News headlines today: April 8, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.
3:29 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: April 8, 2019
Security secretary Karsten Nielsen is out president trump announcing the news on Twitter. Two days after Nielsen joined him on a visit to the border a source tells ABC news Nielsen met with the president Sunday to discuss a household word and ended up turning in her resignation during her tenure Nielsen was highly criticized. For tearing out administration zero tolerance policy which separated thousands of migrant children from their families. Customs and Border Patrol had Kevin Mack a lean and is taking over as acting secretary of Homeland Security. Ugandan authorities say American Kimberly sue and that cannot. And the Ugandan guys come home Randy were rescued in neighboring Congo. Five days after being abducted from Uganda's big national park we've seen images of Kimberly sue and of John Poole. Back at the lode where they have originally began that Ginny last Tuesday both looking tired but both safe and well and sleeping in a clean bed for the first time in five nights. The White House is pushing back against the request for president talks tax returns calling it being political stunt. The house Ways and Means Committee has given the IRS until Wednesday to turn over six years of the president's personal and business taxes. Basing their demands on a rarely used law but acting White House chief of staff pick Khamenei says Democrats will never see those returns. And will never feel. Nor should they keep in mind that that's an issue that was already litigated during the election. Voters knew the president could have given us tax returns they knew that he didn't and they elected him anyway which of course is what drives Democrats crazy. Attorneys for the president are citing privacy concerns they argued that releasing his tax returns were quote set a dangerous precedent. Even though other presidents have released payers. The post season is common in Brooklyn nets have clinched their first playoff Brian. Since 2015 M Miami lost to Toronto early in the day helped the nets and only NBA's sixth longest active. Playoff exit routes. Brooklyn then went on to beat the Indiana Pacers one awaits in 96. Me rounds didn't V and let headlines allotment this week because they all start with a severe storms forecast which is on today from places like Atlanta and North Carolina and you want to pay attention because just like this it may see again that we start with what happened over the weekend 170. Show reports the video here is from Pasadena Texas. Which just southeast of Houston buildings collapsed or at least partially collapsed roofs peeled off and then quit that have hale had damaging winds. And flash flood possibilities as sixteen inches of rain fell. In southern Arkansas. Obviously taking over roads shutting down parts of roads and now this all moving cases along and cold front that low that's kind of trailing behind. There's too little areas. Not little their large areas that included landfill in Columbia, South Carolina Richmond Virginia. All have that possibility is actually damaging winds but this planet becomes almost went Linear. And then you go to a new storm that moved on Alaska's bridge or in this highway 58 notion that plant but still unstable this morning. And as they were forty is not a big map back up and it's all from this low pressure system. That's gonna get this out pretty aggravated petted and gets to the Rockies. And rates now yes that is now that you're seeing we have not changed the colors because they don't sprain apparently. That this loan doesn't care because Minneapolis is now. You're looking for what's gotten tickets even in Michigan and I'll believe act the clean their Denver and it is now Pena and him himself. Apple been.

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