Washington Nationals advance to the World Series

ABC political director Rick Klein discusses the Nationals' first trip to the World Series in franchise history.
2:00 | 10/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Washington Nationals advance to the World Series
The Washington Nationals are headed to the world Ceres. For the first time in franchise history and we had ABC's political director Rick Klein who also happens to be a nationals. So hard fan so Rick and doesn't look big deal for you right. Oh excuse and you're at national airport I was on the direct. Like back from a Columbus, Ohio where about you look at the air oxen down a bashed about half this year and and Oxley everyone this morning on that flight was talking not about the debate that we just watched but about what this is. All of very big moment for a city that often doesn't have much to root for a sports teams are frankly in terms of its up public perception. It was always angry be so there ought it's so peaceful one thing that. I scenes that bring a reading together. I love it and I have I have a little bit of trivia four U I one has since you're such a big fan. Do you know what the last time a Washington DC baseball team made in the world. Theories. Yeah 86 years is 1933 and I know that. There's a big flag in center field with the previous World Series appearances 2425. Nike 33 cents up there and taunts because there's a blank flag right next where that we've been waiting for since the team got here since they moved from Montreal 2005. Art is a long and storied history of oh Washington losing franchises the only city you'll lose two franchises happen twice. Some to have this team and now in the in the it's up fourteenth thirteenth year of existence. Make the World Series after just some heartbreaking losses. In an intent it's it's really incredible feeling so yes it's glad to see that new banner. That new year ago up bugs sometime soon. I love it I tried to stump be but why did I think I could why did I think I could you always have the facts and the thing here is. I love it Rick Klein. At the debate but also very happy and thrilled sandy seashore. Is being shark is as well when it for us. I love it I love a good to see you all right thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"ABC political director Rick Klein discusses the Nationals' first trip to the World Series in franchise history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66322361","title":"Washington Nationals advance to the World Series","url":"/US/video/washington-nationals-advance-world-series-66322361"}