Uber, Lyft drivers go on strike

Ride-share employees protest ahead of Uber's IPO this Friday.
2:31 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Uber, Lyft drivers go on strike
You are ordering a lift Doran who were today you might have a little bit of a delay that's because the ride sharing companies are striking today. To improve their wages and working conditions and this comes just two days ahead. Of boomers monster IPOs I wanna go to TJ Holmes who's in Brooklyn with more details TJ. All right Kimberly we could see some longer wait time you know a lot of people's set up look at those homes and trying to find themselves maneuver done to find themselves who lived. But it could be old a lot longer you'll be waiting for that ride if these drivers do what they say they're going to do which is today's strike strike by turning off their apps in major cities all over the country turning off their apps. It means you might have a very hard time finding. All right today they're doing this because they're trying to highlight what they think. Are unfair practices by Hoover and by Lipton these these app these apt these apps these rights hearing apps and and they say it is because. Hoover liberal tell you. When he to Tony about dolls now that the average that the drivers make the drivers tell you the reality is. Much different and in some cases closer to minimum wage because they have to pay their expenses they have to pay for Baghdad they have to pay for the Wear and tear on that far they have debate their own insurance. And that they have changed the pay structure over the years Hoover and lift having such a way. That the incentives. The the attraction to the app. Were the drivers in the fourth place just aren't there anymore so it's made it tougher and tougher for them. To make it to to survive even talk to a driver yesterday he says his face was cut in half. After some of the practices. Pay practices were changed by over. And it. He has the work in some cases 6080 hours a week just to get by. So they're trying to highlight that by turning off their apps it will make for frustrating they possibly a lot of commuters out there who have to get to and from work to get around town. Using these apps they a day of frustration for commuters both the highlight daily frustration formalize these drivers Hoover for its part told the tape. Look we we we know that drivers of a part of our business when improved relationship with them they're committed to that but this week is the IPO. One of the largest in tech history we are expecting. The idea over and over as on Friday investors are said to me. Billions of this the week the drivers at Joseph to make their points so we shall see. But my one allowable and what's not to believe you can get that new. Yes TJ thanks for the update will need a little bit more time for sure.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Ride-share employees protest ahead of Uber's IPO this Friday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62908563","title":"Uber, Lyft drivers go on strike ","url":"/US/video/uber-lyft-drivers-strike-62908563"}