Western Wildfires: Battling Flames in Oregon and California

Heavy rains hit the northeast as firefighters battle to control wildfires in California.
2:47 | 09/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Western Wildfires: Battling Flames in Oregon and California
Good afternoon I'm Morris get a copilot a BC news world headquarters in New York with -- ABC news digital report. We're tracking several developing stories and we begin with severe weather targeting millions of Americans this weekend. The midwest biggest cities and battered by the storms. Chicago -- Nearly an inch of rain in just twenty minutes ominous clouds it -- -- seen all across the region. But the most trouble came from hurricane strength winds up to eighty. Miles outward that places -- downed power lines. And sparking fires. Right now that weather is on the move with some 43 million people in the -- -- from Philadelphia to Maine the wind is still the major danger. Airport delays already in effect. Meanwhile off the coast of Baja California Norbert. Has now exploded into a category three hurricane with winds -- -- 115. Miles an hour work that storm is tracking north kicking up waves up to ten feet high along the beaches of Southern California. Now it may weaken as it turns towards the coast but its brain could trigger flash flooding from the mountains east of LA. All across the southwest. And -- to our other developing story the battle to control wildfires burning in the west neighbors and Corvallis or again watching as a growing fire pushed hundreds of families out of their homes overnight. Firefighters are on the line there at the -- of two major fires in California at this hour. ABC's Deedee Roy is monitoring the fires from our bureau -- Los Angeles and she joins us now live DD. Good afternoon -- the good news at this hour is at the wildfire in Corvallis Oregon has been contained according to officials. That -- forced 200 people out of their homes and scorched 100 acres. Firefighters battled rough terrain and high winds and getting the flames under control. Residents are being allowed to go back home as crews attacked the hot spots. Let's head over -- -- the county California that's furious sanity and it's where 300 homes have been evacuated. An additional 400 are being advised to evacuate at this hour. 300 acres are burning out of control that blaze is 25% contained one firefighter was injured Mara. We'll continue watching that ABC's -- -- Los Angeles thank you. ABC news is monitoring these developments and all the news around the clock to get updates on these top stories start them on the ABC news phone apps and we will have a complete wrap up on Good Morning America Sunday morning. I'm -- skip a couple of New York have a great day.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Heavy rains hit the northeast as firefighters battle to control wildfires in California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25317267","title":"Western Wildfires: Battling Flames in Oregon and California","url":"/US/video/western-wildfires-battling-flames-oregon-california-25317267"}