US Cites Al Qaeda in Global Terror Alert

State Department's alert stems from the same threat that led to closure of some US embassies.
1:31 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for US Cites Al Qaeda in Global Terror Alert
US officials are raising red flags about a specific threat credible serious and clearly aimed at American interest in the Muslim world. Today the State Department issued a global travel alert due to an al-Qaeda terrorist threat. And beginning Sunday every embassy and consulate in Muslim countries that normally would be open will be closed from Egypt to Iraq Kuwait Bahrain and Afghanistan. The department -- conditions warrant take steps like this to balance our continued operations. With security and safety. A senior US official told ABC news there is a specific threat. A concerted effort against the US embassy or consulate we just don't know what the specific targeting its. Another US official added there could be other targets not just embassies. This is the first mass closing of diplomatic facilities due to an intelligence -- -- 2002 the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Normally the decision to shut down operations at embassies -- made by an ambassador. At this time Washington is ordering the closures security considerations have let us. To take this precautionary step. Looming large on many minds is last year's surprise attack on the US consulate in Benghazi Libya. Insurgents with ties to al-Qaeda -- killed the US ambassador in three other Americans. For now the embassy closures are just scheduled for Sunday but they could be extend -- US intelligence officials learn more specifics. Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"id":19852043,"title":"US Cites Al Qaeda in Global Terror Alert","duration":"1:31","description":"State Department's alert stems from the same threat that led to closure of some US embassies.","url":"/US/video/us-cites-al-qaeda-global-terror-alert-19852043","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}