War Vet Charged in Car Robbery Blames PTSD

Maurice Lloyd pleaded guilty to robbery, but says he doesn't recall the incident.
3:20 | 07/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for War Vet Charged in Car Robbery Blames PTSD
I felt like I was -- -- all the time. The year I felt like. Peep drop to get -- Isolation. Like exhaust -- -- reminds me of mortar rockets like exhaustion. Dump -- -- -- it sounds like explosions. Confusion. Symptoms reported by -- war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. At eighteen -- Lloyd joined the air force never thinking this would be his future barely a man he volunteered to serve -- one of the most hostile environments. A rock you know for suicide bombers gonna walk next to you. You don't know if you're gonna get hit by Iraqi don't know if someone is gonna -- -- actually. -- was honorably discharged after four years in the service months later he was back in Iraq as a civilian. In 2010 -- boy and his wife Virginia moved to Colorado. That's when he started experiencing anxiety depression and paranoia. I had to take into the VA emergency room at one point because as a treatment had -- -- the VA clinic diagnosed him with PT SD and TBI traumatic brain injury -- admits to abusing alcohol but was seeking treatment October 24 2011. He drove to a Denny's at 2:30 in the morning then headed home. This arrest affidavit states an officer stopped Lloyd in his car after a man claimed his Porsche had just been stolen. The man along with two friends said they had been robbed at gun point the officer found a wallet in Lloyd's car and his handgun on the side of the road. But Lloyd did not have cash on him and the stolen Porsche was never found in the. Please put it says that you were driving I think legal argument -- now. On the not remember that bill -- you see something -- -- cop like and I being charged for robbery or something pay back that even that I don't remember anything like that. Lloyd recalls something hit his -- he got out to see what it was and that's when he saw a few guys behind him. He says one guy grabbed him and they got into a fight from their he blacks out. I remember being in a dark place I was like very retire I don't know what Al has been arrested for. A lot of things. Distant make any sense to -- a psychiatrist told Lloyd he went into a disassociate his state. Mental health provider Robert Alvarez says they've seen robbery domestic violence even homicide case as with soldiers suffering from PT SD and. We refuse to accept that this is -- which you know she cannery. -- avoidance of responsibility and accountability. And I can appreciate that but it's not you know from professional standpoint. It's real. Alvarez and his colleague has spent years fighting for separate veteran courts that focus -- rehabilitation. Rather than incarceration. Both -- -- I eighty failed soldiers when it comes to -- integration. In the military always -- the train up to go to war. But we don't train down to come home. -- case is not closed but he is working with the DA to find an alternative to jail time. Even then he says that is. Not a win I walk around with felonies and try to get a job somewhere Titus say how the hockey do that. We have his big part of your back for something you cannot even recall Lindsay -- -- 7 NEWS.

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{"id":19556000,"title":"War Vet Charged in Car Robbery Blames PTSD","duration":"3:20","description":"Maurice Lloyd pleaded guilty to robbery, but says he doesn't recall the incident.","url":"/US/video/war-vet-charged-in-car-robbery-blames-ptsd-19556000","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}