Unmarried pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school

Naiad Reich says the principal at her school "was not happy with the circumstances."
2:02 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for Unmarried pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school
No I can't Reich in her boyfriend of nearly four years knack for bosque he are expecting their first child next summer. Picture in lakeside and that's. One of the most rewarding things you can. Possibly go through. But recently that excitement has been overshadowed. For the past two years nine and was a high school teacher at our lady of lords of regional school which is a Catholic school near smoking in. Last week she told the principal she was pregnant. It was very apparent that she was. She was not happy with the circumstances because it was of course a problem less Catholic more out the principles concern. Not hand and Matt are not married the diocese of Harrisburg had questioned its if there's no eventual plan in the near future to get married it was either that or. Try to block out nine ad didn't want to be fired and understands the Catholic morality code. The couple also wants to get married on their own terms soon I have lost her job last Friday. A spokesperson for the diocese said quotes the diocese of Harrisburg is un able to comment on personnel matters. However is outlined in our policies every professional employee agrees to follow the teachings doctoring and laws of the Catholic Church as part of the hiring process despite everything nine -- and Matt have no ill will towards our lady of lords regional school or the diocese of Harrisburg this is their beliefs and this is what they. They're more out code and what they live by and I understand that though I don't. Agree with that I understand most parents news watch sixteen spoke with agree with nine yen. I get their reasoning behind him why they have to but I. I don't agree with cool like I don't. I don't think it was very nice today don't. This teacher was not even Catholic. You know and I don't care if she would at the end it still is trying for her to lose her job. Niagara excess above all else she misses her students' she tells news watch sixteen she doesn't know if she will fight the diocese decision. Nikki cries news watch sixteen northumberland county.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Naiad Reich says the principal at her school \"was not happy with the circumstances.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59622773","title":"Unmarried pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school","url":"/US/video/unmarried-pregnant-teacher-fired-catholic-school-59622773"}