US Braces For Hurricane Matthew as Deadly Storm Batters Bahamas

Hurricane Matthew tracked closer to the U.S. coast on Thursday, strengthening over the warm waters of the Atlantic as it continued to pound the Bahamas.
3:04 | 10/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Braces For Hurricane Matthew as Deadly Storm Batters Bahamas
Breaking news hurricane Matthew is slamming the Bahamas right now packing winds well over 100 miles per hour and this is just the beginning of the GC the satellite freight there you see the eye of the storm developing again overnight. On satellite slowly approaching the island's. And this is a live picture that we're getting right now from Nassau in the Bahamas that this early morning hour you can see that camera's shaking a little bit there. This is the early stages for those folks it's going to be a long. Early morning hours and it's going to be a long day ahead for them forecasters are warning of devastating impact satellite picture you saw the high winds whipping palm trees as well. New video in the meantime shows the storm's intensity as it came ashore in the rough seas heavy rain. And leaning palm trees in the fierce winds hundreds of tourists are riding out this storm had the luxury. Atlantis resort called guests have been evacuated to a bar room there where they are sleeping overnight. On the floor. Evacuations after first preparations are in full swing from Florida to the Carolinas but gas stations are running out of fuel. And grocery stores running low on food. Matthews powers creating a nightmare for air travelers more than 15100 flights. Haven't canceled already our coverage begins with ABC's Maggie really. This morning Florida is preparing for this. Marquis Mathieu possibly the worst storm to hit the sunshine state in decades and it's already ripped through the Caribbean. Slamming into Haiti. Everything in my house is wet or gloss everything towards its okay. Leveling towns in Cuba. As it makes its way through the Bahamas and Matthew heads of the US the already fatal storm is strengthening over open water with winds whipping at more than a 120 miles an hour. Florida Georgia and the Carolinas have already declared states of emergency. And residents are being forced to choose evacuate or stuck up. More than a million are being asked to leave their homes in Florida. Get out now you matter isn't in tribute its decision between life and death. South Carolina is expected to evacuate half a million people traffic there has been bumper to bumper as residents flee we want. You to evacuate we do not want you to stay those who do stay are scrambling for supplies food and bottled water and birdied then to. Three gas stations that have shut down because they're out of gasoline and wait about. 3040 minutes can violent. We wanted to get batteries but proud of battery the president warning residents to prepare for the worst if you get in evacuation order. Just remember that you can always rebuild. You can always repair property. You cannot. Restore life if it is lost Maggie really ABC news Washington. And we do have live pictures again from mats on the Bahamas we see that there are there high winds at this moment we're not seeing. A tremendous amount of rain but earlier in the same that live shot we were saying some sparks. From downed power lines of course damaged infrastructure is always a big concern with a storm like this absolutely in.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Hurricane Matthew tracked closer to the U.S. coast on Thursday, strengthening over the warm waters of the Atlantic as it continued to pound the Bahamas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42609707","title":"US Braces For Hurricane Matthew as Deadly Storm Batters Bahamas","url":"/US/video/us-braces-hurricane-matthew-deadly-storm-batters-bahamas-42609707"}