Trump's Fourth of July 'Salute to America' celebrations set for nation's capital

Military tanks are on display as Trump supporters rally in front of the White House in advance of Fourth of July celebrations.
26:36 | 07/03/19

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Transcript for Trump's Fourth of July 'Salute to America' celebrations set for nation's capital
Very welcome to the briefing room on this Wednesday a Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us or fourth of July either capital is buzzing in my usually a bit on edge I think its preparations. Are under way for president from speaks salute to America festivities tomorrow down on the National Mall it promises. To be with the president calls and a tweet he just said moments ago the show of a lifetime he says it's going to be. Really big he said and in his program here which is an expansion. Of the usual capitol fourth festivities more fireworks more pageantry of course a speech. By him on the steps who I've been weakened monument tomorrow our Stephanie Ramos is down there on the National Mall right now she joins us. With the latest on the preparers to study for people who haven't covered this. That closely perhaps with the nation's capital does each year to remind us what is so different. About this your mother's controversy. Absolutely Devin so as you said here on the National Mall at the floods of the Lincoln Memorial what we see right now are at this stage that the president will be speaking from the presidential podium of course risers that lasted about 500 people huge Jumbotron. As well and and that separate you don't typically see that. Here in DC for the network's light what you do see our. The hurry it's the only time you'll see it that is those standard Murray appeared of course the fireworks show on the National Mall and a concert on Capitol Hill is definitely different it's like we've got dueling fourth of July events but I can tell you from speaking with supporters. President trump supporters that are here in town just to watch. He speech here at the Lincoln Memorial they say they they welcome this event in there and they are excited to be here but what you won't see tomorrow. Our marching bands military units. Floats fighter jets flying above so there's a lot going on but with the military units for and since. That that isn't something that's an usual we have to see on the fourth of July because we we we we would normally see them. Marching in the race for the foreign I really hope I'm going on here. Yeah we don't see those six tons. Abrams tanks sitting around they're here that's pose some logistical challenges Stephanie the big questions it seems to me our how much is all this cost. Who's paying for art and really who is all of this for what is the White House saying about that. Global hasn't said much about the cost of of all of this what we do know is the National Park Service is directing 2.5 million dollars. From this recreation and and an and other fees continue to cover the costs here and these are this is money that would have primarily been intended for and parking is across the country so as far as the costs and that's as much as we know right now of course as the days. Move along once this is this a Vanderbilt is over we may learn more. And let in the monuments built this as a salute to the military but of course it's been perceived more as eight campaign event with the distinct political talents and that there has been some push back from certain. That's groups many of them also complaining about the ticket distribution a lot of the republic in organizations alone. Have been given access to VIP tickets and many of them will be taking the seat right over my shoulder up in one of those risers are right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. He had a lot of concern about counter protests as well the mayor of DC talking to literate about that Stephanie. Thanks so much for braving the heat for us we knew how full coverage coming up on world news tonight as well joined now. I by congressman from the DC area congressman Don buyer of Virginia he represents some of the suburbs and that include Arlington national cemetery which of course. Is a popular destination for tourists say congressman thanks so much for coming and are you thanks Jerry asked. Outspoken about this display what concerns you the most. All that for the Phillies three big things the first is that. All the sudden the fourth is our celebration has banned. Politicized. Partisan. It's always been about Democrats and Republicans coming together a book I've been the last number B Harrison. The majority leader in the minority leader of the house usually Kevin McCarthy steady water would do this together it's the first time. I think it may be in my lifetime that a president's decided to come and give a speech. And of course we fear that will be a campaign speech the second making us them daughters Jason it's never been about our military. It reminds me of you know Red Square in Moscow our young dog and North Korea or Cairo here is this some insecure military dictatorship. We we've got that the strongest biggest most respected military in the world wouldn't need to be shown at all. Now we we don't need to celebrated we've got the president says he got the longest war going on this is an opportunity to attempt to show some support to those troops. We do of the longest word I think it's a step in the wrong direction if we're trying to move away. From endless war and even Donald profits said the unit one of artist is campaign messages was we do not need to be. In an endless war and I also really worried about what this is gonna do to. The infrastructure in Washington DC. She she mentioned your