US employers added 327,000 jobs in February

President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that "at this pace it will take until April 2023 to get us back to where we were in February 2020."
4:49 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for US employers added 327,000 jobs in February
Stocks on the rebound this morning after US employers added 379000. Jobs in February much more than analysts expected. But that's not cutting it from president Biden's chief of staff Ron Klain claim rights on Twitter. At this pace it would take until April 20/20 three to get back to where we were in February 20 funny. Autumn rain a deputy director of national economic council for more on this Iraq from a Murti thank you so much. Her being here her and why does comment. From Klain is the administration worried that a good jobs report can lead people to think maybe we don't need a nearly two trillion dollar relief package. I'm a little I think. You're always easy it is not sure where people came back to work. As this one. In senate next week. We have to remember how big a hole we're in right now. Even with today's jobs number we aren't I don't have to win short of what are we were. He pandemic and to defend contacts that were succeeding Peter shortage Stanton and any quantity to greet session yeah assassinated that's tonight we are still in a massive hole. And even this three the last months shop or muscle pain ER two plus years back. What we need to be as well what and rescue plan doesn't mean congress is and it seems that process every Brandon reasons so almost he had. Analyst firm we guessed that. Up next year. And it's an excellent way to number tour be endemic and that is we went a lot of you know heart disorder Americans and we are suffering I dare I wanted to be one of the recordings you that is good in this jobs report and you see it there's still. Significant pockets. On Super Bowl their unemployment rate for black individuals. This past month. BC yeah women continue to easily or worse and I dare you hire an alarming degree. And asks her to do the case her black and Hispanic women. And so there's some significant problems in the economy still and we you know people are robots here. And it dissolves. And we have seen throughout this pandemic the rising tide is not necessarily lifting all boats here so how soon it. If this relief plan passes how soon. They can household individual people at home where struggling expect to CNN packs directly to them and and how soon before we see an overall impact on the economy. Sure is good news is that if this bill passes it to happen in the days and weeks and within a couple weeks is that you will start CEOs. Six. You payments stimulus checks and call him. And we should start receiving them. And a couple weeks is a passage of the bill this past provide a lot of support families in need. Right away so the other Ellis is bill makes it slightly longer again. I can't answer helping people for example there's an extension and it. Which can provide 3600 dollars per Indonesia's. Six and 3000 dollars for a you don't British 2618. Be a powerful enemies. It would even younger children. We just seeing that money going out. And a mop. And so. As a civil war based on at an independent now and duties we wouldn't send to see. A recovery about seven million of those nine point five million dollar for war I ended the year. And then guess that's the pandemic level some wintry idiot next year. A several programmes are set to expire soon including a moratorium on evictions. How does the administration plan to dress up. Well yeah we are working right now. And Steve close look at DX moratoriums. Clear that. There's still going to be needed. And in the marketplace. All in general. To hire. That's further reason why the American rescue plan includes. Tens of billions of dollars or rentals and congress to make sure that. You know especially lower income renters meaty behind a moderate and it. Get some money you know I understand their own it seems an extraordinary you know came out to do landlords. That as you noted there exists. I'm detainee and he economies are not just nearly seven million people I don't Iran insists according to recent data. One incensed and nieces experiencing underage. You see lions in two days. Across the country something that we haven't seen this country's rural time. That are there is eighty. Even as these hotline numbers are trying to improve it Massey lot of deep problems. A lot of families in this country and what the president is committed to use me ensure that we pass this man. In get a call to a series that it. Write her out similarities from the National Economic Council we appreciate your time today thank you.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that \"at this pace it will take until April 2023 to get us back to where we were in February 2020.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76280663","title":"US employers added 327,000 jobs in February","url":"/US/video/us-employers-added-327000-jobs-february-76280663"}