Washington NFL team changing long-disputed name

ABC News’ Rachel Scott reports on the Washington NFL franchise announcing it will change its team name and logo after years of backlash over their allegedly racist connotation.
3:12 | 07/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Washington NFL team changing long-disputed name
One of the most controversial team names in sports history. Is being removed from Washington DC's football team has announced it will drop the term many native Americans have been saying for years. Is just racist after decades of pressure would finally turn the tide ABC's Rachel Scott has the story. Tonight Washington's and it balcony buckling under pressure dropping the Redskins name and logo. Announcing the franchise's new name will inspire earth sponsors stands in communities for the next 100 year. The Navajo Nation still with harsh words for the team that's the racist slur despite decades long outreach. Staying this change did not come about willingly by the teens owners but by announcing pressure and advocacy of indigenous peoples. On behalf of the Navajo Nation we think in command all of our indigenous Brothers and sisters who dedicated themselves to a just cause and one. I was a long shot you know sometimes you don't try to fight because she can win your article as it needs op. Such a good decision or the country. Just for native. It doesn't close a simple shower or immigration and just she knew it ends. Today the white house Press Secretary saying the president believes native Americans would have been upset at a name change citing this tweet from last week. He says that he believes that Saturn V native American community would be very angry at this and he does not pulling to back him up but. This teens racially insensitive name has long been in this you. In 2000 and silly cal of DND stop this man from using the term for his license plate. It means is football team this up that is the football team like the steeler reserve. Viking. I don't think the viking them and equipment. Owner Dan Snyder once famously said will never change the name never you can use cash. Some you're gonna have some people who feel certain way absolutely we respect those opinions. But I hope they respect our pain. The turning point came when some of the team's biggest sponsors FedEx Nike and Pepsi. Demanded a name change FedEx threatening to remove it cited from their stadium a move that could potentially cost Snyder tens of millions of dollars. The economics of it were not going to allow Washington's football team to continue war with that in. Just weeks ago a statue of the franchise's founder George Preston Marshall the last NFL owner to inner great was taken down. Now their trademark name a thing of the past two. And Rachel's joins us now from outside a FedEx Field Rachel any word on what the new team name a big. Wendy this cats fans on the edge of their seats no official word yet. From the franchise that is not stopping people from there are now some suggestions so on Alicia got the Washington red tails and honor of the ciskei airmen you got Washington Red Bulls the Washington warriors. Your guess is as good in my Lindy but a source does tell ESPN and the franchise does plan to keep the colors lending. Okay Harry ABC's Rachel Scott in the nation's capital for us thanks so much racial.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"ABC News’ Rachel Scott reports on the Washington NFL franchise announcing it will change its team name and logo after years of backlash over their allegedly racist connotation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71765580","title":"Washington NFL team changing long-disputed name","url":"/US/video/washington-nfl-team-changing-long-disputed-71765580"}