Trump meets with congressional leaders on funding deal

Fed. workers sue U.S. government over shutdown, Romney pens anti-Trump op-ed, House rules top priority for incoming Dems, American arrested over spying accusations.
20:24 | 01/02/19

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Transcript for Trump meets with congressional leaders on funding deal
And happy new year to you welcome to the briefing room on Devin Dwyer Jordan Phelps or White House reporter here hook get a great holiday we are back in business in Washington the government. Is still shut down twelve days in county now. Federal workers out of work federal contractors even any tougher spot not likely to get paid back a lot of pain going around. Is this now sits in to be one of the longest shutdowns of the federal government in history the president Jordan. Just making an extraordinary statement about it as everyone is back in town holding another spectacle of a cabinet meeting. Yet DeVon it was rambling it was riddled with factual inaccuracies. And stunningly lasted for over an hour and a half reporters capped and the room there with cameras rolling it covered a wide range of topics everything from the government shut down. To Syria to Conde a west. And on the government shut down the big story of the day of course he said he's willing to go on with this fight for as long it takes to secure that. Oil off I think that hung. Hunger for some media attention after shying away from the cameras he hunker down here in Washington over the holiday he appears to be digging in to stick Lewis. Could be a long time advocate equipment. Could be a long time it's it's important to subject. To walk away from this is really something that should be bipartisan. And lawsuit that is I hope evidence. I hope it is I'm prepared I think the people of the country they got right I think the people of this country think of right again I could have done nothing. I could've had a lot easier presidency. By doing nothing but. I'm here. I want to do it right. And let's for Gunter senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce right now for the latest on Capitol Hill Mary. It sure sounds like the president is dug in Democrats don't seem to be budging either is there any chance that they that you see that these. Incoming democratic leadership could give the president some more money for his wall. And hey there really got to see how that's gonna happen right now and remember at literally every hour passes Democrats feel that they are gaining even more leverage and that's because. By tomorrow. Right around this time house Democrats will be in control of that chamber the president for the first time will be facing a new political reality which is divided government. So the chances that he's going to get what he wants. Are actually decreasing in many ways. And you hit the nail on the head which is in both sides are digging it instead of looking for ways to compromise actually almost in the opposite happen as time passes and yes there is a small glimmer of hope. Today in a sense that at least the two sides are talking are the very is that going to be in the same room. They are meeting face to face for the first time since they shut down began now twelve days ago but based off of what we've heard from the president so far today it. Doesn't really seem like these are good faith negotiations. Yeah and Marion erecting more of the same. And let's -- of what the Democrats are gonna do tomorrow wing as you said they take over Nancy Pelosi will we presume get the gavel as speaker of the house she has announced what they plan to do to reopen the government you're seeing here on the screen. They're planning the past two measures one to fund all the agencies of the government through September and then another one to reopen. The Department of Homeland Security at least through February it was so they can negotiate a little bit but there is no wall funding in any of that. That is certainly a a tough stance and headed into into what ever talks are going on right now. Well and the White House's RD seven that's essentially a non starter let the president made very clear in that very long. Remarks in the cabinet meeting room just now at bay then he's not gonna accept anything less than than the roughly five billion dollars that he's been demanding all along. So the idea the Democrats are gonna come in tomorrow they're gonna passes legislation to reopen the government. But the president has already thrown cold water on that plan didn't simply will not give him the money he's demanding. For his wall the Ares and Democrats have some optimism those who is of course this plant has already previously passed. In the Republican led senate so essentially house Democrats are daring senate Republicans daring Mitch McConnell. Acted today to not move forward with this plan even though they know that there is likely to support for it within their cock. In searching for a way out of this and a lot of people wondering how the heck are they going to resolve this as the strings on Jordan. Everybody is the number some wiggle room is the president but you know it is he absolutely glued to the five billion dollar figure what are sources telling you is there any wiggle room. On the number yet haven't that's how does that the president is really saying both things here. I he said in that cabinet meeting that he doesn't want anything less than that I billion but he also at another point expressed openness to. Less than not so it's