U.S. VS Canada in Men's Hockey Semi-Final Game

U.S. Men's Hockey Team Takes on Canada in rematch of 2010 gold medal game.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for U.S. VS Canada in Men's Hockey Semi-Final Game
In new York and this is an ABC news digital Olympic special. Day thirteen and -- -- and there -- as gold on the line USA vs Canada in the women's ice hockey final and the ladies free skate. A champion will be crowned. Let's get right to an insanity then and one person watching at all ABC's -- wrote -- -- the Olympic desk and brings us up to speed. Michelle crushing blow to Russia in men's hockey after a loss to Finland three to one. Bounce them from any chance of winning a -- a big disgrace -- the Russians. And undefeated USA. Slammed the Czech Republic five to two setting them up for a semi finals match with rival Canada on Friday. And then moving -- to figure skating you earlier let it sky the Russian rubber band as she's called wild the home crowd she had her hands but then. A jaw dropping hard fall on the ice and a huge gas from the arena and where I was watching as well. Then South Korea's unit can't known -- queen you and a let's just say she ruled the ice rink last night the defendant defending Olympic champion blazing her way to -- -- highest score of the night. And that fall from lit the sky opens up some possible medal chances for teen USA's -- gold in fourth place after a dazzling performance last night. -- -- -- Remember actually with that stunned face from the team competition the last night. That brown turned upside down as she placed sixth. The ladies free program is underway right now in Michelle a quick mention of women's bobsledding team USA's lauryn Williams and -- -- -- the front runners from most of the event. Slipped back into second place at the some costly driving mistakes but. That silver medal puts Williams in history books as the first US woman to ever -- in -- the summer and winter games. And then there's the big match -- today women's hockey it is the day of reckoning for years of practice sweat and hard work comes down. To this face off with rival Canada the US beating candidate to win the gold. Back in 1998 the Nagano games Canada has then won the next three to of those over the United States. Team USA's -- -- are out for revenge. It's going to be a fantastic. Fantastic that's -- we're all going to be watching here -- -- I'm sure you will back in New York City as well miss. -- back to you thanks Amy we will be watching here and now let's take a look at the medal count back on top the US leading the overall medal count with 23. Russia Netherlands close behind with 22 then Norway with 21 in Canada rounded out with eighteen. Looking at the gold tally Norway takes the lead with ten medals. Followed by Germany with eight gold in the US -- seven and Russia and the Netherlands round out the top five with six gold medals apiece. And now we are joined live on the phone from -- by Wall Street Journal Sharon -- Sharon thanks so much for joining ash again we've got -- delicious appetizers -- hockey fan today at the US women. Face off with -- rival Canadian. President Obama getting into the -- tweeting that he and Canadian prime minister. Stephen Harper of wagered at -- beer on each of the two US Canada games. Share in the US beat Canada of course to win the gold in 1988 but it's been -- bond 1998 but it's been a long long stretch since then. He got favorite today. Crash should be a good place for that -- -- -- most intense rivalry -- I would -- an -- -- -- Aren't you they they fare well in the Olympic against Canada but they have won the last board actions that they played. We -- -- Olympics they're coming in. He of course they -- and -- and a -- -- here so. But other Internet are coming in with -- some momentum -- looking -- edit. Allies that should be exciting -- Give us an idea or some names to watch for the US is to win gold today who needs to play well. And he could be seen any yet -- battered gold going to be important glamour when that you're really eat either -- he contributions from every line for organic apple you know archer are praying and -- -- I'm not gonna be -- they're gonna need -- bearing -- we can't -- -- Both -- -- strong throughout both teams are strong goal. Yes they're gonna need -- everybody. Well let's stick with Alec Canada's that they -- with Anheuser of course she's a veteran players 35 -- years old played her fourth consecutive ice hockey gold. Could this be her last rock. I think she certainly -- and that -- think she definitely quite like it species and distributing sheet that. -- -- -- -- -- -- For the other -- -- he heard Julie Julie you pretty American. Each -- that law. And of course tomorrow -- we've got the rematch hockey fans across North America have been dreaming of for the past four years US say plane to Canada -- the men's semifinal. Canada of course -- the US in overtime of the 2010 gold medal game. Who's favored tomorrow. Interest in adding -- -- to try to turn that network coming into the game can't -- LA. The state -- getting date it will likely considered perhaps -- rocket scheme that the US is really. I had an attractive place here are being both -- -- -- -- struggled on the war are straight. He noted that using you're cursed in