peers reported that the park service is taking two and a half million dollars and we don't know how many tens of noises dollars in military money you're going to move. The jets in the helicopters in the tanks up here. And you departures has got an eleven to twelve. Billion dollar infrastructure backlog since this is money coming away from parks and you talk Montana and Wyoming and Florida and received some pictures sikar. Schmidt of the tanks that they've been moving and you've also spoken out. About the damage. That these very heavy pieces of equipment could do to the monuments the bridges in the area. Looks like they've had to lay down some placed it is to facilitate that have you had any assurances from the administration or the Interior Department about. What they would do to fix that damage or pay for it. Now we've had not at all we've had anxiety from city officials we already know the memorial bridge which is right behind the Lincoln Memorial. Is under under construction we banned all buses which are you know it. Ten tons but as a numerous tanks or sixty tons and so. However they get here they kick him over the bridges and we certainly don't want them driving on. DC streets. And before lets you go any recourse that congress can take to to rectify the situation maybe he regained control summit of the funding that can be taken here. If we talked to number of of the oversight committees were particularly concerned about. Potential violations of the hatch act here using government resources for campaign purposes full have to see how this works out torment. All right congressman Don buyer Virginia appreciate you and your time sir happy fourth of July do you in your I can't have before these two. All right 101000 tickets have been handed out as we heard there from Stephanie for the president's portion of the National Mall that hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected. To descend here and other parts of the nation's capital to celebrate along with celebrations all across the country ABC news. Has also just obtained in intelligence bulletin putting law enforcement on alert for this celebration in those taking place. All over the place are pure Thomas Chief Justice correspondent is here with more on that year there's a lot of concern every year on the fourth. But this year were struck an ample attendee said there are some things we simply can't prepare for we don't know what would happen. Exactly every year around Independence Day. The FBI and Homeland Security officials put out this public bulletin to. Basically put law enforcement around the country on notice be careful would be on the lookout for potential nefarious activity. And this time. I'm happy to report as it has been the case in recent years no specific credible threat has been identified for any of these events around the country. However what they have been warning about in recent years largely has been the potential for. Homegrown violent extremists. People who identify what ice is al-Qaeda other groups like that thinking in terms of these events as being opportunities to his soft. Carpets and a lot of people gathered in one place in fact that you you were just telling us here today and the last few major attacks inside the homeland actually. Come from people who were completely off the government's rate right. And and one of the things is relatively new about this new bulletin is that they are also equally concerned this year about. White supremacist. Domestic terrorist organizations. That might see this is opportunity again lone wolf individuals. Who espouse those you know hideous believes that they could try to do something is looks up. What law enforcement is saying that look we may not get a heads up about this kind of activity so if you see something six. It's very good advice for what else you have to send a post you've covered law enforcement for so many years in this country folks going out to parades this weekend fireworks displays. What else can we do to keep ourselves safe. I think the main thing is recognized. That you know you just have to be aware of your surround situation awareness. Is good but people should go out have a good time. I'm world barbecue. Pardon you have to run this weekend parent really went biceps and contributor to I think I'm far enough to go to Mars appreciate you very much Pierre Thomas or Chief Justice correspondent thanks so much here. Are turning out of the race for twenty tornado brand new ABC news Washington Post poll on the latest. On the fallout from that first democratic debate what the candidates are facing as they headed to Iowa and early primary state this weekend in our political director. Rick Klein is here with the latest headlines for a great to see you have before itself this is a fascinating snapshot. For CBC poll. Electability the top of everybody's mind Joseph Biden still hasn't such. Yes and this is so critical understanding why Joseph Biden has the the standing that he does. He is viewed as the person best situated to beat a president complex 45% of Democrats member this is a twentysomething wait for. Field and you could choose anyone for this and 40% choose choose him. If you add up everybody else's numbers all the at a twice on the candidates they don't reach 45%. So its debt or of. Art of possibility. If not probability that he can beat him that that fuels. The the enthusiast. Run as candidate it on this question of comma Harris it's been talking so much about her coming out of elevate our poll did show she got the biggest balance let's put that upper body on electability. She is much lower number of people not convinced yet that she couldn't beat Donald Trump but still 41% of Democrats that she's actually be pretty competitive. Yeah they think it's only 9% of saying that she has the best chance but for probably Paris to meet at the take away is that Democrats are shopping and in a shopping mood they're looking around. She was viewed as the top candidate that the top choice of 20% of people who say they watch the rates a Connell is our person only 5% of those who didn't watch and so on harris' team. I'm taking heart in the idea that once you introduce her once people have a chance to get to know were a little bit. That doubted that her numbers are rising and we're so orally in this process that we just have the first of a everyone's out there over the fourth of July this. You'll like the starting on another she wrinkle I sun here going back to Biden said he is seen as perhaps most electable right now. It's a very low rating on new ideas. Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren com all Harris really beat him out. On the ideas front what do those three need to do to boost their electability. Factor. They do that there's some clues in this poll and one is it to show the you understand where the party is moving in the direction in the values that the parties embracing at this at this time. And the second I think used it's also show that you're not going too far I think there were some moments. In the debate last week or even Joseph Biden raised this has a city I would provide health care to undocumented immigrants. Up provide a guarantee. That is in a position that is not in the mainstream of the of the country at this moment and certainly president trump. See that and that's the moment that he tweeted his most gleefully about is that election all right there. So I think there's a balanced of these candidates but they are getting a law and I think all of the campaigns can recognize how how fluid this is. How few how few real front runners there are usually four candidates in the doubled it is everyone else is mired somewhere between zero and 4%. And a lot of engagement among Democrats Paulson that is both 72% of Democrats said they expect to vote in the primary or caucuses which is a big boost. Over the last 22015. That speaking we've been talking about Biden Pamela Harris thresh out. For the first time today in Iowa face to face after that first debate that's refine our Molly Nagle she's on the Biden beat we also have. I thinks a live picture of convoy harris' fourth of July picnic she's in. Celebrating in rallying and DeMulling today Molly great to see it so. Tucker's Joseph Biden he's kept a pretty low profile since the debate but that his team is talking some big fundraising numbers today. That's great I didn't campaign announced their second quarter fund raising today. And they pulled in 21 point five million dollars in the second quarter now these are the first fundraising numbers we're seeing from buy and because he announced actually with in the second quarter in just 66 days. They raise that amount now 97%. The people who don't change mid campaign word grassroots fund raiser is meaning that they donated less than 200 dollars. And their average donation was about 49 dollars for the campaign. So while Biden has this big number it's still puts him in second place a hanky mayor keep booted judge who announced he raised nearly 25 million dollars but it does put him ahead of Bernie Sanders. As far as the fundraising numbers that we see in announced by the campaign. Joseph Rick how do we. I think about fundraising numbers to the average person out there watching this trying to put their mind around at think of how people to checkers a lot of money but he still on the single digits. Is it safe to look at that and cunning gauge that you which candidates can better how do you interpret the fundraising. So when I was young pool reporter I learned that fund raising was it was a lagging indicator that you took polls first and then you did fundraising second. I actually think it's flips around these days because grassroots fund raising is so is so important the fact that mayor Pete can pace the field. Lap some of the major major candidates have been known for such a long time and fund raising. Speak the former vice presidents US is again is that the mayor's happen Indiana 37 years old that's and he suggested as a donor class has engaged in this in a different way. Your point about voter engagement there are more people but actually write a check. These are still small numbers of Americans in the hundreds of thousands is opposed to the millions so the fact that he raises kind of money. Necessarily mean the countries on board. He's got the war chest he's got now he's building this this donor base very valuable commodities but. The fact that he's still a choice only 4% democratic voters tells you that things really they've been reversed and in and assess. A lot of work to do there and of course the fundraising numbers in the campaigns a good opportunity to. I get some good press Joseph Biden got to see capitalizing on that let's go back to Molly because there were supports past few days Molly that the Biden. A team this good his orbit and allies were very concerned rattled by his performance. Last week era in Miami house the campaign been navigating this should we expect any change. From Joseph Biden as he. Re appears on the trail today and I want. Well this is his first time out thins that can't hear that debate performance and I think you can see just from his schedule if Joseph Biden was jogging before and now he's made he's starting to run. He has four events out here in Iowa including a Independence Day parade in independence Iowa tomorrow morning. I'm and street from here you go down to Texas where he participates any teachers forum alongside some of his points