's often lead singer what they're not that's I would sign those bills unmasking Willey consider signing a bill hey. I will open part of the governor if I open part of the government and there's leverage in this fight if that's the real and right to that and you can't say oh wait this is a political game we're playing right now and I'm not back. Now still before I let John go to paying any events the White House but we just got an update actually far team over there Justin official who runs our White House units reporting that. Chuck Schumer just went to cameras. Outside of the west exact lobby. She senior right now and he said that trump just got up and walked out of the meaning after he asked Pelosi she would support the wall she said no and according to Schumer right there at the microphones John. He walked out president that is pretty stunning. This is this is these these are these let's declared there have been no negotiations right there have been some conversations to talks there have been no negotiations and I really gets down to a terror because you know we've all been saying when we actually need to deal here but. Normal we've been reporting is that the president's considering a national emergency because he really just does not see a path to a deal here he doesn't want to. Down off that number. Right he doesn't want to lose eyes looking for our back door any sort of pot of money he can use he doesn't want to lose the Democrats he'd rather lose to some obscure judge that his supporters won't remember. And what they will lower number in that he. Stowed top and bought against the Democrats and my not be a point but it's you know he's fit to take his supporters way he scenes that he's taking a stand. And I just wanted to director views were showing on screen right now the president actually just meeting guys we threw it back up he just had just left a meeting with chuck and Nancy a total waste of time I asked what is going to happen in thirty days if I quickly opened things up are you going or for border security which includes wall or steel barrier Nancy said no I said bye bye. Nothing else works I never thought I would be courting the president saying bye bye but you know he wants me every day what role and we don't we we have. As we have this situation where. They did did the Democrats and plus he has been explicit about this he says the wall is immoral. She will not support anything she was even drug asked him what about one dollar. Nothing right for the wall. So so I mean she's been. Steadfast on the out you might ask you know what what if there were a huge deal what our president was offering. Amnesty for the eleven million undocumented rightly are yeah people living the United States no. Nothing she's said nothing and then on the other side. The president has been a single minded on the wall and I don't see any movement whatsoever now let's anywhere now the president's literally. Walked out of a meeting at a white. That's accuses the meeting he says can fix it all he did say it's all this with chuck and Nancy and twenty minutes and if that this is how this meeting is gonna go I can imagine will be another one on the books Mara he doesn't get any power through depends anything just have congressional staffers talking and we're basically back to where we where twenty days. Now and our team in the control arm actually just tells me we have some sound from Nancy Pelosi after I mean let's take a listen in that. OK I hear and turbulent much warmer in this situation. I'm meeting did not Lance. I did is done. Paycheck and let that. It concerns of their credit rating and the latest events. Getting hit hard. We think maybe they could just. For more money but they can. They came. Think it collateral damage. Felt pity. Prevent them. Then we would have I was. I'm staying friendly to. And and we're coming right back to what was it just couple days ago that frankly none of us would probably be here maybe we are now. But the president is serious keeping government shut down for months would that be something else borrowing Laurie actually sorry John turned her of the vice pres. In session out microphones let's talk let's and a CB that's the material while. Mike good morning. Received vice president Dick spring was prejudiced it's come to the stakeout. Where people go after that you'll either way out carry hazardous accidentally get thievery from parks inhabitants but. We just. I ended a very short meeting. In the situation room. The president invited the Republican and Democrat leadership here. Because we are facing not only a partial government shutdown. But we are also facing. A humanitarian and security crisis. At our southern border. This past week the president and I of these leaders two separate occasion. All those in the room. Directed staff spent the entire weekend working over proposals. At the president's direction we incorporated Democrat ideas and language. Our proposal and made an offer to resolve this impasse. And address the crisis and our southern border and today. In this brief meeting. Weird once again the democratic leaders are willing to negotiate. To resolve this partial government shutdown or address the crisis and our southern border. They demanded once again that before any negotiations could begin. That we would have to agree to reopen the government. And the president called the question enemy. Yes speaker Pelosi that if the open things up quickly if you reopen the government quickly it would she'd be willing. To agree to funding. For a wall. Or barrier on the southern border and when she said no the president's that you thought. Now I know there's been millions of Americans hundreds and thousands of federal workers. That are as disappointed as we are that the Democrats are unwilling to engage in good faith negotiations. But the American people know. We face a serious humanitarian. And security crisis. At our southern. And this president our entire administration working with these Republican leaders is going to continue. To drive forward to bring about the kind of reforms proceed to safety and security of the American. The president made clear today as he is going to stand firm. Achieve his priorities. To build a wall. A steel barrier on the southern border at additional personnel additional resources