Vaccine Watch: The debate over doses

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff examines the debate over how and when to roll out more COVID-19 vaccine doses in the U.S.
4:40 | 01/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: The debate over doses
The pandemic soul has certainly been relentless in recent weeks in the pace of vaccinations has failed to keep up. The US is now struggling to get doses into the arms of Americans and lacks what to some questions about how 11 to administer those doses currently available. Our Bob Woodruff takes a closer look in this week's vaccine watch. This week operation warp speed announced that about 21 million vaccine doses have been delivered throughout the United States so far. But there's been one speed ball in the role actual injections into arms. It's tremendously frustrating in the last four or five days I've been trying to get a spot you can just can't get us. He should be working for more and more people and it should have been a lot quicker president elect Joseph Biden's transition team saying today that he plans on releasing a majority of vaccine doses to the public. Instead of holding back stock for the second dose as is the current plan. They're roll out has been a travesty. Disappeared greatest operational challenge. The greatest operational challenge we will ever faced as a nation. Injections in the US are lagging behind supply. And possibly a more infectious but not more deadly variant of the virus is causing alarm. So much so the UK has imposed another shut down. We're seeing really Diane and down a more more more more cases of the. In an attempt to get the upper hand on the pandemic Slade is surged UK is considering a highly controversial. Public experiment. Their plan. To inoculate as many people as possible with a single dose and delay giving the necessary second dose by up to twelve weeks. This new immunization strategy is using up all of these available doses that are out there are vaccinated more people with their you know what their first house. Good idea. Pfizer in the Dern as regulatory authorizations say that patients be injected within three or four weeks after the first dose based on clinical trials. Doctor Paul off it is a member of the FDA advisory committee. They recommended emergency authorizations for the two vaccines in the US. Dooley who disrupting the program saying look who we have enough blacks in the second -- come back which may be too much slicker three months four months church at which point you may not be protected it. More some front line workers like UK doctor late Alexander who have already received their first shot. Are wary about postponing their second dose. The company cedar I can spend it. The vaccination. Schedule that was tested in the trial. In this country to the lowly that's. Another option being discussed. Administering just half. Giving 81 half jokes on government dirt a vaccine for some people. Does that make any sense do you think that's acceptable. That makes even less than giving one dose new way I think it's a dangerous dangerous site in surely the Food and Drug Administration as well both the idea. Maternal the FDA and scientists at the National Institutes of Health are looking at the possibility of modifying the dosage. But any change would take months and require an updated FDA authorization. On Monday the FDA issued a warning against any experimenting with a dose thing. We want to remind the public about the importance of receiving cove a nineteen vaccines according to how they've been authorized. In order to safely received the level of protection observed in the trials. As of now of the approximately 21 million doses that have been delivered throughout the US. Nearly six million people. Have received their first injections but officials promised to drastically ramp up injections expecting to soon be able to vaccinated a million people. Per day. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the vaccine.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff examines the debate over how and when to roll out more COVID-19 vaccine doses in the U.S. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75143286","title":"Vaccine Watch: The debate over doses","url":"/US/video/vaccine-watch-debate-doses-75143286"}