when he candidates. Only then to jump over to South Carolina bring I have another four events over the weekend so. They're clearly picking up the Cape Fear and some you know senior advisors for the buying campaigns had to say that they're gonna start talking about some of his foreign policy is. That are going to be a part in the fighting campaign health care immigration which we saw him preview in that op Baghdad in the Miami Herald earlier last week. Also foreign policy and these are all going to be big policies that buying campaign and I think that we might start to hear a little bit more about that. All right to talking more policy perhaps as we head into this next phase mining up thanks so much happy fourth U recline think you happy that I took to see you. Out there this weekend on the grill about a law and I Rick thanks so much. Oh we've talked a lot here on ABC news live about the crisis at the border those deplorable. Detention center conditions. For asylum seekers and documented migrants and refugees. But now some new reporting on the trump administration's approach to migrants. Four of the interior. Of the country already here ABC news has learned that. US customs and immigration enforcement has begun delivery notices to undocumented immigrants. That they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in clients are Sophie Tatum is here she covers this issue for us as Sophie eager to see it so. Ice has long had the ability to sort of collect fines. But they haven't released. In forced it into recently Kosovo where your money. Yes so basically yesterday we confirmed that ice was sending out these notices to individuals and sanctuaries. Around the country saying that they owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and I spoke to one woman earlier today it at this Yahoo! or start the phenom who I'm got a notice for nearly. Half a million dollars because she's been living in a church. In sanctuary assurances and undocumented immigrant living in the church he's been ordered deported she's receiving. Sanctuary and ice comes in says you half a million dollars essentially and so you know she says that she. First saw the slaughter and she was really mad because she has been you know. They know that she can't pay the thing that's as an a lot of lawyers are saying is that they know that these individuals campaign he's fine so it's kind of an outlandish request almost. But then she wanted them to know that no she's not scared and she's gonna keep fighting terror continue to try and working keeper failing to gather of course never advocates it. Churches have been defending the migrants and joined now by our reverend Noelle Anderson with the year he's a sanctuary. Leader in the sanctuary movement with the church world service no thank you so much. Really glad to be with her company and I known. We're talking before the show it did this network of churches across the country that has been taking him. Thousands of migrants and it really over the years giving them safe refuge in it and care also some shelter and shield from deportation. Has received so much attention Ari do you feel that the churches are under siege from the administration and ice agents show up with these. With these notices. Yeah this is clearly an attack both on their immigrant who's who's claiming sanctuary in with dean of their voice in a prophetic witness and those congregations that are walking along side. Those immigrants who who say no these are people that are our mothers that have. Their fathers that have families they they are fighting to stay united with their families. That's why they're going to sanctuary. Another case that you mentioned indeed then she's been that's really strong voice an end of the here's the question is why are they trying to instill fear why these tactics. Now because these these these immigrants obviously don't have a half million dollars to pay many of them say they weren't even aware that they would incur fines. A great innings because they're trying to silence. These voices these activists is that it's a form of retaliation. And needs and it's trying to limit free speech is trying to limit freedom and expression for us. Who believe that you have to love our neighbor to welcome this sojourner in our mid eight's the dark faith values and this administration is trying to find that. Well I would get your response to a put to them over. The past year so as these issues have come to the forefront. About how they can embrace our christianity Christian values and in a moral approach. On the one hand in impose policies like this on the other hand they say it's actually a moral obligation to enforce the law this is the law on the books. So that's simply what they're doing and how we sit of that. We're I mean I think is very clear today that all our mandate both in our scriptures and our tradition is soon to welcome immigrants and further the administration to argue otherwise. And I think in their really betraying the Christian values and really it's it's in my opinion using the lord's name in vain I mean. We know these are traditions they go back thousands of years so far the administration to come in now and say that means. Visiting Jordan in the 1980s how did this same fight we have we were helping thousands of a lot of it military interventions from this country a lot of root causes of migration are from the policies of this country such as. That support other fraught election in Honduras and so we have to have responsibility for our past policies. And as faith communities we have the responsibility tends view moral voice and say we are. Welcoming these communities they are neighbors they are part of our communities they are part of our came with. And