2 US Marshals, 1 NYPD Detective Shot Serving Warrant

Officers sustain non-life-threating injuries during shootout in New York City's West Village.
4:16 | 07/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2 US Marshals, 1 NYPD Detective Shot Serving Warrant
What went down -- New York with some breaking news at this hour three officers two US marshals one. New York police department detective. -- shot in New York's Greenwich Village while trying to serve a warrant. Here is New York City please mister William -- just a few minutes ago. The three members of the identified as having been wounded in this gunfire exchange. We're members of the US marshals fugitive task force. Led by the US marshal's office out of a national effort. That we have members assigned from the NYPD to that task force very -- two joint terrorism kind of task force. This is one that we -- with the US marshals. Situation very fluid and are there are skis on her latest developments on that -- -- bring him into this situation air what do we know about this shooting. While the fugitive was said to be a sex offender wanted in California Dan and he was somebody who was. Being sought we don't know the specific charges but had had been wanted and so to US marshals. One new York city police detective ended up. Going to serve that arrest warrant in the bill Greenwich Village area right around. Six avenue and west fourth street so -- very busy corner and then there was some kind of shoot out and and this involved the three officers. The suspect when the bullets stopped flying the three officers had been wounded -- and the one suspect was dead. What do we know that about the status of those three officers have -- any kind of update get another -- That they are all expected to it to make it -- nonlife threatening injuries police commissioner Bratton is on his way to Bellevue hospital with the officers were taken. Any time something like this happens it's generally -- FBI that would take charge of investigating because it's federal law enforcement officers. That were injured in addition to the NY PDC you can expect a thorough investigation. Although with the suspect being dead and a gun recovered their may not be a whole lot. To what to investigate certainly don't know want to know the circumstances of who this guy was and whether he had any other connections here in New York City. Even though it's believed he was wanted in California given the -- there. Is three officers that were now monitoring the situation there. Still though what do we know about the suspect themselves that given a -- the commissioner reference a joint fugitives task force. While this this is -- I'm pretty common and it and it does go to show that it was an interstate. Kind of an efforts so if he was living here in New York or at least was visiting here in some way it was in New York -- wanted -- another state. That's why the -- were involved but it was on New York City turf. That's why you have that the two different agencies on this joint fugitive task force this is just -- bit of cooperation at these agencies do to go out and get the bad guy that they need to get. When they did it here in the west village that's when they encountered bullets this sex offender again the specifics of his case we haven't been able to find out just yet. Even his identity -- on -- He then. And -- up firing at these officers who fired back suspect dead. And the officers instantly taken at a hospital in this kind of a joint effort between city police and federal officers -- obviously nothing -- who takes the lead generally and these kinds of operations. That will this is that the kind of task force and you heard commissioner Bratton reference at that they they do quite often. In matters of terrorism and any other kinds of cases. Where you bring all the different resources to bear that in order to get a better hand. -- -- -- -- On what you're looking at and the threat picture in some cases -- or in this particular case to go after fugitives who may be in one. Jurisdiction but -- wanted in another and so that's why you have the involvement of the -- It's -- which is why we are waiting to see the latest update on -- three officers were. -- in that shooting ABC's caricatures to find -- latest on this from New York Aaron thank you so much as always. And of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news apps starring the store -- exclusive updates on ago. For now. -- -- -- --

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{"id":24746703,"title":"2 US Marshals, 1 NYPD Detective Shot Serving Warrant","duration":"4:16","description":"Officers sustain non-life-threating injuries during shootout in New York City's West Village.","url":"/US/video/us-marshals-nypd-detective-shot-serving-warrant-24746703","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}