anyone's gas DeVon the only person who knows as the president and we know that he often in negotiations stakes out a higher number than he actually expects to get as a negotiating tactic. And it and of course the vice president was on the Capitol Hill flick Capitol Hill floating in a lower number Mary. So perhaps there are some wiggle room in. The language maybe some of this money goes toward fence scene and not a concrete barrier and are you hearing anything. About doctor could that be a solution a sweetener perhaps for Democrats here. Yet there a lot of possible things being floated the problem here and this is what we just saw is that no one really trust. Anything out of the congressional negotiators appeared trust and he offers being made from the White House in less than they are coming from Donald Trump himself. Because you have instances like this where the vice president heard the acting chief of staff come up and they float other numbers as what happened here. On it on day one of the shutdown of the vice president. Suggested that they could compromise and a much lower figure but then you the president come out right now on the road that offer under the bus and they that he simply will not accept that. Look congressional leaders here have learned from past experience and it seems to be the case again right now that you simply. Don't know whether any of these offers coming from other White House officials holed up in less the president. It's publicly backing them. Are her purse thank you so much much more from you coming up on world news tonight more on this prime here at 8 PM eastern on ABC news live you know meanwhile Jordan as the wrangling continues the steamy. From the shutdown is actually impacting real people. Hundreds or thousands of federal workers take a look at some of these numbers is in the latest figures on the impact of the shut down. Some 800000. Workers working without pay those are federal employees we also have. As those nine major federal departments are closed a number of contractor workers these are not federal government employees. But some 420. Smithsonian security officers for example will not get paid bill the Smithsonian's or closing today's you know. And then thousands of janitors people who were for contractor companies to do the cleaning summing these federal buildings will not get paid they won't get that money back. It's certainly a big impact and we're joined now by about one of those federal workers who's feeling the pain actually went to the White House this afternoon to say a few prayers. Hopefully raise this issue into the spotlight Darryl Burton of Maryland is an investigator at the polls. Still service inspector general's office which is a federally funded top arm of the the Postal Service mr. Burton thanks so much for. I've been with us you're also a pastor of a church we should say Christian church often Merrill and appreciate your time. On and give us a very personal view into what do what the impact this shut down has been for you and your family so far. Minnesota down for me that happened on the some 22 has been very tough on us SA family certainly. Having to supply and having to meet them these in my family pay in mortgage and paying all the bills that we have to pay. There's been a little bit strain is doing this holiday season. And going into the new year but being a man of faith from grateful that god I know that he's school. Turn things around four seem that this country will come together import ago like I'm though that we're going to. And Europe. Other. Six mr. Burton and know why. Red beds a number of your kids are in college which is an added financial burden. Bond have you had to take some additional steps to kind of keep that financial. Support line going have you been been they've had to cut. Cut off some spending take on new jobs anything of the like so far. Well I'm loan from a followed three I think he still follows victimized who have followed three. Where it at any rate Iowa followed three. And certainly have a son that's in college of the New York in he has some expenses that we need to take care of and that we are in communications with. Do what they creditors and loan departments to see how we can. Make bare minimum minimum payment if necessary to keep things going in the mission that the credit rating on it this stuff. It's right in the way it should be and so we made have to make some adjustments with our creditors we called them reach out to see how weekend. And maintain our vice doubt what either being too hard on those but certainly we've done. We've done that to make sure that the firm is taking care and and that my son can't continue his education and they get the school in the that he needs to get. Are you you sounded a little optimistic about has amassed faith that this can get resolved relatively soon. You've also been a relatively nonpartisan about sister that it that it is simply speaking to the fact that has an impact and so many families what's your message to lawmakers. In that building behind you is me try to come to some sort of compromise this afternoon. Whether methods where have for a lawmaker says simply this is that. Girls come together and unite together because we all our people died and as you heard me say a little while ago I am a man of faith and I certainly believe that. As the policy is if we were humble ourselves and turns the lord he will hear. Our cry and he will heal our land. And so I'm optimistic and hopeful that we can put