and additional reforms. To stem the crisis. That we face. So there. We're very grateful for these Republican leaders here and others and together let us for their support. To clarify few things. And we're just watching this right homeowner are really written to historic moment. Not that we're listening to Kevin McCarthy rhinos are coming back on your watching ABC news the briefing room MO and we're just watch this all play out right now vice president Mike Pence. And rare moment coming out speaking in microphones and sore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as well. And adding these guys let's go back lets us and in the. Currently a little bell even spoke last night stay at 45 minutes is that but I think we could do it in. I want to turn the floor over the president's that the speaker Pelosi. Schumer. Tell what offer you have because we all had in our hands. From the weekend's work for the vice president at every office that's them there about where we work. The different offers the increases that do work that you've done to secure this border. So we turn to speak or blows. She again to argue whether we even have a crisis and whether facts are true. Turning to Schumer and instead we just have to open the government up the president would go back and forth in the negotiations. If they're respectful way. I saw Schumer continue to raise its voice. The president then turn to the speaker. I just okay Nancy if we opened the government up in thirty days. Could we border security. She raised their hand if that no not at all. The president calmly. I guess you're still not wanting to deal with the problem. The president wants to solve this problem that's why he continues to bring us down. That's why split offers on the table not wants and the Democrats offered anything back. The entire time I've been in these meetings. They want tickets parking. So people can pretend they want to argue and debate whether what comes across the southern border people are hurting. As I've said before I will work with anyone. It wants to move America forward. It wants to secure our border this is the goal that everybody that every Democrat said in that room there for border security. But you asked me what American police border security does not have some form of a Barry. It's only the Democrats sitting in that room that I ever been and the way they have displayed and their behavior is embarrassing to. And the way to come out to fifth floor. Talk about a meeting in a manner that did not take place in the disturbing that it I want to solve this problem people are hurting so I kill the Democrats get back into the room. Let's not leave. Let's solve this problem just as the president said. It doesn't even take 45 minutes we're here and we want. And we're just watching are now we have senator coming as a person let's listen in the him. We all came this meeting for the presidency last week last night this could be solved in 45 minutes and I at home coming to this meeting today that that's. Sit down and the Democrats and negotiate in good faith that we are gonna come up with a resolution. And they obviously had not moved in should have a they accuse the president of not being willing to negotiate president more than. Yet the vice president here the last two week meeting with members meeting of members staff. Trying to move the ball down the field it is on a path we. Yeah yeah he answered today to the presence question and that is exactly how this breaks. And that is that speaker bulls C a byword open of the government today. Thirty days from now. Would you support. Any funding. For border security. I think the president clearly interpreted that as he rightly should. Yes clear evidence of Democrats I have no interest right now in trying to solve this problem and they clearly want. I'm here. Well first of all I thought the president was very home in trying to continue to put different options on the table. To solve this serious crisis our border last night he laid out. Some of the problems and challenges that we face as a country and how we can get a solution. But today when he it was start to offer some more ideas and look our teams work over the weekend. And we could talk about terms all day long but at some point the other side hats and put a counter offer on the table no was not a valid answer. If you're serious about solving this problem. And so as the president started off laying out not like he wants five point seven billion but IP experts were tasked with securing our nation. That's so take so a couple of points here we probably noticed that John Kuhn who looked slightly reluctant to come to the content Jillian are my hands. As as the the majority whip the Republican whip in the senate he knows. If there are increasing number of Republican senators that are uncomfortable with this impasse that think that congress should go ahead and pass those appropriations bills. And fight separately on the issue. Fortunately there's no ticket where are we right and the numbers that senator Murkowski over I Wii Wii Wii Wii at least four Republicans. In in the senate that have suggested that they would go forward right now and vote to reopen the government and then continued to fight on border security after the government reopens. And those are the ones that come out publicly if you read a private pulled be significantly higher number the other point is. The president has suggested. That he is a considering the idea of a national emergency and an effort as. As as Terrell was was talking about two fund the border war without congressional approval something that would be certainly challenged in the courts now today. In the Oval Office the president was also last. What would be the threshold for him to make that decision and what he said. Was that if I cannot get a deal. That is that that is the threshold the threshold for declaring a national emergency in this country is if you cannot get a deal would do the Democrats. It sounds like he can name and laying the ground work for the past few days. To declare its emergency Nate had the agencies ready to dial in gift that they desire is that this is a real things and it's getting I'll tell you that it's going to be a challenge in the courts because. It political impasse is not a national morning. And that's just