USC Accused of Mishandling Rape Cases

Federal investigation underway after a group of students files a complaint with the Department of Ed.
1:49 | 07/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for USC Accused of Mishandling Rape Cases
-- Reid says she was raped by a fellow USC student she reported it to the school and claims it mishandled the investigation. The process made me feel raped a second time. She says it happened in December 20 -- she filed a complaint in November of 2011 she says -- evidence included a recording of the suspect admitting to the crime. But the investigation. Dragged on for over six months. Ending with a finding that I had not met the preponderance of the evidence threshold despite the confession. And a host of other evidence. Reid says she also reported it to the LE PD and says there's a separate investigation but so far no charges have been filed. -- must -- she also reported her -- to the school that had to attend classes with the suspect for an entire semester. USC was unwilling to make any -- from heat by moving around the classes at either my rapists. Or me so that I -- avoid -- to confront this man on a daily basis. Several students form scar the students coalition against rape and they filed a complaint with the office of civil rights at the Department of Education. -- there's now a federal investigation. Now that this investigation has been opens. We hope that the university will regard our cases and future cases with more care. The school issued statements saying the University of Southern California takes all reports of sexual violence extremely seriously. The opening of an investigation is an expected step in the process. And the office of civil rights states that opening the allegations for investigation. In no way implies that OCR. Has made a determination. With regard to their merits in addition GUSC the Department of Education is also looking at Occidental College. UC Berkeley and other universities across the country this investigation is expected to take several months. At USC -- -- -- ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19748554,"title":"USC Accused of Mishandling Rape Cases","duration":"1:49","description":"Federal investigation underway after a group of students files a complaint with the Department of Ed.","url":"/US/video/university-southern-california-accused-mishandling-rape-cases-19748554","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}