Volunteers head to the Hurricane Dorian storm zone

ABC News' Will Ganss has the details.
2:37 | 09/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Volunteers head to the Hurricane Dorian storm zone
Also many people who are Doris path are moving to safer ground many others are answering the call to help those. A fearless of volunteers are bravely brushing directly into the storm zone. Well Ganz is here with more incredible the people are already moving into place to all weekend. We've been seeing this yet you guys remember mr. rogers' advice during scary news events looked for the helpers. Well as the East Coast braces for hurricane Dorian this morning there are thousands of helpers ready to stepping however they can. As hurricane jury it makes its way to the East Coast so do countless volunteers heading into the warning area is expected to be hit the hardest. American Red Cross alone sending 600 volunteers to Florida Georgia and the Carolina coast where local volunteers are already working up a sweat. Prepared to help those in need as it is truly neighbor helping neighbor. And there's nobody better suited to help the Carolinas and the people in the Carolina's community to Carolina cavalry bracing for one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded we assemble teams of volunteers. From all over the states. And we put an advance and we shouldn't down to the plays the near the mouse a little further up the coast. Helpers from operation blessing in Virginia driving down the generators supplies and a shower trailer. A man who had had. Continuity of the simply their communities in this that a third of the best that we can. And all the way up in Minnesota folks like David Caplan from now Hamas a Jewish disaster response organization. Also making the trip to Florida bringing muck buckets and water pumps to help families in flooded home. It's it's really not just about doing the work but hearing the stories of the people were helping me understand. What their lives have meant to them because you're going through their life and. Volunteers extending that sense of humanity to animals in affected areas as well working throughout the weekend to evacuate shelters in the storm's path. And major companies also lending a helping hand U haul offering thirty days of free swords to Floridians who stand to lose their homes and so many others helping the only way they know now. Bahamian students at UWI monus gathering in a prayer circle to pray for family members back. Column moment I think. For other ways to help like donating blood or other supplies and for a list of charity organizations providing hurricane relief to check our web site. Abcnews.com. So nice people really do lineup to help people in these hurricane zones and that helped I know for a fact is appreciated. And we know that some places were already getting ready by increasing the blood supply embed that donations so that they are ready for anyone who's injured. On his you know watching mark says reports that we are likely to see injuries throughout the week definitely yeah I think you will appreciate it if you.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65337701","title":"Volunteers head to the Hurricane Dorian storm zone","url":"/US/video/volunteers-head-hurricane-dorian-storm-zone-65337701"}