it we've been reporting over the last couple days that he's been asking his lawyers others is this possible would it be something I would faces challenged in the courts. They are hearing yes but that's not stopping the president or his advisors are from backing off this notion. They think it he could win politically by making it a court challenge rather than a talented congress and he is being pressured by concerns an ally needs to get out of this. He's losing Republicans every daily he sad. And there really is no end in sight. An international emergency question is something eaten there's no question the president is being. Egged on to do that yeah I'd buy it by some in his in his base you know conservative copy editor at all that but they're also conservatives. Who argue that this is an abuse of executive power and you know which kind of traditional small government conservatives the idea of the president saying. I'm really do it on my own. Is something doesn't sit well at all concerned are you just want to dip. Right back the White House quickly because Homeland Security secretary here's a Nielsen's panel at the microphones was hurt she sang. That would secure the ports of entry by checking every single vehicle for drugs but the cardinals also come between birds and injuring it's not in war it's Iranians. Sweeney's security experts and street and we need security between the ports of entry. So ugly big question sir but. This isn't Cray says. It cuts United States congress to either John take the leadership that the vice president president are taking and six and a half bombing. Workers fair and well I'd I'd say it every American that this president. This administration. Takes very seriously our solemn obligation it was us. To protect the American people and uphold our walls. The offer that we put it at the president's direction on the table the offer that was in front of democratic leaders again today. In the situation room. Represents. A combination. Approaches certainly there's the president's all of steel barrier of the southern. The president's put his number on the tape. But we've also added additional resources. For personnel additional forms humanitarian assistance changes in our asylum laws. Some of which was informed by our earlier discussions with the Democrat leaders. We've been working in good faith over the last three weeks to resolve. Such as this partial government shutdown. But to address what is an undeniable prices that are so there. More but even even the Washington Post called it a bona fide emergency we have 60000. People one being apprehended at our border. Two thirds of them are now families. And unaccompanied. Minors that's not a situation that our. Our our Border Patrol the system was ever designed. To deal and so we need reforms. We need changes. We need to all the physical barrier but what I think would have to be this just distressing. 800000. Federal workers in the tens of millions of Americans. Is the answering all of this from the them. We will not negotiate. And we've been listening to vice president Mike pens joined by congressional Republicans. Outside the White House they just wrapped up a meeting with house and senate Democrats were president trump walked out. After responding to a question from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about a border wall the president asking if he apparently according to what we're hearing from the members. If the president opened the government would the speaker be willing to pass some storm formal legislation that would allow for a border wall. Mrs. Pelosi said no and that's when the president according to his tweet said bye bye. And left that's a quote by the way you're joining us inside the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John sands UG. Alongside White House correspondent terror Paul Mary I do want to bring in terror of our friend Katherine folders up on Capitol Hill because she's been watching this extraordinary afternoon with us. Catherine I mean you've been out there the president and Mike Pence were before that meeting they were upping your neck of the woods what is the bottom up they are mean Republicans are saying they're all in lock step but as Jon Karl. Which is talking about here with us their. Really does not seem to be the case. Now it does not and actually his noon them up here earlier it seems was much. More jubilant and obviously we're overseeing the White House stakeout right now so his message out here with senate Republicans he was trying to shore up support and keep those percent of Republicans on board as John was talking mother of four of them and using let's just vote on these bills and discuss government funding believe well I actually asked the president not that he told me I was making things up he said that actually the Republican support appear is tremendous in unwavering but I have to say right next week came out many reporters just sprinted behind me because they're looking. A to catch Pelosi. One says she arrives here she's been talking. Upon arrival also look it's me. It at a standstill. What happens next it's clearly. Uncertain and leasing about a national emergency to I think it's important because what we're hearing. From Republicans and senate Republicans in that launched up here they said. That the idea of the national emergency came up now now I was just in disgust there wasn't he was brought a very briefly in the president and say he would move forward on it at all but that. Now with with this tweet seems like a very real possibility we knew the lawyers now they at least as of last night were still trying to work. This out. How the Democrats think they're doing politically in this fight how to they think. Then Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer responds planes. Yeah I mean the Democrats Democrats who were talking to appear Pelosi Schumer outlook evaded feeling unite and they're not willing to budge they think they have the upper hand here outing as a murder Republicans say. At the stake out. There hasn't been KF counteroffer. Until it's unclear what exactly they would offer now Pelosi said earlier that she. He didn't want to meet any counteroffer didn't want to say what she would agree to until she has something in writing. From the White House hair. All right cap