Vigil Held for Virginia University Hazing Victim

Virginia authorities say Marvell Edmondson, 19, drowned during a hazing ritual.
1:37 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Vigil Held for Virginia University Hazing Victim
There was no shortage of hugs and tears as hundreds gathered to remember -- bill Edmondson. -- -- -- Edmonton's body was recovered from the diplomatic river Monday. Authorities say the Virginia State student was the victim -- hazing. His mother said she hopes her son's death serves as an example so this doesn't happen to another college student again. There's been a very very long road sense. We went through three days -- not known if my child was -- there forever. And when we people does funny how we got a sense of relief -- in as a baby became a college campus off all need to be very very careful. We'll never know exactly all the details and -- class. Edmondson won him five when he played football and his high school sweetheart wants to retire that number I just wanna say long live we'll always be allowed. In all of our hearts. And where you may -- -- their magical -- -- eight loving you. Marvell is named after his father a dad who mustered the strength to talk of his son -- -- My little boy came to his world. There was this does only came as -- world. Wolf I was little my life right here I think I did a great job. Because when I talk to people. First -- they say expect more assertive. I love it. I'm going to miss it.

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{"id":19040566,"title":"Vigil Held for Virginia University Hazing Victim","duration":"1:37","description":"Virginia authorities say Marvell Edmondson, 19, drowned during a hazing ritual.","url":"/US/video/vigil-held-virginia-university-hazing-victim-19040566","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}