US seeing massive rise in COVID-19 cases as death toll steadily increases

The U.S. set the highest seven-day case average Sunday as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country with the death toll now at 225,000.
5:58 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for US seeing massive rise in COVID-19 cases as death toll steadily increases
And the US has passed a grim new milestone in the pandemic more than 225000. Americans have now lost their lives. As new cases surge across the country. El Paso, Texas is now using overflow tents to house patients as hospitals they're run out of beds and officials there have even put a curfew in place in hopes of slowing the spread. ABC's Marcus Moore has the latest. This morning the US crossing yet another dark milestone. More than 225000. Lives lost as cases are still on the rise and about 80% of states. Heeding the young like 25 year old Bethany Walters. Once in the top part. Bring him during. And the elderly. Now a study from the University of Washington estimates it 95% of the population wears a mask. He could save nearly 130000. Lives before February. Doctor Anthony felt she with a blunt assessment if people are not wearing masks then maybe we should be mandating it. Here in El Paso Kobe related hospitalizations. Are up 300%. In the last three weeks. Spiking from 259. To 786. The mayor urging people to stay home as much as possible for the next two weeks. Between the positives. Could cost realizations how many days it takes. To the icu. To prevent a later should. Two we hope not. Desk but the bottom line is we think by next Wednesday. We're gonna need another 200 plus. I'll store data from the Kobe tracking project chills that nationwide in cases where race is known. Black people are dying at nearly two and a half times the rate of white people. Making up 21% of fatalities. Despite accounting for just over twelve and a half percent of the population. This morning we're getting a closer look with tolls with passed away from the virus is the start of the pandemic. What list and 1% of America's population live at long term facilities like nursing homes. They make up 41%. Of cope in nineteen deaths. The hospitals here in the city have actually run out of beds it is the reason. Why they are urging residents in the city to stay home for two weeks as they try to stop the spread of this virus. And they are also putting together plans putting the plans in the works to open up a field hospital. Because they have run out of beds here in the city gives you a sense of how this has developed quickly. Clearly this virus is a maintaining its grip on communities across this country including right here in El Paso aware again they have implemented a curfew from 10 PM. Up to 5 o'clock in the morning are hoping to stop this virus as quickly as they can. Diane incredible Marcus morneau paso Texas thanks Marcus. And for more on that surge in cases doctor John Brownstein joins me now doctor good morning. During. The US is just set the highest seven day case average yesterday what can you might outnumber so important. And he's so where high seven the Irish we also have a single high. I.'s chief counsel for 80000 UG's is an increase of 32% over the last two weeks refused. Rise just one part of the country's constant power countries especially in the midwest and know how. Like you covers. Don't just about key she's seen all the pieces leaked to the host nation's elite. We're seeing increased propositions courage now for starters he's that mortality is rising and we just props to 125000. Jobs so keys are just one marker. On top of that you care for were heading to call the holiday is Halloween and seeing more and you think you agony. Finish it so happens under control outbreaks comedian too cold season's last minute people it's yet so I'm not. Some disaster not quite so concerned that the White House is saying they're just don't allow this virus keep moving wind resources to our situation now process subject and you and you heard from our. His pieced actor anti fat she is said that you know people are wearing masks maybe we should. How mandate that do you foresee new lock downs or mandates like a national mass mandate if case is keep rising. No more transparency. We can't wait markdowns on our guys are so economically. Didn't. So yes sandy something that we know where you're a worker out of this that shows that if you can increase cease leash you can reduce transmission. He shot and we know that if every monster ringmaster if you reduce the numbers of doubts over 100000 by itinerary featured an arm operated so. It's pretty simple stuff. We want is still doing things like Paris indoor activities like Barnes and dining minute informal gatherings as much as. Our whole attitude like these schools open as long as possible but yes I think if we as individuals cancer during a writer Damon he's mad he's assumes starter role in unfortunately. And it we now have another outbreak in the White House five staffers in vice president Mike Pence is circle have tested positive. But he's still out on the campaign trail and he's planning to preside over Amy coney Baird's confirmation vote in the senate tonight how risky is that. It's pretty risky I would say I mean this is the second to operate you know. The White House and each is pretty unbelievable that moved into place where few days now since your mr. Porter calls his allowance for Jesus who only finds our efforts now. That is injected in the coming close contacts and pants. And Hewitt six those. And it's easy to. Dupree pretty simple here me he was excellence he used to be quarantined for two weeks. Happy rally is not essential travel and fortunately and he's doing what you can to protect the people around him. And I slid in just like. And here didn't put into this position today is an outdoor ceremony where potential keys as you're for a second. I just feels like a good addition to all over them kind doctor John Brownstein we appreciate it thank you. Think you.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"The U.S. set the highest seven-day case average Sunday as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country with the death toll now at 225,000.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73834043","title":"US seeing massive rise in COVID-19 cases as death toll steadily increases","url":"/US/video/us-massive-rise-covid-19-cases-death-toll-73834043"}