Video raises questions about plane crash response

Battalion chief can be heard after person hit by fire truck: "I mean, s--- happens, you know?"
3:57 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for Video raises questions about plane crash response
The anonymous source provided airport surveillance previews of AG on a flight to fourteen cart Wheeling down the runway. 814 heavy emergency vehicles are products are tracked and controlled radio traffic. Closed airport if Beauchamp. The fact that video shot by a crane operator high above the CI so I'm coming in low. And is you know he didn't quite make the runway. And more than two hours from a camera attached to San Francisco fire battalion chief mark Johnson's helmet. It captures the moment Johnson realized fire crews made a terrible mistake. Two of the massive aircraft rescue and firefighting trucks rolled over sixteen year old passenger gay men Juan. Go from here on over. Story. If it's good that you can see that there's Lugo amenable to happen you know. The San Mateo County quarter later concluded she was a life before the trucks ran her over. And the video show what timeline of mistakes confirmed by NTSB documents. 11:28 AM the aircraft comes to a stop the chutes deployed passengers scramble to safety. 1136. Firefighters the amen one in a fetal position they assume she's dead without ever touching your or taking vital sides. They don't mover to safety your put up warning markers they direct rescue tenor rounder. The driver begins following the Plame and apparently forgets yea is there. At 1150 he drives the truck over her 1201 restaurant 37 sprays the plane departs. Also war when over you name one crush on her head. It takes battalion chief Mark Johnson nearly two hours to tell the command staff would happen. Nobody. One of the happened here when he clearly one of the active. How about. Next stop fire chief JoAnne Hayes white. He ordered a woman or been run over by whenever there. He wanted to read now now now this happened early. He's white says she wants to see the bond. We like cracker like the one proper. Tom Hayes white orders of the rigs to remain in place so the investigation can begin a lot of it. Playing it was on fire yet that news conference has that same day are there is made diet efforts were actually on that the plane and the next station's doesn't mention the terrible accident it was a well coordinated effort training totally pays off in fact. He's like takes it a step first our everyday work just as. That's possibly dated yesterday everything worked as best as it possibly could have. Was that accurate from what you knew. From what I knew yes it was I question chief he's white or fire commission meeting last week. And she defended not telling the public the whole story so a fire truck running over passenger is the best you could do that was not confirmed at that time. It was wrong man told you do is you was run over it was reported. And it's all part of an investigation at that time. Only after those news conferences and repeated questions from reporters that the chief confirmed the unthinkable an airplane passenger run over by a fire truck. Stamp for political science professor Bruce Cain has taught classes on ethics that's his opinion that Hayes white actions weren't you responsible she was trying to cover up. Oh what was going on trying to. Make a situations seem rosier than there really was and king tells me that could undermine people's faith in government what she should done at the very least to say. There was an incident we're investigating why it happened. And what our responsibility. For the this person's death was I've talked to both current and former public officials. And ethics professors. Who say this is a clear cut case that you should've been up front with the public. And it's easy for them to stand there say that. When. Again everything was under investigation.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Battalion chief can be heard after person hit by fire truck: \"I mean, s--- happens, you know?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56401071","title":"Video raises questions about plane crash response","url":"/US/video/video-raises-questions-plane-crash-response-56401071"}