North America back -- -- incredibly fat -- They'd actually scored more gold than anyone else here and I don't think -- I think -- going to be eating -- Canada but. I don't think it would be checked to say there is their -- here. Any mention of course the Canadian team has been struggling even with all that firepower they need that late goal to -- Lock via the quarterfinal what's wrong with their offense here. You haven't been clicking here they haven't. It seems speed could be you actors are encouraging as well as the US and -- eking. We exactly scenario is that -- that. Eighteen -- it hear it can be regained yeah but it definitely we made it different elegant experience that you act -- And then put that up against the high flying American squad there -- leading the tournament goal scoring who needs to come up big. For the men tomorrow. Yeah yeah the good gold gonna be really important and you can think it should be dealings have been doing -- he -- shaky early yesterday against. I can't expect to eat and eat at that again they're gonna -- taught well -- -- we although they have a shootout they're gonna need. -- -- -- -- very good we'll all be watching from here and I know you will as well -- her -- from the Wall Street Journal thanks so much. And enjoy the games. All eyes are on -- skating palace for today's final showdown in the women's figure skating competition as they battle it out in the free program. Joining us now from the competition site Christine Brennan she's USA today's sports columnist and ABC news contributor. Christine thank you and let's start at the top -- -- him in first place after her short program last night and looking to repeat. As Olympic champion with anything less being gold anything less than gold be -- here. It wouldn't make -- -- he has not ballot it was great in the arts program. Court -- not love letters from the start that they were hurt or your pick out but an effort by but it's pretty pretty bitter but the couple quick -- But sit and this year -- -- -- well below its -- I think so yet -- higher component -- can write and I think Sewell Olympic gold medal. -- and competition they're keeping it but for art and yeah -- definitely a separate Bill -- but why don't. -- talking well you know Christie we always watch these sleeper skaters come through and that's really true. Of last night to Russian surprise -- -- Sutton -- second to any reason to think she can hold on and make it to the podium. I think they've it would I would never bought the album -- I get there were -- a Russian. Five investigator that every speculator I did you know part of it happened in the ocean -- -- these. -- called back and I learned that the country and more pressure on home life. So it stipulated -- get a loan program that I would official in the battle. I don't think -- have our history -- detectives ordered last night and minority. The matter with the eye opener scored felt I are currently the top target in a -- -- and that that there are evolving the -- It Britain things happen. I think I can clean tactics on the podium but you might opt out of bird I think it's hard to imagine what in the gulf and -- -- -- complete. -- I've got everybody while. And speaking at third as we go into the third into the free program. Another surprise performance Italy's caroling -- Costner she looks strong yesterday does her size her strength benefit her. Going into this longer -- You know -- -- do quite that men and women figured it won't think a lot of stamp out there -- -- It has become a little bit of helping -- were -- little girls and young women. -- -- about -- the top 27 year old been around forever they're both elegant beautiful that the late skating at the the. Many of the earth in the -- -- the art and creativity the platinum Dorothy Hamill helped with that and -- Elliott there is our first. Yes I want you -- it featuring Bart. The question I heard it all -- other -- -- Other proceeding not have a couple -- -- serious about its common she cannot keep it together. And the -- of its own but -- Olympics is stop with the tribal belt that the -- question -- -- tonight. And shall have to contend with the Americans of course -- gold is right up there does she need one of the leaders to take a tumble if she's going to medal for the America. I agree to it yet I -- find her they're faced with blink one element that one job. Great he showed me lot -- emerged from last night at the job they're basically took off but it irked by the way. Anabolic fight you all about -- -- he called on at a plant -- -- bridge or quit and. And -- every outnumber. Every part of -- the table and -- their job. Oh and for him -- back that's our program itself you'll -- it's it's. -- -- Will be the ring and this at night and I -- predict what government I think that because it is just outside -- in -- So competition like man I get the critical all the other and somehow work some of the night. And that's really what it's about of these moments it's about pulling that out you know everyone has a stumble ever has a fall as we mentioned. The other Russian skater -- -- sky last night can you explain her -- on the short program. He's got bug won't pay and that of her last job is you can't cut stepped out of that -- not profitable. You know that let them working