US adds 916,000 jobs in March

The economy had its largest jobs gain since August and the unemployment rate fell to 6%.
2:46 | 04/02/21

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Transcript for US adds 916,000 jobs in March
The new jobs report says the US at a 9161000. Jobs in the month of march at the largest gain since August and well above what analysts were expecting. Unemployment rate also fell to 6%. ABC news business correspondent Jim Bolton joins me now with more on this due to what stands out to you from this report. Diane there's a lot of a lot of optimism Lindsay you mentioned greatest number job ice are so sad and certainly he reached even the number child being. 900001. Super optimistic that is higher certainly in the media. And or should shoot other points. Hiring with Barack so there for each category we're really all lie and -- leisure and hospitality and you are bars and restaurants. In many Steve just eating certain restrictions and it couldn't please call me that's certainly bringing workers. AG he should consult hiring at schools are already manufacturing. And construct scenes he's -- married really saw out of China. Is sure to assume that seasonal. Winds especially songs each citizen is out. There it is simply spring but manufacturing. Beauty or so that's another reason I hope she is not only hiring better than Danish it was also were water across the east weren't different kinds of industries. Next. One other braves tried that she legally you're saying is that the labor force participation rate is EG hires and some crazy read our. But there are green sheets years that's has seen a lot of people recently Jim and I. Looking for work. They are not only coming back and looking for work and they're fining job and Obama Longley allowance organic all. All of those people in the work force but this is really. In trying to weigh regions CE economy spartans can write a love that and so what what do you think this state of the economy right now get to get a quick summaries. She held the background music and great way to put us on hats he's a lot of re starting and that's in Greece turned her life he unless you mormons in this we get a plane back dancers aren't. From the current and should textual we were three and a half percent pre pandemic. But what's the reason for optimism is where it's let's say a healthy start Q what is it very strong in our Deirdre lovely have a good news for us especially on a Friday thanks for the sooner or didn't. Go to lunch.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The economy had its largest jobs gain since August and the unemployment rate fell to 6%.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76835314","title":"US adds 916,000 jobs in March","url":"/US/video/us-adds-916000-jobs-march-76835314"}