aside. Political views and differences that we have and come together and unite this country together because that's what we need right now we need to cut this you nine it. Together moving in this same direction instead of moving in different directions. We may now always agree on everything but we certainly need the board together if the country. To come together and to resolve this piece of the government being shut down because there's thousands and thousands. Feller workers across this country. Well I heard it. Who need them they should that families are being a supporting need to make sure their bills are being paid who can't put food on the table can continue. The mission at their children get the education that's needed. And that's so many other things we can really to focus our resources on and I on the stand. What's going home with with the present is asking for and what we should be doing and Taurus. Take care of our borders and and protecting our borders would tell mall for. But those come together and do it together as Democrats and Republicans and independents if you will. Those all come together people in this country to unite in that way. All right Tara Burton very well said we we are thinking of you and your families your going through this difficult period we hope for all families that this gets resolved soon thank you so much are happy new year to you. I Gerald Burton again investigator at the Postal Service inspector general's office also pastor. The church father of three. Important story Jordan because so often did it shut down skip portrait is simply the closure report public office buildings closure of national parks but it really does impact. Not just Stanley's a federal workers here in DC the federal offices all across the country. It certainly having a very real impact and that on a lot more people are gonna start feeling that impact now as the Smithsonian's are closing the national zoo here in DC is closed. Those are things that are right and everybody space. All right in the new congress kicking in tomorrow looking to take on that challenge head on as we've been saying also electing the most diverse and swearing and rather the most adverse. House freshman class in net American history tomorrow hundred at new this congress people will take the oath tomorrow at ten new senators. Giving the Democrats a majority to 35 to 200 among them a number of new democratic women in particular. But Jordan once went in this is that striking about this new class coming in is how divided they are in both parties Republicans divided Democrats depart divided. Amongst themselves absolutely we've seen the Republican Party have members who are pulling the party to the right in now on the Democratic Party they're these fresh faces who won a Pulitzer. Way to the lack so it'll be interesting to see how the party leadership wrangles those that more unduly heat and passion to young man act. And perhaps some older members impassioned know their members were talking about that Romney who will be sworn in tomorrow as the one in the nose Republican senators by the United States the senate he's coming out swinging against president trumpeted new op Ed take a look. Mitt Romney says the president has not risen to the mantle of the office he his challenged the president's leadership. He said that he will speak out Jordan against any divisive racist sexist anti immigrant dishonest or destructive. Rhetoric that could come from the White House that two of. Pretty sharp response from president from. Eighty Avant president saying that he wishes at Mitt Romney would be a team player and grim looking him on Twitter that he's the one who ran and won the presidency and and reminding him that he's the one who lost. But certainly DeVon it is striking to see. Ronnie and making nests would note before he even this warning to congress saying that he's going to stand up to this president. It's interesting of course because we've seen niece to go through periods of mending fences and then breaking them down again so it appears our at a new valley but he's. And on a roll of Bob Korver who retired of course Jeff flake also lead in the congress it's not just Republicans Democrats. Have some divisions of their own as Jordan was saying those younger members Alexandria are costs you Cortez of New York among them. Are challenging the establishment and the democratic side Nancy Pelosi. How what the issues there as is he against today right out of the gate on the democratic side is this issue. Up hey go it's a rule that Nancy Pelosi is looking to implement in a democratic house it means that any legislation. Passed by house Democrats would have to be pay as you going underwear as they would have to raise taxes or cut spending. To foot the bill of any new programs that put in place. Interest in Jordan progressives people like a posse of Cortez don't want pago they're gonna oppose it they're going to vote against Nancy Pelosi right off the bat. They see it as a threat to some of those progressive initiatives like Medicare fraud perhaps. Certainly it's interesting is he the democratic. Party picking desktop right you know the Republican party's typically viewed as the fiscally. Conservative Party I'm both sides of the aisle we've seen that deficit and debt just balloon in this country so we'll see if they can really get us. And both of them sort of ignore in the red flashing lights around the debt and deficits so more to come tomorrow on those debates within both parties as