USPS Letter Carriers Brave the Cold

Meet postal worker Shirley Hall who bundles up every winter to deliver mail in NYC.
6:50 | 01/05/16

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Transcript for USPS Letter Carriers Brave the Cold
This strategy aims at ABC news digital and New York has hit one of the first cold snaps of the winter most people are doing their best to stay inside as much as possible. Right now that there are some people who. That's not a luxury for them that part of their job is to be out here in the cold. And you may have heard the saying not snow not rain that the public stop its creed. That thing there and post office carrier letter carriers are one of those jobs that they are out there are no matter and we have a twenty earplugs that weren't. Let's hear it it accurately calls. And that he asked. And she is on her route right now on the upper west side Manhattan. And you're gonna follow her around of that and she's gonna tell us about how that cold weather affect her job. And surely you're our. Out here what it here first of all out pictures that you're not freezing you have the bundle up. Is that they it's the Himalayas. But still be able to mow. And I wanted to show you here I want to show your outfit here. I expect he asked and it smells good. And entered clubs when she upgraded to he's them high tech north they'd love what you're saying that's the most important element had. Keeping hands along that he didn't as the people's. Am. And in the art it's not like many parts of the country where you have hit rock that you can't sell in. Or between men between delivery if you're out here the whole time how long is your group. And have any tips. When it's warm. Difficult are warming up to me. Went the building and you know advocates and it won't but you don't want to be at war because that we come right. I just thought this fantasy. I think at that live. And that we are talking a little bit earlier and you were telling me about. Worst weather that you work and in the last twenty years here. Maybe that isn't really bad day. You know they the bad days. Of the amount and timing when people leave them is hand. And you we have to be very careful that involved you know we don't want to. We have families that go home. And just ever get so bad that the male can't eat. That only that's going to be viewed time that they have it happen maybe I want to when he. What and we made it up coming out on Sunday revealed that the routes on Sunday we that they live in an act. You're often dealing went a lot of element. Whether it's extreme heat or extreme now. Flag IDs that he still loved the liver than mountain adds we I to deliver my man I love my feet deep. And it is such an important job. Right now we are headed up to Broadway. More than the end of your room right yeah so how come you be out here. Unhappy and that. And leave him what how. Right. I mean I don't wanna be out in the weather for our intent and it's so I have a lot you know. That ultimately come but there is little thank you go in what we met your inside a building. So there's a little bit at time warming up. Yet. Ever from any other president thirties and businesses that you delivered student ever give you. Like hot drink sir yes we have because I meant everything I have talked it city. Hot coffee yes they do have though. We of those. You heard it right here from the heart is not if if there is really bad weather in yard. Area that letter carrier is all infantry unit a warm straight arrow or here's something to help lighten up. He pulled. And show your heart that you have here as well. Nana. Tell us more about your route like how much ground. How many letters and packages being delivering today. Well right now it's slow down because the season as the battle but on last week we live in. Maybe. Maybe I was element like 200 packages a day to my husband's home might just so my route and you got a pretty tense and the weather and around it was a beautiful Christmas is beautiful I was happy. Anybody got to enjoy and we stayed out hits in the minute edge in this. Plus one thing is we wrap up here went silent the hardest thing about this job that maybe people don't realize and besides Heller and obviously the elements. The snow and rain makes it difficult. But what what should people know nothing about this job that they don't eat he knew. I've heard in a couple minutes today when you put letters in their mailboxes. This job is not easy it is not easy as it is hot on the body is it's his job is not easy have been doing if that's when he something he has never is my kids they. But the Dow was not easy. But we love it. Thank you so much surely you aren't giving up a little bit of an insight into you. This job that keep the outside. And even though it's called today he said that it's still better than yesterday. It was a lot of wind yesterday today is not much if not up. Hopefully this winter's statement for you I know the last couple of years have been a little bit romp with lots of snow and cold temperature. They'll be well let you get high and senior living. Here and there hasn't lots surely need. And a big thank you to all. Deliver the mail no matter what the -- whether they think that I'm standing and that we will be checking in with age. Another job later today that requires as being outside in the cold cold weather Madonna locker also up here in Manhattan. So stick with We will be back with more cold weather coverage.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Meet postal worker Shirley Hall who bundles up every winter to deliver mail in NYC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36105123","title":"USPS Letter Carriers Brave the Cold","url":"/US/video/usps-letter-carriers-brave-cold-36105123"}