West Coast Soaked by Huge Storm

The "Pineapple Express" rolls over the Pacific Northwest.
7:05 | 12/11/14

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Transcript for West Coast Soaked by Huge Storm
The Pineapple Express rolls of the Pacific northwest bringing huge waves and drenching rains. Homes slipping into the water today and northern California bracing for that storm which could be the biggest storm to hit California. In five years we'll when I'm Dan Cutler and New York in a sort of helping now that huge storm. Moving over northern California organ and Washington State at this hour. Take a look at this radar here you can see two very distinctive very powerful systems are moving along the West Coast there. Just north of San Francisco and then to the north of there in Washington State up in Portland and Seattle. All bracing for some massive water. And massive wins I want to bring in our senior meteorologist rob Marciano right in the thick of it in Napa Valley outside of San Francisco rob where you at a C obviously rushing creek behind it there. Yeah this is one of the tributaries Dan of the out of the Napa river which is rising rapidly just in the last couple of hours history. Has gone from really all the mile running creek to what has become a raging rivers so presence here been concerned. Alaska or they they've been stocking up and sandbagging trying to protect their homes have never Napa river itself. Hopefully won't get it the flood stage where there's a number of other rivers here that will. And you know all the way these valley especially north of San Francisco Bay are set up by me they just take all this rain fall and fall bullet. A down it is some of these smaller town so this is a town that. Yeah I just in August. They're recovering from what was an earthquake back in August and some of those buildings still aren't fully repaired yet self. On the rain falls to an issue here and only that the win even here in the valleys. We've had wind already gotten this morning. To forty miles an hour and at sea level near the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifty miles an hour and the storm is now I just really taking shape and begin and it's great because planet you mention rally. There's a ranked opponent of this obviously. And with but rain heavy. Coming down heavily in some of them burned areas where. That that that landscape is start from the from the wildfires. We could see further mudslides like we saw last week the other component. Further east here the blizzard conditions over to a 34 feet expected as we go through the day today. And officials are warning people payless and don't travel if you actually asked him if you do. Tackle winner emergency survival kit. And in the last component is of course the win this is why we think it's going to be one of the strongest storms that we've seen. In five years now because the winds already gusting as an into the fifty miles an hour to easily gust. In amounts over eighty miles an hour along the coast to seventy or eighty miles an hour and that's gonna bring down some trees we've already seen power that is across the Bay Area. And he ought you also mentioned. How large the system is. It's gonna get into Oregon and Washington later on today. And then the precipitation component of this stand is gonna drive down at the Los Angeles in so cal tomorrow's of the entire West Coast. Being impacted by this huge huge storm. And Republicans every third district from that creek which are standing in front of there having spent some time not a Napa Valley usually that creek that in the river the Napa rivers may be. A foot maybe two feet wide at most he concedes out just how much that swollen there. From where you're standing what about evacuations and are you talking about forty miles per hour winds is there any kind of concerned about having evacuation routes are plans in place. Why is it they're ready to move type of but scenario and at this point we. That the folks at art they're most concerned about are those in related debris flow. And mud slide areas and those are closest to the areas obviously where that the terrain is more rugged. And in in the Morse in more extreme it cases where the vegetation and burned out harmful by wildfires. Now I this year. But last year as a precautionary measure. All the public schools and Oakland and San Francisco. We're close last night so none of the kids to public schools are going to school today so it's it's another. Really reminder and it highlights what municipalities have been doing and I really think since the Atlanta the flop all. While last year when that's what that snowstorm that got stranded so many people. School officials especially don't want to take any chances at the winds begin pick up now air around me. Because it's just it's gonna be a dangerous day as as tree limbs begin to come down relative going to be block and in some cases we're gonna see some damage from somebody wins it and maybe some of the what are you. Did that Imus has stricken this is the first ever ring day for the Bay Area. That that may very well be the case but. Again there's there's there's a way component to this and as well and that. And that's going to be even more dangerous scenario I think especially over the next six to ten hours. It's up for this over the latest radars and trust that you guys have been following along to expect the system to be hanging in that area. Well that's a steady year moderate to heavy rainfall really is gonna continue for the next three or four hours. Here in San Francisco and points north. And then not another false goals up towards the war in Washington and then another low of moisture drives down and to and to socal so all in all. Really it's gonna last right on through tomorrow. We've got up flood warnings and watches that go on. Right through tomorrow morning. Blizzard warning similarly. And flood watch is echoed through tomorrow evening so it's it's it's a strengthening storm it's a pretty quickly movies storm as far as the center of it goes. But the expansive it the rest of it is so large that it's going to last across much of the West Coast for the next really 36 hour. Blue lesson rob California Stephanie is some rain up there having gone through a drought there is how much of a dent in that problem is it's gonna make from this system. You know as far as the rainfall deficit today. Here at San Francisco I think it's pretty much gonna wipe that out but this is a multiyear drought we're talking about. Up until two or three weeks ago this was the driest three year period on record. The California so we are colonel we parched. The snow path was 35% of normal to date. So that's well below average I think once this storm passes we'll get that up to about 75%. Of normal so we'll still won't be. Are racing deep in snow pack deficit mats where we keep. That moisture that's used for the entire summer we've got a bill that snow packed and we keep talking about this Pineapple Express. Meaning that the moisture that we're seeing here is beat pats front from Hawaii. It's a fairly warm storm at least to begin. How wet and that means that a lot of this moisture won't be caught in the novel once the snow levels drop and they will do that tonight. Then the snow levels drop and get more snow piling up. In the mounds and that's what we really need. Is it big time snow packed at the built across Sierra Nevada in the Cascade Mountains here really make up for the last couple years and it's been extremely dry. Senior meteorologist rob Marciano Napa Pallet rob thank you for that appreciate it. We will be monitoring this storm in the west custody and keep up at the store in real time by downloading the ABC news apps star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. And on Dan Butler New York.

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