Trump talks USFL v. NFL lawsuit in 1984

The then-United States Football League team owner appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss the antitrust lawsuit on Oct. 18, 1984.
2:53 | 09/25/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump talks USFL v. NFL lawsuit in 1984
The United States football league wants more than one of the quarter billion dollars in damages from the National Football League the NFL in a trust action that was filed yesterday that alleges that the NFL is unfairly monopolize pro football and threatens the livelihood of the USFL. Roy Cohn has the special counsel with the USFL for this case Donald Trump as the owner of the USFL's New Jersey generals and they are joining me here in New York this morning within invited the NFL join us this morning and they declined. Good morning gun truck. I think we have a case that's going to be known only very interesting but a case that we're going to win. The way that they've established themselves the practices that they've used to going to be brought out very strongly in the case and we shall see what we shall see I think. The public is going to be very well enlightened now. Some people are saying believe what you've lost the league is lost for the hundred. Million dollars and a couple of years. That perhaps is just mismanagement on the part of the US felt and have rushed through the NFL are just on a bad job here and maybe we're out football to begin with. It's television very simply we had the television contract of the NFL they get fourteen million dollars a team would thereabouts we get a million dollars came. When we were confined and we have some great players we had some of the greatest players we have the best guys coming out of college over the last two or three years the Heisman Trophy when his Herschel Walker. We have really Ron Amadon we have the best college players over the last number of years. But when they're getting fourteen million dollars a year when the networks are afraid to even talk to anybody feel of the NFL nuclear ambitions to Arthur Dunn and then the net. Works are in business slaves they say wait a minute we've. We need some good guarantees here we're looking for audience the NFL is proven audience in the fall you're spring league or have been up until now. And maybe they say where the we're not guaranteeing. Some profits here spring football who knows how many people want to let. Nobody's business and business is great but you know the fact Asian I'm glad to violate the law and the law as the law and is very clear. Clear that you are not allowed to violate the antitrust law and that is in our opinion very strongly in our opinion what the NFL has done. Some people are saying that you Donald Trump what you really want is to get Donald Trump's football team into the NFL. Totally false totally false totally false and what about a merger summer saying the butcher really wanna some kind of a merger between the USFL and the benefits and. But I haven't eliminated should I'm not gonna say here sit here and say well that's not going to happen and we don't want it if it should ever happen it should happen that we want to deal from a position of strength. This league has a great potential. If we weren't discriminated against so badly as the NFL has done this league would be very very successful. It's already done relatively well but it doesn't get the economic benefits because of the monopoly created by the NFL it's our opinion that. If we break this monopoly. And somebody has got to break the monopoly when if we break the monopoly this league is going to be very successful.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"The then-United States Football League team owner appeared on \"Good Morning America\" to discuss the antitrust lawsuit on Oct. 18, 1984.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50082408","title":"Trump talks USFL v. NFL lawsuit in 1984","url":"/US/video/trump-talks-usfl-nfl-lawsuit-1984-50082408"}