with bank that you -- even -- thing coming I you know we're that would let you know it or are. So I'm not sure it would act or just a moment catching up what -- -- as. Again -- -- at all margin and ten cents but in -- what they're oppressed in. But we -- -- and that it frankly it just became too much. -- -- senior all of. And it looked great out there and the team that was repertoire. Now that the boat that in the spotlight -- yet and I think it affects our. And of course you will start the evening in fifth place and Christine Japan's about Saddam won the silver medal back in 2010. But starts today in sixteenth effectively. Out of contention. What happened to her yesterday it's tough to watch. Today but without ever really thought so our programmes are part of our. Population -- -- basically the only woman on the Tonya Harding did that your economic -- yeah. At the start of progress and that basically give everything from now on and after -- company went public in May it -- huge jump in coming back the past. As director corporate go out and do that well -- but it didn't do that this it's a moment later in the program. -- and -- and played. Get desperate after -- an ambulance over that period without the effects of getting your they're actually. And they are getting out and then -- at about two hours terms purely unfortunately. Christine Brennan thank you we know -- that you will be watching all the action as it happens and we'll watch from this vantage thank you. We are joined now from our New York studio by former Olympic champion figure skating great Dick Button who knows all about the pressures that -- -- seen on the ice. -- thanks for joining us. The free -- has begun but the front runners are still waiting in the wings what's going through their minds right now and if they're nervous who's there to help them manage this. You know you know -- I don't know what's going through their minds and I have zero interest. In trying to figure out what is in their minds and I have -- that's the question that everybody asks all the time and how the heck do -- not. By the way I have my sassy to answer on this morning so. Let's get is employed by the way I -- Christine Brennan made a wonderful. Answer to all of your questions and I think she's -- you. Of full a description of what's going on. Very good so what kind of skater what kind of skaters in particular this year the best suited for the longer program -- you've been seen -- Look there -- two things that you're not -- has the great reputation. Number one number two she has two great things going for she has wonderful jobs. And -- she has the ability not to -- In my book that I wrote pushed -- button there's a whole chapter on what it takes not to wilt. And how often it can affect so many people it affected. That that sky out all of a sudden. It affected there on the other hand suddenly cold but just burst forward with great. Charm and -- land and and it's the kind of expression and energy and and fun that you want to see in this sport I'm so tired of seeing. Little both. Unit Kim and posada. Have that really almost look of pained expression on their face. You know it's what I call reaching for the lights kind of program -- you know it's like this it's a pained expression. Where's the joy -- this sport again I didn't what do we did was still we watched all after a fall after all among the man. Is this a jump that's now I mean is this a bull fest is that it is it a brawl looking bunk. Bucking. Bucking bronco but you can probably. The movement come on give me a break. The problem -- this board is that the rules they don't help. The skaters and that's why in the men we saw nothing but a succession. Of fault well frankly I don't want to come to the Olympics and watch a whole series of polls. I hope the ladies -- a lot better so the pressure of course is enormous as we can all imagine you've been in that position you say that the key is not to wilt. But what does it take when you're in that moment. It takes a lot of things number one. Don't over prepare don't over practice don't over I did in my second Olympics and I over. -- -- I over worked for it and I just got too tight. You know sometimes when you see a great disaster. Like death. -- the fifteenth -- sixteenth place that malice -- -- is in right now or when somebody's state breaks and they after Russian the last few seconds to get fixed it back up again. Or maybe somebody I yelled something from the audience and the audience laughs it releases the tension. And if I would suspect that malice -- -- today who had not planned to do to try to do a second. Triple Axel remember the first one was done by Tonya Harding and she did one yesterday and fell on it. And she was not planning to do one today and I wouldn't be at all surprised -- because the pressure is off she might just try it again. You might also -- -- Had been there done that seeing all these walls sorry. Well that we've we've talked about the skaters and what's going on there and but you know viewers at home more often puzzled by the judges' scores and then how tough they are after all gates can you explain just a little -- about their -- they're puzzled by the judges score a wait a minute I'm sorry you said that and to my -- -- that let you say it again and in my good