Trump family heads to Florida

Former President Donald Trump, along with his wife and three of his children, relocated to the Sunshine State, but Mar-a-Lago will not be the final place he calls home.
3:28 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Trump family heads to Florida
Today Donald. Will moral on go be his final stop ABC's Victor can no brings us this report about what's next for the former first family. President trump breaking tradition and leaving the White House before Joseph Biden's inauguration this morning. Boarding Air Force One for the final time to the sunshine state trunk greeted by a broad support. The former president leaving office embattled. The impeachment under way and multiple investigations into his business practices my New York prosecutors. President trump and First Lady Maloney choosing to ride out the storm at least for the time being put their beloved private polled each club Marleau ago. Trump made the official move from New York City his former home base to Puerto back in 2019. This past week near builder plus he'll making clear the Trump Organization. Will no longer be a partner in any of the city's enterprises. This city of New York has determined that it is within our power to terminate all contracts with the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization called the move political discrimination and vowed to fight it. The former president finding refuge in Florida governor Ron Desantis has been one of his staunchest supporters. The president has been held now right in his state. Several Lorch moving trucks were spotted outside moral ago this week. Whole beach residents have mixed feelings about the move. No I don't I don't want being lenient truth. Play amnesia try to make sure would he Hewlett's like he thinks he's a powerful earth the command. And Al. I believe it's as home. Think he has every right. But Donald Trump is not allowed to declare moral Largo is forever home but 1993 contract between trump and the city of Palm Beach. In the Marla club states he cannot spend more than three non consecutive seven day period that the club. That amounts to a cap of 21 days a year but trumpet Beers have already broken part of the agreement during his presidency. An attorney representing the residents of West Palm Beach wrote a letter to the town's mayor and council members pleading do something. Marla there was a social club and know it may resign in the property as everyone knows president trump is already in violation of the disagreement. By using our law go in excess of the allotted time. This violation as well as others on record would continue without town intervention. It is the town council's responsibility. To write these wrongs and restore safety and security to the neighborhood by upholding its use agreement. ABC news is now learning the former president may play by the rules he's reportedly looking for homes in the poll beach area. All its. So these children following suit own junior and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle or ditching their Hampton's home look for a place in the sunshine state. He bunker trump and Jared Kushner have already purchased a thirty million dollar a lot of Miami's exclusive Indian creek island. After a chaotic presidency mine herald columnist and author Carl place in says the trucks moved to Florida isn't a surprise. No state income tax it was healing element called Hamlet but. I think we're kind of accustomed to circus that he brings without question our biggest circus in. That through kind in West Palm Beach for NBC news line.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Former President Donald Trump, along with his wife and three of his children, relocated to the Sunshine State, but Mar-a-Lago will not be the final place he calls home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75396083","title":"Trump family heads to Florida","url":"/US/video/trump-family-heads-florida-75396083"}