Washington wins first game in World Series

ESPN’s Ryan Howard talks about Juan Soto’s role in the Nationals’ win in game one of the World Series against the Houston Astros.
3:01 | 10/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Washington wins first game in World Series
We Mueller exciting day here in the nation's capital the Washington Nationals in their first ever World Series clinching game one on the road. Against the best pitcher in baseball last night the BBP's NASA spot before game two. Is tonight in Houston for more on this now want to bring in Ryan Howard he is. A former Phillies slugger also a world sure to series champion he joins us up from ESPN right it's great to see you what a game last night. What stood out to you last night. Thank you'd skirted you know being here I think the biggest things that kind of stood out was the the the unveiling of that of the one Soto show I think him being you know between two years old he's a guy that looks to be in that situation to want to hit. He's come companies come up big for the nationals when it's time and when they've needed him to come up big at the most. Scherzer. Had labored through Connor the first part of the game but he gave a gutsy effort and gave and that's what he needed given five innings and being able to throw a 112 pitches gear Cole did. What he needed to do had a couple rough innings but. All in all the nationals came out on top in prevailed and did what they need to do after that long rest where people thought. That it was going to affect him but it affected them in the right way and it took game one. Yank your call had lost to gain since may wants autopsies cities this twenty years old was reading this morning he did he remember her. His first World Series. Back in 92009. Were watching gay game two tonight still in Houston. What do you think is gonna make a difference tonight. Well the difference is going to be Justin Verlander just in rollers now have to go deep for the Houston Astros but also. The Houston astros' offense is going to have to step up for me it's it's always been hassles of Conner scored and then the offenses has come and gone. MI IM IA excuse me. And they just don't show up not a managed to get a couple of runs late but they've got to keep the intensity they've got to keep the pressure up. To be able to back up Justin Verlander try to get it to Stephen Strasburg. Who is virtually been unhittable this poses. Pretty incredible performance all season long Ryan four minutes ago I mean you have played in these World Series game is always a great time of year. In baseball what's it like to be out there and especially two win. On the visiting down there behind on your opponent's field home turf in Houston. Must be meaning that's. It's it's an amazing feeling I mean this is what you go in the spring for a training for this is what you train all offseason for. For this type a moment to be able to be on the world's biggest stage in baseball. And having a whole look. All the mediated seems like there is twenty times the amount a media everybody is watching you. You were on the biggest stage and it's being able to go out there and perform. To where the excitement the adrenaline just the overall feel of being in a World Series and playing. Being that one of those two last teams playing for a championship there's no other feeling like it and sports. Great Tammy you're going to be a baseball fan Ryan Howard of ESPN thank you so much sir hope to see you back here as a series continues all right thank you.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"ESPN’s Ryan Howard talks about Juan Soto’s role in the Nationals’ win in game one of the World Series against the Houston Astros.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66473950","title":"Washington wins first game in World Series","url":"/US/video/washington-wins-game-world-series-66473950"}