Are there valid medical exemptions from wearing masks?

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer separates fact from fiction on whether there are legitimate medical reasons to not wear a mask in public during the pandemic.
5:49 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for Are there valid medical exemptions from wearing masks?
As Kobe cases surge across the US more than thirty states now require people to Wear face masks in public several states even mandate masks while exercising outdoors but. So Americans are still adamantly refusing to comply invoking the legal and medical exemptions that they say. Allow them to live mask free so who is exempt. And why ABC's Devin Dwyer now with the fact vs fiction. I think it's a political hoax. And I am against the maps. The blue back against face mask setting off some explosive confrontations. American. You're gonna go to. Mass customers calling out the unmask. This Wal-Mart and you can set off for brawl. In Dallas the NASCAR. Requirements anyone gross choppered in true rage. As more states mandate masks in public some Americans are loudly claim need legal and medical exemptions. Official looking carts like this one circulating on social media seemed mental and physical risks. Make it unsafe for the holder to Wear a mask. Under the Americans with disabilities act it reads I'm not required to disclose my condition the Justice Department calls the cards a fraud. Unfortunate to see people putting earn our. I was designated for. The ATA which was signed thirty years ago this week requires businesses to reasonably comedy people with disabilities and medical conditions. But not at the expense of public health. The trump administration saying the law does not provide a blanket exemption to people with disabilities. From complying with legitimate safety requirements necessary for safe operations. Really woke up that discussion with Asian. What's best for them the time doctor Albert Rizzo with the American Lung Association says people with concerns about masks should talk with their doctors. According to the CDC children under age to any one unconscious or incapacitated. And people who have trouble breathing should not Wear face masks. An individual has advanced lung disease. For example there already on supplemental new home. If there also considered somebody who Rick Haines about. Probably the highest risk group and mass harm them angry. Medical experts say most of those people probably shouldn't be out in public anyways. And they see individuals with chronic conditions like asthma or CO PD. Are not at heightened risk from wearing a mask Lester an act of respiratory distress. Any. They are here putting armed. Problem is important and you know I can use so many years saw in touchy controls most America. It's nearly 90%. In a recent ABC news poll say they regularly Wear face covering when leaving home only one in ten still choose to go mask free. Call me selfish now. 01 who's trying to see me I'll medical procedure so they can feel more safe opponents have face masks insist the coverings do more harm. Then good I think amassed what we're what we're doing everything in this gets you over and over again you know that's what we exhale didn't that's about self. Agree that any caused some damage. Those claims are not always backed up by science these materials are designed to. Strip mall article. Not restrict. And I are much smaller molecules than the our articles. Again be asked him in or did you two duke masks reduce oxygen in studies have shown slight drop box chin and her words we use these were our. Yes there are some headaches but often dropped an animal. Doctor Anthony found she echoing the point in a recent FaceBook live interview hasn't it not been any indication. That putting a mass gone and wearing a mask for a considerable period of time. As any deleterious effects on oxygen exchange or anything like that. Not a role while they may be safe most agree face masks are not always comfortable. Several states allow exemptions during vigorous exercise. And scientists say the volume of their outdoors likely to boots any virus particles exhaled. But the biggest challenge may be for people would your developmental disorders like autism. There are a lot of sensory issues that autistic people can deal with. And com. My kids there are no exception to that rob course he can't in Ohio was a father of three autistic son's. He says overcoming anxiety from a face covering two creativity. In determining the shirt he tried it first and then it was it was to Cox rules to it she. And so. What we would do we just practiced like I would we go for drive just to get of the house and how would have them Wear the mask the American Lung Association and other top long health groups. Are encouraging people who won an exemption from mask mandates. Two we their concerns against societal needs to mitigate the spread of the virus. For rob Elliot and it GAAP and gore ski the societal needs are Paramount. Even if they say those massing downright unbearable sometimes we it's responsible to do. I know. My kids it wasn't easy but I'm town like it's my kids can do it. All of these people out here who were who were complaining about being uncomfortable. Hit the leader of the arm a leg to stand on for ABC news live on Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer separates fact from fiction on whether there are legitimate medical reasons to not wear a mask in public during the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72042933","title":"Are there valid medical exemptions from wearing masks?","url":"/US/video/valid-medical-exemptions-wearing-masks-72042933"}