air -- puzzle always delighted that judge added that it could. Give me a break again we figure that out. No it's -- secretive sport. This is a top DOJ and -- the president of the. International Skating Union which can -- which controls two federations speed skating and figure skating. And he is -- speed skater. And he as the guy who designed. Or pushed through the new judging system ten years ago. After this scandal of Salt Lake. Because all he wanted to do was not allow anybody to know what the -- was going on and you don't know you will never know. Under the current situation. Exactly what any judge. Gave to any skater. So we don't know what's going liquidators had dinner awaited the results aren't -- actual results are in a safe safety deposit box. In -- on Switzerland and there's only about two or three people living dead and. -- sounds like we just need to enjoy the moment I'm gonna throw a few names out here. Sonja Henning scattering of bad of course South Korea's -- -- leads after the short program would be just the third woman ever to repeat as Olympic champion. The she really measure up to those great skaters. You know. You can't. -- and Sonya Henning and generated a bit and just did and the united -- I don't get a break waste do you like souffle or do you like apple. Apple. Apples oranges he has come on come on. Is -- -- -- a -- was a personality. Sonya Henning was a personality. She knew how to address you -- added yet another chapter I write about in my book is entrances and exits. Katerina bit. Knows how to enter those skating scene when she -- on their somebody else you know what that somebody else does they blow their dollars. Hello you got -- a 20000 people in the audience and how many million going on and all of a sudden you turn around and you find that she blows -- -- Then she high fives -- judge her coach and she listens to what the coaches liked what effect and the -- while the big -- -- at this point. Katerina -- on the other hand goes out with the very sexy. Look on her face. -- She looks like about a billion dollars and there's no sequester -- site. And she's in decades and -- They asked of course you can skate and and Sonja -- was also the same thing their personalities. I don't find that frankly that you know -- -- she doesn't excite me. And I know she's wonderful and I know she's the queen of Korea but she doesn't excite me. And neither does malice saga but I'll tell you that the little litany of sky at -- golden. The two other American girls Ashley Wagner and and -- Edmonton's -- -- they have a fresh excitement and so did it matter in a Costner and Carolina -- And I enjoy seeing them because they had -- -- remember can one day -- group just remember one thing skating is theater. And it requires a variety of expressions. Stops and starts lows and highs. And changes in -- and meaning do it. And without that you've got a series of jumps black's fall on your face body and -- -- time. What you know tonight's gate you know Americans may not win the gold today which means it would be the three straight games since Sarah Hughes that shocked the world in Salt Lake City. As they're rebuilding their team what do you think is going on what -- American program. The -- judging system that's the start of that school they had addicted. Colonial who who you really like. Remember out of this event. You remember the the excitement and charm of the lit the sky. And you remember the good looks -- actually Wagner and and the potential and by the way of spellings of somebody that they -- potential is probably the worst thing. That you can never stated that it's the most. Difficult and treacherous you've got a lot of potential my dear boy if that doesn't put a pressure on them I don't know what does. Well are getting ready. For skating for their big moments tonight and since we don't know what's going on -- skaters had to the judges had them a feeling we might know what's going on your head do you have any predictions about tonight who's going to be on that metal stand. I don't like to make good predictions and I won't but I will tell you that I'm going to watch very carefully. Exactly how the skaters look when they come on the ice are they which it. Via -- a nervous and and flustered are they just loose and ready to go. That's what I'm going to be looking for and then I'm going to be looking for who will wilt and who will not will. And then I want to find out one more thing who's got excitement in theater. Entertainment and and I challenge you also on some of the ladies at one point or another count how many times they. Do their arms over the head just -- them at their very fast both -- A drive that's part of the rules situation I'm tired of seeing people waved their hands over their head. You want to throw the rules out and just let them escape know -- well but -- that would be the start of -- and I told you I had my assessing -- you do that they're -- Amazon. Good thing -- I says he's -- unsettling rematch -- button that would be Atlanta interstate thanks so much thank you. For all the latest from -- stay right here on abcnews.com. For up to the minute results check out our live blog for now though I'm Michelle Franzen in the -- This has been an ABC news.

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