Virginia Beach shooting tragedy

Virginia Beach municipal workers returned to their offices for the first time since Friday's massacre.
2:37 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Virginia Beach shooting tragedy
I'm way Johnson in Virginia Beach reporting for ABC news lives are on the scene of that horrific mass shooting that took place on Friday twelve people losing their lives. And that building behind that is building number two which is part of this sprawling municipal complex today though. People are coming back to work for the first time since that massacre. That building remains close it's still a crime scene but others. Our opening you can see employee is coming back in we spoke with a woman a short time ago named Laura point resorts in the tax office that building right across the parking lot. For 35 years she told me how difficult that is to come back to work. C building number two. Were so many people lost their lives here's what she told me moments ago. It's very heartbreaking it's very sad it's. It's very emotional. This is a place and I've caught over 33 years and it's sad to know that so many of our friends are gone and will never come back. Did you ever expect that it would have been one of your own. Hall lead to carry out something like this night never ever in my worst dreams when I thought it would have been one of our co workers one of our family. When you shoot up here you saw the police presence still a crime scene you walk past the building knowing what happened there. How do you reflect on that. It's hard just look at that don't have been in the building many many many times to see friends that work in that building and to conduct business and that owning. And it's very hard to know. What a horrific thing that happened here just a few days again. How do you anticipate reading your colleagues here after what happened. I think what's wrong with highs with kindness. To us with being nice to want to. That's what this world needs we don't need hatred we need love and compassion from. We're all here together world insane. How important is it for the city in the workers here to get back to work to. I think we have to I think we have to move forward and we have to grieve together. And we just have to be here for a friend the friend from the family of those. Laura also told me that all of the employees we'll have counseling available to them. As they get back to work today. We should also mention that four people were injured in the attack taken to nearby hospitals three remain in critical condition a fourth. Is now in serious condition which is actually an improvement after that person was moved out of icu. I'm whit Johnson in Virginia Beach you're watching ABC news lot.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Virginia Beach municipal workers returned to their offices for the first time since Friday's massacre. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63485460","title":"Virginia Beach shooting tragedy","url":"/US/video/virginia-beach-shooting-tragedy-63485460"}