told us up on Capitol Hill Catherine thank you like you wanna go to ABC's David Curley. Is even talking about the shut down in the impacts and one of the things that we've been focusing on David the last couple days you and your teen. Has been the effects on the TSA on airports we've seen people tweeting. Those images the long lines they're growing but if you send a note around taos around the news division say David breaking down. What the short term and long term effects years so we're about to get to Friday where are we right now on that scale. So there have been in an increase of call outs come in that means people calling in sick basically TS Tia zones that transportation safety officers. That the TSA says that's been about 1% increase. Over the last couple of days from what it was a year ago. The question is why are those people calling in sick are they making a political statement. Or are they trying to go find another job. And so for the short term the real concern here is it that. That paycheck needs to be process starting on Friday so they get paid on Tuesday. If that doesn't happen this will be the first paycheck that the TSA officers are going to miss. Now these are not highly paid people the average salaries and mid thirties. Missed three mid 30s353637000. So these are people who really can't afford to go without a paycheck for very long and so the fear is a long a lot of folks in the airport security business. Is that it Friday comes and goes without us some kind of end of the shut down. That a lot of these TSA officers may actually quit. And we're in a full employment economy they may go get other jobs just because the government won't pay them for the work they're being asked to do. So the short term is it we're gonna see longer lines because TSA will not lower the security protocols. So if you don't have as many officers and you maintain the security lovely mature act. You're gonna see longer lines the longer term problem becomes when you do finally if on the government. How do you back fill in for all those jobs. The potentially people quit and left for when you're not training right now because you don't have the funding to train now to your left with this big golly this big gap. Of officers and see you could have those long lines long after the shutdown ends it's the very concerning problem for those in the security business. We can talk about flight operations in the FAA. But the security is what concerns I talked to a couple of former administrators of the TSA. And they're very concerned that this actual scenario could happen starting this weekend and it could spin up very quickly. Where you don't have enough officers to run it the way you want to run it and the flying public will be him. Line for a long time. Did you know a thing about how long it takes to train at TSA officer. To get that it's actually going he can take up to nine months I'll take several months. You first always somebody applies you have to vet them you have to do background check make sure they're okay. Many descendants of the academy in Georgia where they take their classes then you gotta put him on the job and actually watched them. Do the job so it takes quite a while this is not going to be something that's easily fixed if this does go on for weeks or months. That's going to be something no watchful David Curley and the team we know you're gonna be all for it thank you sir we appreciate it. Coming back inside the briefing are now up before we leave you interrogators were even tracking today is someone may be leaving. Right tell us about your latest reporting on that John on I. Rob rose inside. I know is a lot baking expert hanging out action but I'm brought roses on the deputy attorney general we learned overnight sources telling ABC news that he's expected to depart the administration. In the coming weeks is going to be tied to the incoming attorney general William Barr he's been put up by the president. He now is waiting for senate confirmation the terror as you know as walls I do mean rose and son is being in the person. Leading the mall or investigation he's been getting the reports that's obviously changed. With sessions resigning and done that would occur meaning acting attorney general the moment so he's getting those updates but. Rosa signs had a very. Let's just say facts and hitting two years on the job covering. S he is. Some have been able to shield himself from being acts since the president has really directed his ire against Robert Mueller who he technically. Overseas in the in that special counsel investigation. We sought. This coming for awhile the president contemplated just flat out firing him yeah I'm but has held on and it's interesting to see that in this new congress. That he appears to be ready he'll leave and no paranormal data earlier lead story it is a sign of a similar investigation is wrapping up but he's ready Tilly. You know there's a lot of indications all over the map we've thought the if you listener Rudy Giuliani that it be over by Thanksgiving Christmas on a Gurney and a quality that the mayor chose. Tom but at the moment we're not sure we know the grand jury's been extended six more months what does that mean exactly. We're not sure we're kind of watching it with all of you at home and keeping you up to date but before we leave you just remind you where we kind of started this. Crazy shouting we publicity and has come Wednesday endeavor undertaken vacation but let's go that's we will more time for everybody from the president. Just what he said after this fiery meaning it sounds like what house leaders he saying he just left that meeting with chuck and Nancy called a total waste of time was asking about a border wall and eventually as he says right there said bye bye nothing's gonna work. Feels like we're going to be in shut down for some time lot of workers paying attention a Friday you can get the latest by tuning in later it's ninety ABC's world news crime right here whether you're watching us on roku Hulu. Amazon fire TV I'm probably forgetting something but. It you have a mobile device you can also catch as their enemy trade download. BBC news Apple's latest anytime for Tara pol Larry I'm John San teaching you are watching. ABC news.

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