Verdict in Michal Dunn 'Loud Music' Trial

Jury convicts Michael Dunn on 4 out of 5 counts; mistrial declared on murder charge.
3:00 | 02/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Verdict in Michal Dunn 'Loud Music' Trial
I understand we now have a verdict. Apparently -- to all counts all right we have verdicts in counts 234. And five. I have the verdict -- and count warn there are no markings on it that I will provide the clerk for the record. And based on the jury's inability to reach a verdict as to count one that would declare that this tried and we'll talk about. How we will proceed with regard to that. In a moment. The other -- reforms are in order given to the clerk for publishing. In the report at the -- judicial circuit and or default format. In case number 162012. -- at. Zero -- 15 seconds you. Eight XXX and hate it agency RT the stadium where actresses -- 88. Predicted to county and we did you -- admitted -- guilty of attempted second degree murder. Unless it -- parents we are committed to discharge a firearm during the commission the conference. -- -- -- -- -- We the jury find the defendant guilty of attempted second degree murder. -- We aren't that -- discharged aren't doing commission beyond just. Verdict as to count four we degenerate -- and -- guilty of attempted second degree murder. And I think we -- we -- that independent discharged firearm during the commission of the offense. For existing -- I don't weeping cherry I don't have any penalty if she -- deadly missiles as charged in the indictment. Says nearly all Danny Jackson will -- -- important. Generic number seven workers and -- February 15 two. Fourteen. -- -- -- -- Your number one -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you weren't the issue and her verdict. Juror number three -- huge property rights. Journal reporter RV check property -- -- -- -- -- the Asian children critics -- -- and the -- children turning. Jennifer song I did you children's rights. Just -- -- -- your children parents -- and Egypt grabbed her. Jennifer -- can -- changed her grandparents. Jim Bruton and Asian children -- Jennifer trop in the future current projects and. Mr. done here having been convicted of counts to three in four by a jury. You are remanded to the -- this year -- you already have been pending sentencing in the case.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jury convicts Michael Dunn on 4 out of 5 counts; mistrial declared on murder charge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22536115","title":"Verdict in Michal Dunn 'Loud Music' Trial","url":"/US/video/verdict-michal-dunn-loud-music-trial-22536115"}