those people that are in scenes where they've been in this country for 102030. Years they've been working they have cars or houses. They have Stanley's their children are going to schooling children haven't even the lot of our citizens children have never been back to their parents' country of origin. And they are really fighting for their hands and and as this you know administration claims to be for a family values that what are we really seeing out there and Murray how. This case is resolved to your network the sanctuary movement currently has. 44. Probably exchange rate case India public century cases immigrants who are Rick are being housing cared for within churches there deportation orders you race. These churches are protecting them. How they resolve are they there for years on end or where are what you are coming out. All these cases have the potential and and ending the previous administration through prosecutor discretion we are able to get stays in removal. And those days or remove often times when on her for years and end this is indicative of what's wrong with our immigration system that it's outdated we need a legislative reform. These people insane Tories won the eleven million undocumented people should be able to adjust status do you think guys is usually work after the church's. That is a concern that we do you have I mean this does seem to be as claiming ice has a policy sense of locations that there. It's not supposed to go on hospitals schools churches but we see ice encroaching on those spaces and this does feel like an encroachment in. We are very concerned that they will decide to break their own policies at some point in going to. And so if you what are you hearing from mice you've been communicating with a lot of these government agencies what do they say about concerns with the you know I think at this point they're just saying that you know they're secretly. They are. Indeed finding they are doing the funds just because it's written in as of course and that's what they're saying is right. McDonald ended before we let you go pastor you had spent some time as as a pastor on the border and gray hair RA NN military Washington DC. I think so many of us have been covering this extensively here on ABC news five are still wondering. Why are so many coming in now have conditions gotten so worsen Central America we've done some work. Did to prompt this or is their parents there another reason that we are seeing these massive. Record numbers showing up. Gray lose stories where he gain our stories of extreme violence threats of gang members. And many people are fleeing those bat violence and also that government's ability. Then I mentioned before. But union even take like the case of throws that in North Carolina she she was fleeing domestic violence and she's Ahmanson can sanctuary and she was given spine of 350751. Dollars. She got that letter and unit she actually fled because she was stabbed she has scars up and down her I'm dominant. And end this Jews fleeing domestic violence and you know a lot of people don't quite understand their asylum law that you have to. Apply in that first year and so that's how she became undocumented but. I think what we're seeing that influx of asylum seekers and children is. As it out of humanitarian need and if we in the past this country has received hundreds of thousands of refugees in the past. Even in the Reagan administration with that Vietnamese refugees for example and so this is part of our history we are a country of immigrants are refugees. And we need to embrace that history not turn away from it and what we're seeing at the border it's excessive cruel punishment just like these finds and we need bettors detention standards at the border did people's needs safe sanitary condition. We know you there's always asking parents like you push for those original. Anderson thank you some idea and with the church world service appreciate you coming in Sophie Tatum great to see you as always. Off finally today in this special edition of the briefing room on the fourth of July even want to look ahead. I to show we have for you tomorrow very special show continuing this conversation about immigration citizenship. And the debate going on in this country between patriotism. And nationalism what those things mean as we reflect on our American Heritage. We have David Copperfield the illusionist who joins us also singer songwriter country music star Lee Greenwood who told us last night. His his story behind that hit song god bless the USA cable. Well like I certainly wrote god bless you as CIA to be timeless first of all. It it I think it resonates with a blue collar. I'm from the farm land in California and my grandparents. We're farmers so. From the very beginning of the song I was thinking and had these images in my mind that. Why my grandparents couldn't farm anymore because it wasn't profitable. So. Therefore if tomorrow things were gonna work from a life but you know everybody works for. What they want in life and they try to have a better quality of life and only here in America really is that possible because you can. You can have your own. Ideas and value my work things you want to do and it's a free society so as long as you don't infringe on others and their rights to do the same thing. I think this is probably the greatest country on earth. Much more from Lee Greenwood tomorrow on the show David Copperfield is well and much more. With our politics team has long Devin Dwyer and Washington we hope you have a good fourth of July thanks for joining us here and ABC news live today hope to see you back here tomorrow. And Friday as well have a great weekend.

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