the congress kicks off. But next now two very interest in drama playing out over in Russia and American over the weekend was arrested. And accused of being a spy we're just learning that the State Department has gained access. To forty hero Paul we UN and Russia want to bring in our global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz for the latest on this Martha. We're just learning that a master Jon Huntsman has gotten to see. We learned what what what are you hearing. Will and is apparently one of the most notorious prisons in Russia but Jon Huntsman did go visit him. You're supposed to have consular access if if you're accused of anything or arrested by that and he got it within. You know 48 hours or so. What we've heard is that he is in good condition he provided a list of things he needed and said he wants a lawyer. But we also heard secretary of state Pompeo say today they want to know why he is been incarcerated wide Paul Whelan has been charged. With spying. During his trip to Moscow. Two to go to a wedding of a friend. And Pompeo said they basically want answers and if he is being detained under faults. The premises that he should be released. It's an interest in Martha lot of speculation online as to whether. We won actually could be an American spy he had this presents an American social media. He's an automotive parts suppliers corporate security director over there former marine as you're seeing here in the pictures. Are on gay do you see any indication that perhaps this is sort of a tit for tat by on the part of Russia Iran accused of detaining. This American is a in exchange for Maria Bruton routine of the Russian who The Who the Americans have in custody here. What will the timing is certainly suspect. You know it was just several weeks ago she she pleaded guilty. Two trying to infiltrate these conservative. Operatives. Operations here in the US the NRA. And other things so she pleaded guilty of Vladimir Putin's says he knows nothing matters never heard ever nobody seems I have heard of her but but. Having arrested in America and just a few weeks later that that really is a red flag. But I do want to go over. In DeVon and Jordan his background. He was a marine. He was a US marine he had two deployments to Iraq but he was discharged for bad conduct in 2008. Charges related to larceny. So I find it a little difficult to understand why any of the US intelligence agencies would hire him. After that kind of record it seems that he would be. Be hard for them to trust in a job like that we don't know much more about those charges against him. In the Marine Corps but they were serious enough to get him kicked out of the Marine Corps also his brother who says 100% this guy was not a spy. Had no idea that his brother had been discharged until these media reports after his arrest in Moscow. This is certain we be interested to see would you listeners can find out about what. We will and has been charged with and what they can Kenneth expect to see their he's just faced 120 years in prison as you said I'm Martha Raddatz finished and they and the case thank you so much Martha. We will have much more on that story coming up again and world news and world news prime here at 8 PM eastern time on ABC news live. A big day tomorrow as well with the new congress being sworn in what special coverage here with Jordan in the whole team. From Capitol Hill to the White House swearing in of the new speaker likely Nancy Pelosi of California. And speaking of the new democratic majority Vanity Fair and the new upcoming February edition of the magazine has. Quite an interest you look at some of the new power players in town take a look at some of these photos here you see. The new chairman democratic chairman some the most powerful committees on Capitol Hill there Elijah Cummings in the left chairman. Incoming chairman of the house oversight committee during ad were who had. The Judiciary Committee that would be the committee to initiate any impeachment proceedings if there were any and courses Sam Adam shift their intelligence committee. Here's some of the power players some of the bi partisan Republicans. And Democrats. And since ought to be an interesting seen Jordan and a lot of these folks perhaps that have flown below the radar on the Republican congress and in some new attention. Lot of new faces going to be in the spotlight starting this week certainly done and there's a new sheriff in town and that we'll see how they put their subpoena parody and a lot more women you see they're Alexandria. Ask you Cortes the youngest woman ever to serve in congress there and left. Of course the title of the article. Is we did not come to play mean we came to fight and I think as those women have proven so for largest in the early days. They are ready to do just that again that's in the new issue February issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Thanks for joining yesterday during the briefing room for Jordan felt some Devin Dwyer to see you next time right here on ABC news Los.

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{"id":60124949,"title":"Trump meets with congressional leaders on funding deal","duration":"20:24","description":"Fed. workers sue U.S. government over shutdown, Romney pens anti-Trump op-ed, House rules top priority for incoming Dems, American arrested over spying accusations.","url":"/US/video/trump-meets-congressional-leaders-funding-deal-60124949","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}